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-Include high octane/high ethanol Regular Grade fuel in EPA Tier 3 regulations.
-Use a dedicated, self-reducing non-renewable carbon user fee to fund renewable energy R&D.
-Start an Apollo-type program to bring New Ideas to sustainable biofuel and …

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Biofuels and the Environment: Second Triennial Report to Congress
July 2, 2018 – 1:45 pm | No Comment

(Environmental Protection Agency)  This report is the second of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) triennial reports to Congress required under the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA). EISA Section 204 calls for EPA to report to Congress on the environmental and resource conservation impacts of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program, specifically air and water quality, water quantity, ecosystem health and biodiversity, soil quality, invasive species, and international environmental impacts (hereafter referred to as the Section 204 statutory impacts).
Consistent with how EPA conducted the first Section 204 report, EPA has chosen in this assessment to focus on the Section 204 statutory impacts and not to expand the scope of the report beyond the factors explicitly enumerated in the law. As a result, some environmental impacts are not discussed in this report. Lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions impacts of biofuel use, for example, are addressed as part of the RFS program and are not included in this report. Furthermore, this report does not include a comparative assessment of the impact of biofuels on the environment relative to the impacts of other transportation fuels or energy sources, including fossil fuels, for every environmental endpoint. For example, the environmental impacts of growing corn, refining ethanol from that corn, and burning that ethanol in an internal combustion engine has a different environmental impact than drilling for oil, refining gasoline, and burning that in an internal combustion engine. EPA recognizes that a fully comprehensive assessment of the benefits and impacts of biofuel production and use would be broader than what is represented by this report, but conducting such an evaluation is beyond the scope of this study.

This report updates the findings of the first Report to Congress, published in 2011, with respect to environmental and resource conservation impacts, and, together, the two reports are intended to address the Section 204 statutory impacts since the passage of the EISA. The primary conclusions of the 2011 Report included the following two findings: (1) the environmental and resource conservation impacts of biofuel production and use as delineated in Section 204 of EISA were, on balance, negative; and (2) EISA’s goals could be achieved with relatively minimal adverse environmental impacts if existing conservation and best management practices were widely employed, concurrent with advances in technologies that facilitate the use of second-generation feedstocks. The 2018 Report reaffirms the findings of the 2011 Report and reflects the current understanding about biofuel production using data gathered through May 2017. The 2018 Report also reviews data on U.S. land use and the scientific literature through April 2017.

Major Findings
• Data from observations made since the 2011 Report indicate that the biofuel production and use conditions that led to the conclusions of that report have not materially changed.
• Substantial volumes of cellulosic and advanced biofuels have not been produced as anticipated by EISA. The Section 204 statutory impacts anticipated as a consequence of large-scale use of feedstocks other than corn and soybeans have therefore not occurred.
• Corn grain and soybeans remain by far the dominant feedstocks for biofuel production. Biofuel production associated with large-scale cultivation of corn and soybeans contributes to the adverse environmental and resource conservation impacts of the type listed in EISA Section 204, though we caution that this report does not evaluate the net effects of displacing petroleum or other energy sources with biofuels.
• There has been an observed increase in acreage planted with soybeans and corn between the decade leading up to enactment of EISA and the decade following enactment. Evidence from observations of land use change suggests that some of this increase in acreage and crop use is a consequence of increased biofuel production mandates.
• It is likely that the Section 204 impacts associated with land use change are, at least in part, due to increased biofuel production and use associated with the RFS. However, at this time we cannot quantify with precision the amount of land with increased intensity of cultivation nor confidently estimate the portion of crop land expansion that is due to the market for biofuels.

Likely Future Impacts
Section 204 of EISA also requires that the triennial report identify likely future impacts. We interpret the requirement to address “likely futures” as encompassing near-term future impacts presuming current technologies and rates of market penetration, and current policy and market dynamics. Thus, where this report discusses likely future impacts, it is addressing anticipated changes over the next three to five years. This report finds that there are some indications of growth in cellulosic ethanol production, primarily from corn stover, but that large-scale production at levels approaching the original EISA targets is not likely to be reached in the next few years. Available data suggest that current trends using corn starch and soybeans as primary biofuel feedstocks, with associated environmental and resource conservation impacts, will continue in the near term. READ MORE

EESI Statement: EPA Report on Biofuels’ Environmental Impacts Misses the Forest for the Trees (Environmental and Energy Study Institute)

Biofuel industry criticizes US EPA’s triennial report (Biodiesel Magazine)

EPA Report Misses the Mark on Biofuels Impact (Biofuels Digest/National Biodiesel Board)

Excerpt from Environmental and Energy Study Institute:  On June 30, EPA released its second triennial report to Congress, which outlines the state of research of any potential negative environmental impacts of biofuels production, including land use change, air quality, water quality, biodiversity, soil quality and invasive species from producing biofuels for the Renewable Fuel Standard. Despite the careful consideration of these topics within the report, EPA paints an incomplete picture, at best, as they fail to draw any comparisons between biofuels and their main competitor – petroleum.  While considering potential environmental impacts of renewable energies, one must consider the alternative as well.

It is very unfortunate that EPA chose not to consider the greenhouse gas as well as other environmental and health impacts of petroleum extraction and refining in their assessment.  Despite the overwhelming evidence that fossil fuels are the main threat to our climate, as well as causing irreparable harm to our water, air, and health, EPA decided not to draw any comparisons between the two fuel choices in their literature review.

While biofuels production must absolutely be done in a way that minimizes the impact to the environment, the plain truth is that most evidence-based research finds that biofuels are still a better choice for our environment, health, and air quality as compared to fossil fuels. Additionally, farmers are leading the charge to implement conservation practices and better manage land in the face of increasing demand for food, feed, fiber and biobased compounds, including biofuels.

While petroleum products continue to get dirtier and worse for the climate, the biofuels industry has continually improved the greenhouse gas footprint of conventional ethanol, which is capped at 15 billion gallons under the RFS. Additionally, cellulosic fuels, such as those sourced from crop residues, food wastes, and manures, have the potential to greatly reduce wastes and deal with methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas with as much as 36 times the warming potential of carbon dioxide.  The volumes produced of these cellulosic fuels continue to grow year-over-year and represent a tremendous success of the RFS.  READ MORE


Excerpt from Biodiesel Magazine:  Representatives of the biofuels industry criticized the EPA’s report for failing to compare the lifecycle greenhouse gas (GHG) impacts of biofuel use with those of fossil fuels.

Emily Skor, CEO of Growth Energy, pointed out that all forms of power result in some “negative” environmental impact, from solar arrays to minerals used in batteries. “Without an accurate scientific assessment, this study looks more like something the oil industry would draft than a federal report. Farmers would be insulted, if they weren’t already outraged by the EPA’s actions to undermine ethanol use,” she said.

“The EPA went out of its way to avoid citing data on the negative environmental impact of petroleum, leaving no way to deliver an apples-to-apples comparison showing the vast environmental benefits of American-made biofuels,” Skor continued. “Amazingly, the agency completely side-stepped carbon emissions, where the latest federal science from the USDA demonstrates that ethanol delivers a 43 percent benefit over fossil fuels—with a carbon reduction rising to 50 percent by 2022. At the same time, advanced and cellulosic biofuels can curb emissions by 100 percent or more, according to the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory. EPA even suggested that biofuels could be blamed for land use without any hard data, which would have shown that America’s farmers are producing more food and energy than ever before, and they are doing it on less cropland than was under cultivation in the 1930s. You cannot attribute a rise in land use to biofuels when land use isn’t rising.

“Thankfully, there are still accurate sources for environmental information, including the USDA, the Department of Energy, and clean energy leaders who have reported that ethanol helps keep our air free of volatile organic compounds, cancer-causing chemicals like benzene, and smog-forming pollutants,” Skor said. “Even the EPA admitted that while they offered ‘insufficient evidence to support a conclusion on the overall direction or magnitude,’ it’s fairly clear that America’s environmental goals under the Renewable Fuel Standard ‘could be achieved with minimal environmental impacts if best practices were used and if technologies advanced,’ just as the industry is doing today.”

Johannes Escudero, CEO of the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas, noted that the renewable natural gas (RNG) industry currently provides more than 95 percent of the cellulosic biofuel used under the RFs and stressed the environmental benefits of RNG.

“It’s worth noting that EPA acknowledges it did not consider lifecycle greenhouse gas emission impacts of biofuel for this report, which is incongruous considering that a biofuel’s eligibility for the RFS is evaluated by considering its lifecycle GHG benefits,” he said.  “EPA’s lifecycle analysis distinguishes renewable natural gas transportation fuel from all sources as among the biofuels with the most environmental benefit.”

