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Job Openings

Advanced Biofuels USA is currently an all-volunteer organization. While the positions listed below are unpaid to start, salaries are possible once sufficient funding has been generated.

Our volunteer opportunities fall into three categories:

  • fundraising/development;
  • educational materials development; and
  • administrative and technical assistance.

The initial fundraising/development team will focus on building the infrastructure and funding base that will enable us to achieve our mission.  The team will raise funding through private, corporate, and foundation donations; plan, implement and oversee a comprehensive development program that secures significant financial and/or in-kind resources from individuals, foundations, or corporations that support Advanced Biofuels USA’s goals and manages principal gifts, donor prospecting and research.

The public will better understand the advantages and benefits of advanced biofuels if they understand better the science and economics related to this emerging industry.  Thus, of great importance is the educational component of our mission.  We would like to develop curriculum-based materials for science, social studies, and other appropriate subjects for students in elementary through high school.  Once these materials are developed, we will provide training to teachers, develop “traveling trunk” material lists and other resources to help today’s students and their families understand the conceptual foundations of moving the world from dependence on fossil fuels.

Managing the office, billing, maintaining reports needed for tax purposes, keeping the web site and related media outreach properly maintained and updated; researching activities in technological research, agronomy, legislation, regulation and public policy; and other business development tasks are crucial to the smooth operation and continued service of Advanced Biofuels USA.

Advanced Biofuels USA aims high to reach its goals of helping people understand the promise of advanced biofuels and nurturing a developing new industry.  Join us in our efforts to bring us to a bright, sustainable future.

Volunteer Positions Available at Advanced Biofuels USA

While helpful, it is not always necessary to live anywhere near Frederick, Maryland, where our main office is, to apply for these positions.

Director of Development

Responsibilities include:

  • Plan and coordinate all fundraising efforts;
  • Work with the executive director and board members on a business plan and presentation strategies for potential funders;
  • Identify and make presentations to potential funders and investors whose values are aligned with those of Advanced Biofuels USA including individuals, organizations, companies and foundations.

Development Team Members

(more than one position is available)

Responsibilities include any one or more of the following:

  • Working with director of development, and/or the executive director and board members to identify potential donors and to make presentations to them;
  • Find and make presentations to organizations and others whose values are aligned with Advanced Biofuels USA;
  • Identify Foundations and other grant-making organizations that are a “good fit” with Advanced Biofuels USA; write and submit grant applications to them.

Volunteer Coordinator

Responsibilities include the following:

  • Working with the executive director, create and keep current a list of volunteer opportunities with identified goals and tasks
  • Find volunteers by utilizing a variety of resources
  • Schedule, assign and supervise volunteers on tasks from the list of volunteer opportunities.

Educational Coordinator

Responsibilities include:

  • Work with the executive director and board to plan and implement educational materials and activities
  • Coordinate all educational activities
  • Manage the Educational Materials Team.

Educational Materials Team Member

(more than one position is available)
Responsibilities include:

  • Researching relevant standard K-12 curricula that have objectives that could be met using as context the vast world of advanced biofuels.
  • Working with experts in the fields, creating teaching materials and lesson plans that meet the curriculum objects by using advanced biofuels fundamentals as the context.
  • Developing activities and creative presentations for adult audienced such as campus environmental or science groups; faith-based stewardship meetings; civic organizations; farm bureaus, granges, 4H and FAA groups, etc.
  • Developing training materials, presentations and events to deploy the educational materials.
  • Creating and implementing a program to train volunteers to make presentations, conduct activities.


Congressional/Federal Agency Hearing Monitor

(more than one position is available)

Responsibilities include:

  • Monitor House and Senate hearings and federal agency hearings on topics related to biofuels and advanced biofuels.
  • Possibly attend other events such as local conferences as a representative of Advanced Biofuels USA.
  • Write reports on hearings and events for organization use and for possible online publication.

Background or interest in biology, biochemistry, agriculture, and/or automotive engineering helpful.


While all these positions are volunteer (unpaid) to start, salaries are possible once sufficient funding has been generated.

To Apply : Send your resume along with a brief note to stating:

  • Which position(s) you are applying for and why
  • Relevant highlights in your background and experience
  • How many hours per week you can spend if accepted in this position
  • What inspires you about working to promote understanding, acceptance and use of advanced biofuels.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Joanne Ivancic, Executive Director