“RNG production facilities capture methane emissions that would otherwise be flared or escape into the atmosphere from waste streams at landfills, wastewater treatment facilities, and anaerobic digesters and convert the methane into a fuel that is interchangeable with conventional natural gas,” Escudero said. “RNG is transported inter- and intra- state using existing natural gas pipeline infrastructure, and is used to fuel natural gas vehicles, such as municipal bus fleets and waste haulers.

“The production and utilization of RNG as a transportation fuel not only helps mitigate methane emissions, it also helps sequester carbon from certain sources,” he continued. “Replacing diesel engines with natural gas engines fueled by RNG achieves an 80 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. RNG is already accepted in the marketplace and is a win-win if you are advocating for both a clean environment and clean economy today.”  READ MORE


Excerpts from Biofuels Digest/National Biodiesel Board:  EPA’s recently published Second Triennial Report to Congress on Biofuels and the Environment provides no meaningful conclusion on the net environmental benefits of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). What EPA’s report unfortunately does provide, however, is fodder for political pundits wishing to attack the program through selective quotes and perpetuation of myths.

As EPA acknowledges, the report does not include a comparative assessment of biofuels and the environmental impacts of other transportation fuels, including fossil fuels. Nor does the report address lifecycle GHG benefits that were previously quantified by EPA.

A significant failure of the report is that EPA cannot separate impacts due to the RFS or biofuels from the impacts of other policy and market drivers. Those other drivers are stronger than the RFS, so it is inappropriate to report causality only to the RFS.

EPA also fails to recognize real trends in agriculture that have the opposite impact on conservation and biodiversity. For instance, the real trend in agricultural land use is that farmers are doing more with less, producing more food on fewer acres.

In 2015, USDA determined that the total area of managed farmland in the US had declined by 23 million acres compared to 2007. This parallels global trends where farmers worldwide were managing 60 million less acres in 2011 compared to 2004. During the same period, 19 million acres of previously unforested land returned or were converted to forests. Farmers are farming less land. This means more land is available for wildlife habitat if conservation policies are in place to recognize this opportunity. 

EPA fails to recognize this net decrease in agricultural land. Instead, EPA focuses only on the increase in acres of cropland. These trends are related, but not necessarily due to biofuels. Farmers are optimizing their production to produce more protein per acre. Protein is the limiting factor in our food supply. While we have developed biofuels to utilize the excess fats and carbohydrate byproducts of protein production, all of the protein that farmers produce goes into the food supply. Crops produce more protein per acre than grass.

Congress has also de-funded conservation programs. The number of acres mandatorily disenrolled from the Conservation Reserve Program exceeds any increase in acres needed to satisfy RFS volumes.

Without considering these factors, which are far more influential than biofuels markets, EPA cannot correctly summarize the true trends in agricultural production.

When measured on a per-unit-of-food basis, one will find that modern agriculture has significant environmental benefits over past practices. With this realization, we can appreciate biofuels as a bonus benefit. When farmers grow protein to feed the world, they harvest more fats and carbohydrates than we can eat. These fats and carbs contain carbon-neutral solar energy. We will reap economic and environmental benefits when we use the solar energy in biofuels to supplement the fossil fuels needed to drive our economy.  READ MORE

Aviation Fuel, QUOTE OF THE WEEK »

June 25, 2018 – 6:53 pm | No Comment

“The sooner we can get moving on new technologies like SAJF (Sustainable Alternative Jetfuel), the sooner we can move off carbon offsetting,” explained Ed Bolen, President of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) as quoted in a recent GreenAir Online article.  READ MORE

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Taming the Tasmanian Devil of Polymers: Lignin, the Orneriest, Roughest, Toughest, Most Un-cooperative and Abundant Natural Polymer Ever
July 13, 2018 – 7:16 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  … Lignin has developed into a sustainable and very satisfactory alternative to fossil fuels.

But applications have been needed. Firstly, applications that work, then applications that pay, then applications at scale. Let’s see how that work has been coming along.

Applications that work

Nylon, plastics, chemicals. This month we reported that researchers at the University of Portsmouth have developed a new, “promiscuous” enzyme that can convert plant waste into fuel, nylon, plastics and chemicals.

Nylon, plastics, muconic acid, pyrogallol. In May, we reported that researchers at Sandia National Laboratories have engineered E. coli to convert lignin into precursors for products such as nylon, plastics, and pharmaceuticals.

Fuel cells. In May, we reported that researchers at Linköping University’s Laboratory of Organic Electronics have developed a lignin-based fuel cell that, unlike conventional fuel cells, does not emit carbon dioxide. Professor Xavier Crispin and his team used electrodes made from the conducting polymer PEDOT:PSS and benzendiols, aromatic compounds that can be extracted from lignin. The results have been published in the scientific journal Advanced Sustainable Systems.

3D printing filament. In April, we reported that the BC Innovation Council has awarded $300,000 to Darrel Fry of Advanced BioCarbon 3D  and Jason Taylor of Selkirk College to develop biodegradable, 3D printing filament from engineering plastics and lignin-derived carbon fibers.The project was one of four winners of BC Innovation Council’s fourth Ignite Awards, which handed out just under $1 million to four BC research projects. Since the Ignite funding was launched in 2016, it has given out $3.5 million.

Plastics, In February, we reported that Meridian Waste Solutions, Inc. successfully completed its performance testing for lignin-based resins produced by their patent-pending lignin polymer process. 

Carbon fiber. Last May, we reported that waste material from the paper and pulp industry soon could be made into anything from tennis rackets to cars.

Applications that pay

Phenolics. In February, we reported that Stora Enso launched a new biobased lignin, called Lineo, as a renewable replacement for oil-based phenolic materials which are used in resins for plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), laminated veneer lumber (LVL), paper lamination and insulation material.

Process solvents. In June, we reported that a closed-loop biorefinery could dramatically lower the cost of biofuels and related products. In this approach, the refinery produces the solvents it needs, rather than “importing” them.

Applications at scale

Lignin production. In May, we reported that Sweetwater Energy and Europe’s largest wood pellet producer, the Tallinn, Estonia-based AS Graanul Invest, said that they will build a commercial-scale integrated biorefinery that will produce clean cellulosic sugars and highly pure lignin from 50,000 tons of local hardwood each year. In addition, the plant will allow the two companies to work with corporate partners to create and optimize innovative new products from sugar and lignin. 

Drop-in renewable diesel and gasoline. Also in May, we reported that Preem and RenFuel are assessing, in collaboration with Rottneros, the construction of the world’s first lignin plant for biofuels, at the pulp mill in Vallvik, Söderhamn. The plant is expected to produce an annual volume of 25,000-30,000 tons of lignin, and will be completed in 2021.  The collaboration between the companies means that Preem will be the first fuel manufacturer in Sweden to use lignin in its production. Via the company Lignolproduktion AB, which is jointly owned by Preem and RenFuel, the aim is to reach a total annual production capacity of 300,000-500,000 tons of lignin, based on the assumption that more plants similar to that in Vallvik are established in the future.  “Lignin can be refined to create both renewable diesel and renewable petrol, and used in all vehicles. Lignin, like tall oil, will help us phase out fossil fuels to an even greater extent. It is a valuable raw material in our renewable fuel efforts, and is based on by-products from the Swedish forestry industry. It is also available in large volumes,” says Petter Holland, Managing Director of Preem.  READ MORE

Biofuels and the Environment: Second Triennial Report to Congress
July 2, 2018 – 1:45 pm | No Comment

(Environmental Protection Agency)  This report is the second of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) triennial reports to Congress required under the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA). EISA Section 204 calls for EPA to report …

June 25, 2018 – 6:53 pm | No Comment

“The sooner we can get moving on new technologies like SAJF (Sustainable Alternative Jetfuel), the sooner we can move off carbon offsetting,” explained Ed Bolen, President of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) as quoted …

Japan Bioenergy Development: BIOFACT 4.0 Fuel Report for Palm Kernel Shells
July 12, 2018 – 8:46 pm | No Comment

(Biofact)  In Japan, the market is supported by a feed-in-tariff (FIT) scheme which provides a 20-year subsidy to firms producing renewable energy. By March 2017 almost 12GW of biomass projects had been approved under the FIT …

SoCalGas, Énergir, GRDF & GRTgaz Join to Promote Biogas Development
July 12, 2018 – 7:38 pm | No Comment

(SoCalGas/NGV Journal)  Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas), Canadian natural gas utility Énergir, and French utilities GRDF and GRTgaz announced a new collaboration aimed at advancing the research and development of renewable natural gas and technologies such …

Mexican Ethanol Optimism Returns after States Ask for Ban Repeal
July 12, 2018 – 5:46 pm | No Comment

(UkrAgroConsult)  The Mexican ethanol market could have more room to grow as the states of Nuevo Leon and Jalisco have asked for a repeal of a ban on ethanol blending in their principal cities of Monterrey …

A Trade War with Canada Is the Last Thing That U.S. Ethanol Producers Need
July 12, 2018 – 5:07 pm | No Comment

by Tristan R. Brown (Seeking Alpha)  The worsening state of America’s trade relations with Canada has raised the risk that U.S. ethanol will be targeted with import tariffs due to its political importance. China and Brazil have …

Q.E.D.: The Digest’s 2018 Multi-Slide Guide to the Advanced Biofuels Process Demonstration Unit
July 12, 2018 – 5:00 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  It’s known by the ungainly acronym ABPDU, which might as well decode as “All Bioeconomy Processes Developed Upstairs,” but actually stands for the far more modest “Advanced Biofuels Process Demonstration Unit.”
It’s run …

First Single Site with Biomethane Value Chain Launched in France
July 12, 2018 – 4:01 pm | No Comment

(CNH Industrial/NGV Journal)  In Cestas, southwest France, the CNH Industrial brands, including IVECO, New Holland and FPT Industrial, are partners in an initiative promoted by Pot au Pin Energie (a local energy company), Air Liquide and …

Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association Releases 2018 Half Year Report
July 12, 2018 – 3:37 pm | No Comment

(Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association)  The Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association (MN Biofuels) released its 2018 Half Year Report to its producer and vendor members at a networking event in Prior Lake yesterday.
The report gave members an overview of Minnesota’s …

Global Bioenergies and Audi Renew Their Partnership in Renewable Gasoline
July 12, 2018 – 3:33 pm | No Comment

(Global Bioenergies)  Global Bioenergies (Euronext Growth: ALGBE) and Audi announced today the signing of a new agreement focused on the implementation of residue usage, preparation of a path to commercialization and engine testing of new …

UPM Joins Together for Sustainability (TfS) Initiative to Enhance Sustainability in Its Supply Chains
July 12, 2018 – 3:01 pm | No Comment

(UPM)  UPM has joined Together for Sustainability (TfS), a chemical industry initiative that promotes and improves sustainability practises within its supply chains. By joining the initiative the member companies share a wide coverage of supplier data, …

Annual ‘Biofuels in Canada’ Report Released with Expanded Coverage of Canadian Biofuel Use, GHG Reductions, and Costs
July 12, 2018 – 1:50 pm | No Comment

(Advanced Biofuels Canada/EIN Presswire)  Advanced Biofuels Canada commissions third report, now addresses tax impacts.  —  Advanced Biofuels Canada (ABFC) announced the release of the Biofuels in Canada (BIC) 2018 report, which updates and expands upon the last …

Fairland Preps for Next Round with Ethanol Company
July 12, 2018 – 12:41 pm | No Comment

by John Walker (Shelbyville News)  Area residents worried about a proposed ethanol manufacturing plant intend to voice their concerns at an upcoming meeting of the Shelbyville Plan Commission.
But first, questions about the project are to be sent to …

EPA Scraps Detailed Plan to Force U.S. Refiners to Blend More Biofuels
July 12, 2018 – 12:03 pm | No Comment

by Jarrett Renshaw (Reuters)  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ditched a detailed plan that would have forced refiners to blend more biofuels into their gasoline and diesel in 2019 to compensate for volumes likely to be …

International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition
July 12, 2018 – 11:37 am | No Comment

(iGEM Foundation)  A pioneer in engineering biology.  —  The iGEM Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of synthetic biology, education and competition, and the development of an open community and collaboration. This …

MaREI Secure €4.4 Million to Support Ireland’s Indigenous Biomass and Bioenergy Industry
July 12, 2018 – 11:16 am | No Comment

(Science Foundation Ireland)  … The Spoke research teams will collaborate in developing technologies capable of converting a wide variety of residues and by-products to homogenous energy carriers and optimising performance of internal combustion engines using advanced …

France: Palm Oil Sustainability Still a Concern for Consumers
July 12, 2018 – 11:07 am | No Comment

by Rachel Lau (Borneo Post)  Palm oil will not be discriminated as a biofuel in the European Union, but the oil’s sustainability remains a key concern for its consumers and its industries.
Earlier this year in January, the …

REG Ultra Clean Diesel Powers Incredible Adventures Fleet
July 12, 2018 – 10:56 am | No Comment

(Renewable Energy Group/Biodiesel Magazine)  Renewable Energy Group Inc. announced a supply agreement July 11 with Dogpatch Biofuels to provide REG Ultra Clean Diesel to the bus fleet of Incredible Adventures, a leading adventure travel company.
REG Ultra …

Brazil Ethanol Output Could Double by 2030 -Gov’t Study
July 12, 2018 – 10:50 am | No Comment

by Rodrigo Viga Gaier (Reuters)  Brazil’s ethanol production could double by 2030, boosted by growing investments in the sector due to the government’s RenovaBio program aimed at boosting the use of renewable fuels, according to a …

Former DuPont Employee Pleads Guilty to Stealing Trade Secrets and Lying to the FBI
July 12, 2018 – 10:40 am | No Comment

(U.S. Department of Justice)  Took Trade Secrets and Proprietary Information When He Accepted a Job with a Competitor  —  Josh Harry Isler, age 55, from St. Ansgar, Iowa, pled guilty today in United States District Court in …

Biofutures: The Digest’s 2018 Multi-Slide Guide to the Queensland Bioeconomy
July 12, 2018 – 10:26 am | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  Queensland’s vision is for a $1 billion sustainable and export-oriented industrial biotechnology and bioproducts sector, attracting significant international investment and creating regional, high-value and knowledge-intensive jobs. The Biofutures Roadmap provides the leadership …

Maryland Seeks Applicants for Alt-Fuel Infrastructure Funding DEADLINE December 31, 2018
July 12, 2018 – 10:12 am | No Comment

by Betsy Lillian (NGT News)  From July 1 through Dec. 31, the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) is accepting applications for its competitive Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Program (AFIP).
The program is designed to aid in the development of alternative …

Altfuels Iberia 2019 — June 11-14, 2019 — Madrid, Spain
July 12, 2018 – 10:05 am | No Comment
Altfuels Iberia 2019   —   June 11-14, 2019   —   Madrid, Spain

Efforts to improve air quality and reduce emissions produced by petroleum-based fuels continue throughout Europe. In addition, there is a strategic objective of reducing dependence on oil for all energy uses and applications. All this, …

EVs Could Drive 38% Rise in US Electricity Demand, DOE Lab Finds
July 12, 2018 – 9:38 am | No Comment

by Robert Walton (Utility Dive)  Rising electricity demand could lead to sustained absolute growth of 80 terawatt-hours per year, according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory.  —  … The study considers three scenarios, …

On Energy Independence Day, India, China Surge as Leaders in Clean Fuels
July 11, 2018 – 7:47 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest) … Because if you want it, here it is, come and get it, biofuels that is, and especially of the advanced type. If you like it from waste, even better. Out …

Rise for Climate — September 8, 2018 — Various Locations
July 11, 2018 – 5:56 pm | No Comment
Rise for Climate   —   September 8, 2018   —  Various Locations

On September 8, we’re planning thousands of rallies in cities and towns around the world to demand our local leaders commit to building a fossil free world that puts people and justice before profits.
No more stalling, …

Royal Netherlands Air Force First to Operate F-16 Fighting Falcon on SAF
July 11, 2018 – 5:48 pm | No Comment

(Bioenergy International)  Over the next fortnight, one F-16 Fighting Falcon of the Royal Netherlands Air Force will operate from Leeuwarden Air Base on a 5 percent blend of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), supplied by SkyNRG, a …

NREL: Novel Genetic Method Improves Efficiency of Enzyme
July 11, 2018 – 5:40 pm | No Comment

(National Renewable Energy Laboratory/Biomass Magazine)  Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the University of Georgia developed a new genetic engineering technique to dramatically improve an enzyme’s ability to break down …

Fight Heats up over Washington State Carbon ‘Fee’ Likely to Make Fall Ballot
July 11, 2018 – 5:31 pm | No Comment

by Hal Bernton (Seattle Times)  Proponents of a Washington carbon-fee initiative showed up at the Secretary of State’s office in Olympia with more than 370,000 signatures to put their measure on the November ballot.
The signatures tally …

Canadian BioDesign Conference: Building a Low Carbon Bioeconomy — September 12, 2018 — Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
July 11, 2018 – 5:23 pm | No Comment
Canadian BioDesign Conference: Building a Low Carbon Bioeconomy   —   September 12, 2018   —   Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Please join us for the first inaugural “Canadian BioDesign Conference” hosted by Bioindustrial Innovation Canada (BIC) and Lambton College on Wednesday, September 12, 2018.
8:30am – 9:00am – Registration
9:00am – 9:10am – Opening Remarks
9:10am – …

Saying ‘No’ to Palm Oil Would Likely Displace, Not Halt Biodiversity Loss – IUCN report
July 11, 2018 – 5:10 pm | No Comment

(IUCN)  Banning palm oil would most likely increase the production of other oil crops to meet demand for oil, displacing rather than halting the significant global biodiversity losses caused by palm oil, warned an IUCN report …

We Still Have No Idea How to Eliminate More than a Quarter of Energy Emissions
July 11, 2018 – 4:58 pm | No Comment

by James Temple  (MIT Technology Review)   Air travel, shipping, and manufacturing are huge sources of carbon that we lack good options for addressing.  —  … But a new paper in Science offers a stark reminder that there are still huge …

Advanced Clean Transportation Expo — April 23-26, 2019 — Long Beach, CA
July 11, 2018 – 4:49 pm | No Comment
Advanced Clean Transportation Expo   —   April 23-26, 2019   —   Long Beach, CA

North America’s largest advanced transportation technology and clean fleet event.  ACT Expo provides unrivaled content on the mega trends driving the future of the commercial transportation sector—connected technologies, trucking efficiency, electrification, urban mobility, sustainable goods movement, …

NCDA&CS Grant Supports Research of Biochar Combined with AD
July 11, 2018 – 4:44 pm | No Comment

(Appalachian State University/Biomass Magazine)  Thanks to a $98,599 grant from the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (NCDA&CS), a team of professors in Appalachian State University’s Department of Sustainable Technology and the Built Environment, along with …

WEBINAR: Cogeneration for the Ethanol Industry: Optimizing Plant Efficiency and Reliability Through Innovative Solutions — July 24, 2018
July 11, 2018 – 4:25 pm | No Comment
WEBINAR:  Cogeneration for the Ethanol Industry: Optimizing Plant Efficiency and Reliability Through Innovative Solutions   —   July 24, 2018

In our changing landscape of energy consumption, industrial customers within the ethanol industry are identifying opportunities to optimize their production processes and ensure the reliability and availability of their plants. Ethanol is produced in over …

China’s Domestic Production Will Meet 75% of E10 Demand by 2020: Consultant
July 11, 2018 – 4:20 pm | No Comment

by Christina Siantar  (S&P Global/Platts)  China’s production of fuel ethanol is expected to rise to around 10 million mt/year, which will help meet part of the 13 million mt/year ethanol demand for E10 mandate by 2020, Xiao …

WEBINARS: The Digest’s Early Stage Webinar Series — On-going
July 11, 2018 – 3:51 pm | No Comment
WEBINARS:  The Digest’s Early Stage Webinar Series   —   On-going

This weekly one-hour webinar series will bring you hundreds of slides, perspectives, voices introducing the hottest emerging technologies, applications, markets and players in the bioeconomy.
It’s free, and you register once via a one-time sign-up, and …

Teresa Kok’s Palm Oil Challenges
July 11, 2018 – 3:40 pm | No Comment

by Tan Xue Ying  (The Edge)  With numerous challenges dominating Malaysia’s palm oil industry, all eyes are on Teresa Kok as she officially begins as the minister of primary industries.

Other markets that the Malaysian palm oil industry …

Growth Energy: American Drivers Pass 5 Billion Miles on E15
July 11, 2018 – 3:26 pm | No Comment

(Growth Energy)  Growth Energy announced today that American drivers have logged 5 billion miles on E15. The latest milestone was reached in the midst of Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) restrictions on the sale E15 fuel across …

An FAQ on 45Q: What Federal Carbon Storage Tax Credit Means for Midwest
July 11, 2018 – 3:23 pm | No Comment

by Frank Jossi (Energy News)  A federal tax credit passed earlier this year could increase the amount of carbon being stored underground. The revamped “45Q” tax credit boosts the amount of money available to companies willing …

Indonesia to Strengthen Industry Amid Trade War: Minister
July 11, 2018 – 3:08 pm | No Comment

by Anton Hermansyah (Jakarta Post)  … On Monday, after attending a more than four-hour Cabinet meeting at the Bogor Presidential Palace in West Java, Industry Minister Airlangga Hartarto said the government would guarantee the supply of raw …

California Trucking Company Cherokee Freight Lines Makes the Switch to Neste MY Renewable Diesel
July 11, 2018 – 9:36 am | No Comment

(Neste/PR Newswire)  Cherokee Freight Lines, a Northern California trucking company, has switched its entire fleet of more than 200 trucks to run on Neste MY Renewable Diesel™.
Cherokee Freight Lines is a diversified carrier of food grade commodities, specializing …

The Digest’s Top 10 Innovations for the Week of July 11th
July 11, 2018 – 9:29 am | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  The pace of invention and change is just too strong, we’ve realized, to highlight annual or even quarterly or monthly rankings and summaries of significant product and service advances. For now, …

Nanocellulose on the March: The Digest’s 2018 Multi-Slide Guide to American Process
July 10, 2018 – 7:03 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest) A few years back, Research & Markets startled the bio world when they projected that the “Nanocellulose Market by Type (Cellulose nanocrystals, Cellulose nanofibrils, cellulose nanocomposites, and others) would reach $250 Million by 2019, …

The Digest’s Top 10 Innovations for the Week of July 5th
July 10, 2018 – 6:57 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  The pace of invention and change is just too strong, we’ve realized, to highlight annual or even quarterly or monthly rankings and summaries of significant product and service advances. For now, …

UPDATE 2-Canada’s Ontario Government Scraps Cap-and-Trade Program
July 10, 2018 – 6:23 pm | No Comment

by Danya Hajjaji (Reuters)  The newly elected Ontario government announced on Tuesday (July 3, 2018) it would end the province’s cap-and-trade program, a policy designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, fulfilling one of Premier Doug Ford’s …

Video: Biofuel from Algae
July 10, 2018 – 4:20 pm | No Comment

(University of Michigan)  University of Michigan scientists grew various combinations of freshwater algal species in 80 artificial ponds at U-M’s E.S. George Reserve near Pinckney, Michigan in the first large-scale, controlled experiment to test the widely …

Potential of Biodiesel in the Commercial Vehicles Sector Revealed
July 10, 2018 – 4:10 pm | No Comment

(Biofuels International)  A recent survey among vehicle manufacturers shows that the widespread use of biodiesel in the commercial vehicle sector is ‘technically possible’, according to the Association Quality Management Biodiesel (AGQM).
AGQM, along with the Union for …

CALL FOR PROPOSALS: NCSE Annual Conference: Sustainable Infrastructure & Resilience — January 8-9, 2019 — Washington, DC DEADLINE: August 3, 2018
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CALL FOR PROPOSALS:  NCSE Annual Conference: Sustainable Infrastructure & Resilience — January 8-9, 2019 — Washington, DC    DEADLINE:  August 3, 2018

The National Council for Science and the Environment is a non-profit organization that works with scientists, educators, policymakers, business leaders, and officials at all level of government to inform environmental policy and decision-making with the …

NCSE Annual Conference: Sustainable Infrastructure & Resilience — January 8-9, 2019 — Washington, DC
July 10, 2018 – 3:59 pm | No Comment
NCSE Annual Conference: Sustainable Infrastructure & Resilience   —   January 8-9, 2019   —   Washington, DC

The National Council for Science and the Environment is a non-profit organization that works with scientists, educators, policymakers, business leaders, and officials at all level of government to inform environmental policy and decision-making with the …

Renewal of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Advisory Committee and Solicitation of Nominations for Membership DEADLINE: August 17, 2018
July 10, 2018 – 3:43 pm | No Comment

(International Trade Administration/Federal Register)  Pursuant to provisions of the Federal Advisory Committee Act, the Department of Commerce announces the renewal of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Advisory Committee (the Committee).
The Committee shall advise the Secretary …

Renewable Diesel for VUSD Fleet Makes Healthier Communities
July 10, 2018 – 3:28 pm | No Comment

(The Vista Press)  Imagine an alternative diesel fuel that reduces carbon emission levels, improves air quality, and performs as well as and costs less than current fuel. If you’re thinking this sounds too good to be true, you’d …

New Algae Bloom Remediation Group Starting
July 10, 2018 – 3:12 pm | No Comment

(National Algae Association)  There is a growing ‘state of emergency’ on the expansion of algae blooms in the US and throughout the world. This group is a collaboration of algae bloom remediation technologies (proven to work …

California Regulator Sees ‘Window’ for Deal on Fuel Economy Rules
July 10, 2018 – 3:08 pm | No Comment

by David Shepardson (Reuters) California is ready to work with major automakers on revisions to greenhouse gas emission vehicle rules through 2025 and sees a “window” for a deal in the coming months, the state’s top …

Brett Kavanaugh Could Be Good for Ethanol
July 10, 2018 – 2:50 pm | No Comment

by John Siciliano (Washington Examiner)  President Trump’s nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court could be good news for the ethanol industry and clean energy programs where adherence to the law is often challenged.
Trump said Kavanaugh, …

Biorefineries Will Have Only Minimal Effects on Wood Products and Feedstocks Markets
July 10, 2018 – 2:08 pm | No Comment

(International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis/Phys.Org)  A new report from researchers from IIASA, Luleå University of Technology (LTU), and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden has shown that more biorefineries, which produce biobased fuels and chemicals, will …

Punjab Will Produce Bio-Ethanol from Paddy Straw: Sunder Sham Arora
July 10, 2018 – 1:51 pm | No Comment

(5 Dariya News)  To curb the menace of crop residue burning and create a positive atmosphere for industrialization, Punjab Government has taken a decision to set up a Bio-ethanol project. In this regard, Memorandum of Understanding …

Neutrons—Making Sustainable Biofuels
July 10, 2018 – 1:47 pm | No Comment

(Oak Ridge National Laboratory)  Scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory are using neutrons to understand why certain hydrocarbons produced by blue-green algae are important to their biology, so new strains can be engineered to sustainably …

RED Alert — Canadian Biofuel Lobbying Intensifies
July 10, 2018 – 1:34 pm | No Comment

(Politico Brussels Influence)  Canadian company Agrisoma Biosiences Inc. is pushing to get “Carinata,” its second generation biofuel, subsidized by the EU and placed on the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive (RED) list. The proposal passed the first …

EA Confident in Sealing Energy Deal … A Greener Fuel
July 10, 2018 – 12:25 pm | No Comment

by Srisamorn Phoosuphanusorn & Jesus Alcocer (Bangkok Post)  … EA (SET-listed renewable energy firm Energy Absolute) is also expanding its biodiesel portfolio, which now accounts for close to 40% of its revenue. Like biodiesel, “Green Diesel” is also …

Industrial Glucose: The Digest’s 2018 Multi-Slide Guide to Fluid Quip Process Technologies Clean Sugar Technology
July 10, 2018 – 12:19 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  For over 20 years, Fluid-Quip has been engineering and manufacturing separation equipment for corn wet milling and pulp and paper applications. Fluid-Quip Process Technologies has more recently leveraged wet milling knowledge …

The 10 Green Chemicals Driving a Disruptive New Biobased Industry
July 10, 2018 – 12:05 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  A Petro Brexit (a/k/a, British companies exiting petroleum for the sustainable bioeconomy) : New report highlights how to ensure Britain becomes a world leader in bio-based chemicals
In the UK, a recent …

As UPS Expands, So Does its Commitment to Alternative Fueling
July 10, 2018 – 11:58 am | No Comment

by Betsy Lillian (NGT News)  … Currently, UPS’ clean fleet totals roughly 9,100 ground vehicles as part of a “rolling laboratory” approach of testing out different types of alternative fueling, including CNG, liquefied natural gas (LNG), …

Algae Production Workshop — October, 2018 — The Woodlands, TX
July 10, 2018 – 11:51 am | No Comment
Algae Production Workshop  — October, 2018   —   The Woodlands, TX

(Algae Industry Magazine)  National Algae Association (NAA) is reaching out to commercial algae producers of high-value nutraceutical omega-3 EPA/DHA, cosmetics, food, animal feed, biostimulants, biofertilizer, bioplastics and potential algae biofuels, to attend the NAA’s next Algae …

Biomethane Refueling Station Opens near Bordeaux
July 10, 2018 – 11:37 am | No Comment

(Bioenergy Insight)  Air Liquide has recently inaugurated a biomethane production unit in Cestas, near Bordeaux, France.
The new biomethane production unit uses organic matter from the agricultural sector to produce biogas, and purifies this biogas into biomethane.
As …

AD Industry Responds to Vegan Energy
July 10, 2018 – 11:30 am | No Comment

(Bioenergy Insight)  … The UK’s Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) has responded to the Ecotricity campaign, noting that it has served to highlight the issue of waste generated by society.
“We fully support the waste hierarchy …

New Biomethane Double Decker Bus Arrives in Eastern England
July 9, 2018 – 7:19 pm | No Comment

(Scania/NGV Journal)  Ipswich Buses has joined forces with Scania to bring a biogas-powered double decker to the streets of Ipswich. The state-of-the-art vehicle started the 6-week trial in June and will operate on Route 5, which …

Memorandum of Understanding Signed for the Realisation in California of a Plant for the Production of Energy from Renewable Sources
July 9, 2018 – 6:23 pm | No Comment

(Saipem)  Saipem has signed a Memorandum of Understanding as well as an exclusive agreement with California Ethanol & Power, LLC, for the realisation of a low carbon emission plant for the production of ethanol fuels, electricity …

More RNG Flowing into California Pipelines and Fueling Refuse Trucks
July 9, 2018 – 6:22 pm | No Comment

(SoCalGas/NGV Journal)  Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) and waste management company CR&R Environmental (CR&R) are now injecting renewable natural gas produced at CR&R’s anaerobic digestion facility in Perris, Calif., into SoCalGas pipelines. This is the first …

Industrial Enzymes Markets (2013-2020) – 2018 Global Strategic Business Report – Surging Demand for Biofuel Enzymes Drive Healthy Market Growth
July 9, 2018 – 6:11 pm | No Comment

( Newswire) The “Industrial Enzymes – Global Strategic Business Report” report has been added to’s offering.
The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Latin America. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided …

Student Videos on Green Chemistry
July 9, 2018 – 5:41 pm | No Comment

(Yale University)  Our Center hosted a student video competition at the 22nd Green Chemistry & Engineering conference in Portland, Oregon. The competition is part of the bigger Yale-UNIDO initiative, which aims to increase the general global …

Green Chemistry Brings Its Virtues to the Classroom
July 9, 2018 – 5:06 pm | No Comment

by Paul D. Thornton (Chemical Institute of Canada)  … More significantly, these real-world problems of toxicity, safety, and sustainability call for a multi-disciplinary approach and familiarity with many branches of chemistry. By educating students in green …

The ‘Octane Olive Branch’ Is Full of Thorns
July 9, 2018 – 4:11 pm | No Comment

by Doug Durante (The Hill/Clean Fuels Development Coalition)  With a final rule on fuel economy likely to come out in the near future, a considerable amount of attention has centered on higher octane fuels as a …

Pruitt Departure Allows for ‘Reset’ between Trump and Ethanol
July 9, 2018 – 2:23 pm | No Comment

by Mario Parker (Bloomberg)  … The EPA also jettisoned a plan to incorporate an additional 1.5 billion gallons of biofuel requirements in last week’s proposal to make up for the potential waivers granted to small refineries. …

MME Flexible Voluntary Mixing of Percentage of Biodiesel to Diesel
July 9, 2018 – 2:07 pm | No Comment

(Brazil Ministry of Mines and Energy (Google Translation))  The Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) published in the Official Gazette of the Union (DOU) this Wednesday (4) ordinance that flexibilizes the voluntary mixture of percentages of …

From Water to Hydrogen Biofuel – ASU Uses Light-Driven Energy Extraction
July 9, 2018 – 2:02 pm | No Comment

by Helena Tavares Kennedy (Biofuels Digest)  In Arizona, Arizona State University researcher Kevin Redding is working on biological, light-driven energy extraction. Redding, a biochemist who leads the Center for Bioenergy and Photosynthesis at ASU, is producing hydrogen …

Creative Debt and Equity: The Digest’s 2018 Multi-Slide Guide to Structures for Bioeconomy Project Finance
July 9, 2018 – 1:44 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  Bottom line, if you’re in the business of financing a renewable fuels project with a loan guarantee in the mix, you’re probably talking with some combination of New Energy Risk, Stern …

Swiss Re No Longer Offers Re/Insurance to Firms with More Than 30% Coal Exposure
July 9, 2018 – 1:32 pm | No Comment

(Insurance Journal)  Swiss Re announced it no longer is providing re/insurance to businesses with more than 30 percent exposure to thermal coal across all lines of business.
The thermal coal policy applies to both existing and new …

From LanzaTech to Sierra Energy and the Latest Research, Syngas Is on Fire
July 9, 2018 – 12:57 pm | No Comment

by Helena Tavares Kennedy (Biofuels Digest)  Syngas, or synthesis gas, is on fire lately, with new technologies making the most of waste products like CO2 or low-grade biomass and converting them into useful hot stuff like …

In a Q&A with The Washington Post on Friday, Wheeler Showed He Differs from Pruitt
July 9, 2018 – 11:07 am | No Comment

by Kelsey Tamborrino (Politico’s Morning Energy)  In a Q&A with The Washington Post on Friday, (EPA Acting Administrator Scott) Wheeler showed he differs from Pruitt in at least one major way. He said he considers an endangerment …

Custom RFA E85 Motorcycle Hits the Road
July 6, 2018 – 7:16 pm | No Comment

by Kelsey Quargnenti (Renewable Fuels Association)  Last month, the Renewable Fuels Association custom E85 motorcycle from Paul Jr. Designs made its debut on “American Chopper.” It seems that most companies that commission a custom motorcycle from …

A Matter of Gravity—Understanding How Plants Grow in Space
July 6, 2018 – 6:34 pm | No Comment

by Tom Rickey (Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory/Phys.Org)  Last month a rocket thundered off a NASA launch pad in Virginia, destined for the International Space Station. Nestled among the 7,400 lbs. of supplies was a handful of …

More than 100 SC Farmers Apply for Permits to Grow Hemp
July 6, 2018 – 6:26 pm | No Comment

by Lisa Weismann (Live5News)  … The South Carolina Department of Agriculture will select 40 farmers to receive industrial hemp permits. These permits will allow farmers to grow up to 40 acres of hemp.

Hemp can be used to make …

Boss of Teesside Plant at Centre of Beer CO2 Shortage Explains How to Stop Future Problems
July 6, 2018 – 6:22 pm | No Comment

by Kelly Price (Teeside Live)  Ensus says a change in the law on PETROL could secure its future – and keep the CO2 flowing to the food and drink industry  —  Bosses of a Teesside ethanol plant …

CalRecycle Awards $25 Million for Organics Recycling Projects–Communities Get Environmental and Economic Boost from California Climate Investments
July 6, 2018 – 6:05 pm | No Comment

(CalRecycle)  The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery has awarded more than $25 million in California Climate Investments to bolster organics recycling infrastructure in the state and rescue edible food for Californians in need. The …

BETO Issues Workshop Summary Report On Performance-Advantaged Biobased Chemicals
July 6, 2018 – 5:57 pm | No Comment

by Lynn L. Bergeson (Bergeson & Campbell/Biobased and Renewable Products Advocacy Group)  On June 27, 2018, the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) issued a new report, Moving Beyond Drop-In Replacements: Performance-Advantaged Biobased Chemicals …

Seeking a Friend for the End of Unreliability: The Digest’s 2018 Multi-Slide Guide to the Feedstock Conversion Interface Consortium
July 6, 2018 – 5:30 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  What is the Feedstock Conversion Interface Consortium and why does it exist?
The Why is simple. #1 issue plaguing High and Low Temperature IBR projects is consistent operability of preprocessing and primary …

Protein, Protein: The Bioeconomy’s Latest Technology Fad Is, Actually, a Pivot Back to an Ancient and Enduring Concern
July 6, 2018 – 2:31 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  … Protein has become the answer to almost every question. How will you achieve scale? Protein. How will you make money? Protein. What will save the world? Protein. What are you going …

5 Minutes With… Dhivya Puri, Senior Technical Lead at Fiberight.
July 6, 2018 – 12:17 pm | No Comment

by Dave Songer (Bio-Based World News)  “The milestones and professional growth I’ve achieved in this role are above and beyond what I could have accomplished in academia within the same time frame.”
Fiberight is a UK- and …

Iran to Trump: Oil Will Cost $100 per Barrel, and It Is Your Fault
July 6, 2018 – 11:55 am | No Comment

by Alex Lawler (Reuters)  Oil will soon cost $100 per barrel due to supply disruptions caused by U.S. President Donald Trump, Iran’s OPEC Governor told Reuters on Thursday, as he warned expectations that Saudi Arabia and …

Scott Pruitt Steps down as EPA Head after Ethics, Management Scandals
July 5, 2018 – 10:19 pm | No Comment

by Brady Dennis and Juliet Eilperin (Washington Post)  Scott Pruitt, the former Oklahoma attorney general who relentlessly pursued President Trump’s promises of deregulation at the Environmental Protection Agency, resigned Thursday after controversies over his lavish spending, ethical …

Big Oil, Utilities Are Lining up for an Electric Vehicle War
July 5, 2018 – 1:16 pm | No Comment

by Kelly Gilblom and Anna Hirtenstein  (Bloomberg)  BP and Shell have bought electric-car charging companies; Power utilities are boosting sales to homes, chargers on roads  —  A red-hot electric vehicle market has triggered a face-off between Big Oil and …

SAS and Preem in Cooperation on Renewable Aviation Fuel
July 5, 2018 – 12:52 pm | No Comment

(Scandinavian Airlines(Google Translation))  SAS and Preem have signed a letter of intent to produce renewable aviation fuel. SAS has the ambition to replace today’s fuel volume for domestic aviation with biofuel by 2030.

The letter of intent …

Valmet and Turun Seudun Energiatuotanto: Joint Development of an Industrial Internet-Based Fuel Chain Management Solution for Biopower Plants
July 5, 2018 – 12:47 pm | No Comment

(Valmet)  Valmet, together with its customer Turun Seudun Energiatuotanto Oy (TSE), is developing a comprehensive Industrial Internet-based set of production information systems and district heating network optimization solutions. This is being implemented for the first time …

Materials – Printing with Plants
July 3, 2018 – 5:05 pm | No Comment

by Kim Askey (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)  A scalable processing technique developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory uses plant-based materials for 3D printing and offers a promising additional revenue stream for biorefineries. Scientists created a new …

Vivo Energy Kenya and Koko Networks Form Ethanol Cooking Fuel Partnership
July 3, 2018 – 4:47 pm | No Comment

(Koko Networks)  Vivo Energy becomes first multinational fuels company to enter Kenyan market for ethanol cooking fuel, using KOKO technology to enable affordable mass-market access.  
Vivo Energy Kenya today announces a partnership with KOKO Networks (“KOKO”) that …

Swedavia’s Operations at Visby Airport Now Entirely Fossil-Free
July 3, 2018 – 4:42 pm | No Comment

(Swedavia Airports)  In mid-June, Swedavia’s operations at Visby Airport became entirely fossil-free. Following years of focused work, which includes electrification of its vehicles, a switch in fuels and implementation of efficiency measures, the airport has now …

New ‘Promiscuous’ Enzyme Helps Turn Plant Waste into Sustainable Products
July 3, 2018 – 4:37 pm | No Comment

(University of Portsmouth)  A new family of enzymes has been discovered which paves the way to convert plant waste into sustainable and high-value products such as nylon, plastics, chemicals, and fuels.
The discovery was led by members …

Ethanol Operation Considering Barley for Biofuel, Fish Food
July 3, 2018 – 4:14 pm | No Comment

by Jessica Holdman (Bismark Tribune)  … The North Dakota Industrial Commission approved an $83,810 Renewable Energy Program grant to Midwest AgEnergy Group to research using North Dakota barley for biofuel and a high value protein …

Pope to Oil Execs: Energy Needs Mustn’t Destroy Civilization
July 3, 2018 – 3:04 pm | No Comment

(Associated Press)  Pope Francis told leading oil executives Saturday that the transition to less-polluting energy sources “is a challenge of epochal proportions” and warned that satisfying the world’s energy needs “must not destroy civilization.”
The Vatican said …

North America Climate Smart Agricultural Alliance Launches Website
July 3, 2018 – 2:57 pm | No Comment

(North America Climate Smart Agricultural Alliance)  The North America Climate Smart Agriculture Alliance (NASCAA) has launched a new website. The new online hub, which can be reached at, was announced June 25 during a …

EPA Schedules Hearing on Proposed RFS Rule for July 18 COMMENT DEADLINE August 17, 2018
July 3, 2018 – 2:25 pm | No Comment

by Erin Voegele  (Ethanol Producer Magazine)  The U.S. EPA has announced it will hold a public hearing in Ypsilanti, Michigan, July 18 to gather public input on its proposed rule to set 2019 renewable volume obligations …

ICAO Council Reaches Landmark Decision on Aviation Emissions Offsetting
July 3, 2018 – 11:10 am | No Comment

(International Civil Aviation Organization) The ICAO Council made important headway today on the key international standards supporting the UN aviation agency’s Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation, or ‘CORSIA’.  
Its adoption of the First Edition …

Synthetic Methylotrophy: The Digest’s 2018 Multi-Slide Guide to Engineering Platform Organisms for Methane & Methanol Conversion to Fuels & Chemicals
July 3, 2018 – 11:03 am | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  Harnessing Methane & Methanol as Feedstocks, that’s the subject of this overview of the uses of methanol when used by engineered platform organisms for fuel and chemical production. The background is …

Letter from Byzantium: Answers to Your Questions about Byzantine Biofuels Budgets and Policy Moves
July 3, 2018 – 10:57 am | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  … Yes, Virginia, there is cant, pettifoggery, self-dealing, obfuscation, and downright dirty pool when it comes to the deployment of biofuels, chemicals and advanced biomaterials — but there are also some …

AAPCA Releases 2018 Edition of The Greatest Story Seldom Told
July 3, 2018 – 10:40 am | No Comment

(Association of Air Pollution Control Agencies)  Today, the Association of Air Pollution Control Agencies (AAPCA) released the 2018 edition of The Greatest Story Seldom Told: Profiles and Success Stories in Air Pollution Control. State and local air …

Ethanol Helps Fourth of July Travelers Declare Independence from High Gas Prices
July 3, 2018 – 10:33 am | No Comment

by Rachel Gantz (Renewable Fuels Association)   A record number of travelers will take to America’s highways and byways this Fourth of July holiday, and ethanol will be lowering the price they pay for gasoline while …

Swedish Shipping Company Takes on Liquefied Biogas
July 3, 2018 – 10:23 am | No Comment

(Bioenergy News)  Skangas, a subsidiary of Gasum, has supplied liquefied biogas (LBG) to Furetank, a major Swedish shipping company.
The LBG was delivered to Furetank’s tanker ship, Fure Vinga, from Gasum’s biogas facility in Lidköping. The fuelling …

Trump Administration Appoints New Biomass R&D TAC Members
July 2, 2018 – 1:29 pm | No Comment

by Helena Taveres Kennedy (Biofuels Digest)  In Washington, D.C., the Biomass Research and Development Technical Advisory Committee has appointed several new volunteers from industry, academia, nonprofits, and local government to the TAC which advises the federal government about …

New Household Cooking Oils Recycling Service Launched
July 2, 2018 – 1:19 pm | No Comment

(Scottish Borders Council)  A new service which allows the public to recycle their leftover cooking oils has been launched.  The service is now available at all seven community recycling centres in the Borders and has the backing of …

Land O’Lakes, Inc. and California Bioenergy Partner to Advance “Barn to Biogas” in California
July 2, 2018 – 1:12 pm | No Comment

(Land O’Lakes/Cision/PR Newswire)   Land O’Lakes, Inc. and California Bioenergy, LLC (CalBio) have launched a first-of-its-kind collaboration to support the financing, installation and management of on-farm methane digesters to generate renewable compressed natural gas (“R-CNG”) fuel in California – …

Leveling the Playing Field: The Digest’s 2018 Multi-Slide Guide to Renewable Reserves Accounting
July 2, 2018 – 1:02 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  In November 2011, the Digest ran a story on a remarkable proposition — advanced by Richard Hamilton, then CEO of Ceres — that biofuels companies – on the “level playing field” …

$25 Grand Prize: Climate Change Needs Behavior Change DEADLINE: August 7, 2018
July 2, 2018 – 10:32 am | No Comment

(Solutions Search)  Climate change needs behavior change.What people eat, what they buy and what they use contributes directly to climate change. In just eight months, humans consume what the earth can sustainably produce in a …

China’s Shift to Cleaner Energy Drives Huge Ethanol Demand
June 29, 2018 – 2:39 pm | No Comment

by Leah Marie Angelou (Small Cap Network) … China is at a crossroad as it shifts to cleaner and renewable energy sources. Can the country keep up with its environmental pledge?  —  In September 2017, the …

Lawmakers Ask EPA to Approve RFS Pathway for Biomass Power
June 29, 2018 – 2:29 pm | No Comment

by Erin Voegele (Ethanol Producer Magazine)  A bipartisan delegation of California lawmakers are urging the U.S. EPA to resolve any issues that prevent biomass and waste-to-energy pathways from receiving the same level of support as other …

Ag Secretary Perdue on Trump’s message to farmers: You won’t suffer in a trade fight with China
June 29, 2018 – 2:23 pm | No Comment

bysBerkeley Lovelace Jr. (CNBC) Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue says President Trump has told him to assure American farmers that they won’t suffer from the U.S. trade fight with China. Perdue says he is calculating the potential impact …

DOE’s Scum Ranchers
June 29, 2018 – 2:14 pm | No Comment

(Algae Industry Magazine/Vice News Tonight/HBO)  The Department of Energy is trying to turn the Salton Sea, a lake in the California desert, into a farm for renewable fuels — and clean its infamously polluted water in …

WSU Researchers Creating Catalyst to Improve Jet Biofuel Production
June 29, 2018 – 1:22 pm | No Comment

by Maegan Murray  (Washington State University-Tri-Cities)  Efforts to create an environmentally friendly catalyst that will lower the cost and increase the efficiency in producing bio-based jet fuels has netted Washington State University researchers a $500,000 grant from the …

New Test Method Supports Bio-Oil Stability
June 29, 2018 – 11:30 am | No Comment

(ASTM Standardization News)  A new ASTM International test method will help determine the carbonyl content of thermochemically derived bio-oils. Carbonyls contribute to instability during storage and processing of bio-oils.
“This new standard provides a simple way to …

Greenbelt Resources Signs Letter of Intent With Purnol for Bioethanol Distribution
June 29, 2018 – 11:25 am | No Comment

(Greenbelt Resources)  Purnol to distribute bioethanol produced by Greenbelt’s California BioEthanol Project  —   Greenbelt Resources Corporation(OTC:GRCO) (Greenbelt), the developer of a sustainable ECOsystem model that transforms waste into revenue generating bioproducts including bioethanol, today announced that it …

The Digest’s Top 10 Innovations for the Week of June 28th, 2018
June 29, 2018 – 11:16 am | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  The pace of invention and change is just too strong, we’ve realized, to highlight annual or even quarterly or monthly rankings and summaries of significant product and service advances. For now, …

Senate Overwhelmingly Passes Sweeping Farm Bill, Setting up Fight with House
June 29, 2018 – 11:06 am | No Comment

by Caitlin Dewey and Erica Werner (Washington Post)  The Senate passed its version of the $428 billion farm bill Thursday, setting up a bitter fight against the House over food stamps, farm subsidies and conservation funding.
The …

Anti-Fossil Fuel Candidates Come out Winners in Party Primaries
June 29, 2018 – 10:50 am | No Comment

by Mark Hand (ThinkProgress)  Democratic nominee Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has one of the most ambitious climate plans.  —  An impressive list of anti-fossil fuel and pro-climate action candidates won party primaries on Tuesday night, indicating that environmental issues …

Justice Kennedy’s Retirement Could Reshape the Environment
June 29, 2018 – 10:38 am | No Comment

by Robinson Meyer (The Atlantic)  A new justice will likely weaken the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act.  —  … With Kennedy gone, a more conservative Supreme Court could overhaul key aspects of …

Georgetown Climate Center and Northeast States Listen to Public’s Ideas about Future of Transportation in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic
June 28, 2018 – 5:39 pm | No Comment

by Joanne Ivancic* (Advanced Biofuels USA) Recently, the Georgetown Climate Center facilitated the third in a series of Transportation and Climate Initiative Listening Sessions designed to “(cast) a broader net to obtain input on strategies …

BEST Plans to Run Entire Fleet Partly on Biodiesel; Decision Will Save Money
June 28, 2018 – 4:24 pm | No Comment

by Sonu Shrivastava  (Asian Age)  The BEST needs 72,350 litres of diesel to run its fleet every day.  —   In a bid to reduce vehicular pollution on the city’s roads, the Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport …

Can USDA Stretch Corn, Soybean Farmers’ Safety Net with Tariff Relief?
June 28, 2018 – 3:13 pm | No Comment

by Chuck Abbott (Successful Farming)  Rumors of USDA’s Tariff Easing Strategy Not Confirmed  —  Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue is giving himself a couple of months – until around Labor Day – before deciding whether to proceed …

RFA Chief Knocks EPA Over Failure to Address Illegal Cut in 2016 RVO
June 28, 2018 – 2:52 pm | No Comment

by Jeff Barber (Opisnet)  PA’s failure to include in its proposed 2019 Renewable Volume Obligation (RVO) an estimated 500 million gal of renewable fuels that a federal appeals court last year said the agency illegally excluded …

Greenbelt Resources Announces Colorado Location Search for Bioethanol Project
June 28, 2018 – 1:11 pm | No Comment

(Greenbelt Resources)  Biofuels & Energy distributes request for proposal through regional economic development agencies  —   Greenbelt Resources Corporation (OTC: GRCO) (Greenbelt), the developer of a sustainable ECOsystem model that transforms waste into revenue generating bioproducts, today announced that Biofuels …

REFILE-FEATURE-In Hunt for Clean Jet Fuel, South Africa Swaps Tobacco for Weeds
June 28, 2018 – 1:00 pm | No Comment

by Munyaradzi Makoni (Reuters)  When a South African Airways Boeing 737 took off from O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg two years ago, headed for Cape Town, it was powered by an unusual fuel: tobacco.
South Africa …

Recycled Frying Oil Fuels 10-Million-Km Journey to Improve Local Air Quality – McDonald’s UAE
June 28, 2018 – 12:47 pm | No Comment

(Zawaya/McDonalds UAE)  Biodiesel initiative saves CO2 equivalent of burning over 4-million kilos of coal since launching  —  McDonald’s UAE today announced that its logistics fleet of biodiesel delivery trucks have clocked a whopping 10,000,000 kilometers since …

Grassley Statement on EPA’s Proposed 2019 RFS Biofuels Levels
June 28, 2018 – 12:40 pm | No Comment

(Office of Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA)) … “As chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, I also have concerns that EPA may be ignoring or abusing the Administrative Procedure Act as they continue to grant waivers in …

E10 Petrol Pushes Motorists to Buy Premium Fuel, Costs More than Regular Unleaded in the Long Run
June 28, 2018 – 12:35 pm | No Comment

(  Ethanol-blended petrol was billed as a win for our hip pockets and the environment, but analysts say it’s a very different story  —  … While other states have so far resisted the temptation to mandate ethanol …

Brazil’s Unpopular Fuel Policy Means Sugar Faces Vote Threat
June 28, 2018 – 12:17 pm | No Comment

by Isis Almeida and Fabiana Batista (Bloomberg Quint) … (Luis) Matos is one of millions of Brazilians who have cut back on car use after fuel costs climbed to a record. Like many in Latin America’s biggest …

“To-mah-toe, To-may-toe…”: Consequences of Valorizing Biobased Carbon over Biobased Matter
June 28, 2018 – 12:11 pm | No Comment

by Michael A. Fatigati (Biofuels Digest)  … We now find it necessary to throttle back our drawdown of the fossil carbon account to preserve our climate and through reasoned and sensible policies and regulation moving us towards …

GoBiGas: The Digest’s 2018 Multi-Slide Guide to Advanced Biofuel Production via Gasification
June 28, 2018 – 11:58 am | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  High quality biomethane from biomass through gasification? A Swedish plant is now a first for injecting biomethane into the national grid. That’s the Gothenburg Biomass Gasification Project (GoBiGas), and its the subject of …

The Yosemite Sam of the Microbial World, Hot Rodded Lichen, BYO Nitrogen, The Microbial Marx Brother, Sexy Hexy and More: The DOE Delves into New Orgamsism for Fuels & Chems
June 28, 2018 – 11:50 am | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  The meanest, nastiest, ornierest, heat-seeking organism ever found that munches biomass and other microbes that got a booster via the DOE’s $40M grants for advanced microbes R&D. And aromatics without the …

2.5 Million Homes, Businesses Totaling $1 Trillion Threatened by High Tide Flooding
June 28, 2018 – 11:35 am | No Comment

(Union of Concerned Scientists)  Study Finds Coastal Municipalities May Lose Huge Sums in Property Tax Revenue — Accelerating sea level rise in the lower 48 states, primarily driven by climate change, is projected to worsen tidal flooding, …

EU Biofuels Effort Kicks off in Örnsköldsvik
June 28, 2018 – 11:30 am | No Comment

(SEKAB/MyNewsDesk)  Representatives from eleven European companies and universities gathered yesterday in the Swedish town of Örnsköldsvik, to kick-start the EU-funded project Rewofuel. The long-term aim is to lay the groundwork for many new biorefineries across Europe, …

Mazda: ‘Well-to-Wheel’ Gives ICE the Advantage over Electric, Manufacturer Claims
June 27, 2018 – 8:38 pm | No Comment

by Stephen Briers (Fleet News)  Change the debate to get true global picture on emissions says manufacturer as it continues to examine powertrain technology options. —  At a time when most of its rivals are distancing themselves …

A First-of-a-Kind Algal-based College Certificate Program Sends Off Its First Graduates
June 27, 2018 – 7:47 pm | No Comment

(U.S. Department of Energy)  The U.S. Department of Energy’s Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO)-funded Algae Technology Educational Consortium (ATEC) is proud to announce its first graduates from the algal certificate program at Santa Fe Community College in Santa Fe, …

Air Liquide Inaugurates a Biomethane Production Unit in France
June 27, 2018 – 7:40 pm | No Comment

(Air Liquide/Biomass Magazine)  On June 22, in Cestas, near Bordeaux, France, Air Liquide inaugurates a biomethane production unit and a multi-energy distribution station nearby. Thanks to its complete mastery of the biogas recovery chain, Air Liquide …

Edeniq Pathway Technology Renamed to Intellulose
June 27, 2018 – 7:25 pm | No Comment

(Edeniq)  Edeniq, Inc., a leading biotechnology company that develops processes for producing and measuring cellulosic ethanol, announced today that its Pathway technology has been renamed Intellulose, effective immediately. The rebranding effort includes a new Intellulose logo …

Octane Overconfidence
June 27, 2018 – 7:18 pm | No Comment

by Ron Lamberty (American Coalition for Ethanol/Ethanol Producer Magazine)  … (W)hy oil refiners wouldn’t use ethanol as a source of octane, under a high-octane fuel standard, without an RFS or RINs.  — …  Ethanol is …

Transparency, Credibility and Profitability
June 27, 2018 – 7:07 pm | No Comment

(K·Coe Isom/Ethanol Producer Magazine)  Sustainability reporting helps boost plant efficiency, and affects top and bottom lines.  —  The U.S. has no requirements for sustainability data or verified certification. International standards are in place, however, that require data …

Zero to 10 Million in 5 years
June 27, 2018 – 6:50 pm | No Comment

by Susanne Retka Schill (Ethanol Producer Magazine)  Slow to start and with fewer gallons than targeted through the Renewable Fuel Standard, cellulosic ethanol is showing signs of steady growth.  —  Cellulosic ethanol production has been gaining momentum …

Minister Humphreys Announces College Group’s €10m expansion
June 27, 2018 – 6:32 pm | No Comment

(College Group)  Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation, Heather Humphreys TD today announced that College Group will invest €10m in building a new renewable energy facility producing biofuel from used cooking oil and animal fats in …

Numerous Commercial Vehicles Approved for Biodiesel
June 27, 2018 – 5:26 pm | No Comment

(LifePR/Association Quality Management Biodiesel (AGQM))  New approval list of large engine and commercial vehicle manufacturers for operation with biodiesel (B20 / B30 / B100) published.
A recent survey among commercial vehicle manufacturers shows that many trucks, …

European Ethanol Sets New High Level for Greenhouse Gas Savings
June 27, 2018 – 4:59 pm | No Comment

(ePURE/Ethanol Producer Magazine)  European renewable ethanol delivered an average of more than 70 percent greenhouse-gas savings compared to fossil fuels in 2017, according to new certified data from European ethanol producers.
The number represents the latest of …

Vietnam Uses ‘Super-Technology’ to Treat Biowaste
June 27, 2018 – 4:49 pm | No Comment

( Bridge)  The utilization of Carbolosic technology in Vietnam promises to bring great benefits as it turns biological waste into valuable products.  —  The Ministry of Science & Technology (MST) has signed an MOU on transferring technology …

West Fargo Farm Rally Will Try to Capture Part of Trump’s Spotlight
June 27, 2018 – 4:28 pm | No Comment

by  Patrick Springer (West Fargo Pioneer)  … “It’s not a protest against President Trump,” said Pam Musland, marketing and communication supervisor for the North Dakota Farmers Union. “Our hope is to grab some media attention with …