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Supporting Alternative Energy Ventura County Reporter  August 12, 2010

Storing Energy in Electric Cars?  Washington Post March 28, 2009

Batteries Drive Everything January 31, 2009

Tesla Roadster Is Not Green January 26, 2009

Articles Written by Advanced Biofuels USA

“Good Bye to All That” Secretary Chu Leaves Department of Energy (With Apologies to Robert Graves) by Robert E. Kozak First published on the Advanced Biofuels USA web site; then published by Biofuels Digest and Chem.Info in full; and linked from numerous other sites.  February 1, 2013

E85 + Small Displacement Turbocharged Engine = High Efficiency and Mileage: Proof from the Racetrack  by Robert E. Kozak  World Biofuels Markets News  September 2012

The Path to a Sustainable ‘Total Biomass’ Advanced Ethanol Industry by Robert E. Kozak  Renewable Energy World August 3, 2011

Proposed Senate Bill S.559: Comment on the Bill from an Advanced Biofuels Perspective by Robert E. Kozak   Biofuels Digest March 24, 2011

Penn State Demonstrates Biofuel Crops for PA published in Lancaster Farming January 8, 2011  by Kelsey McNeeley and Joanne Ivancic

Waste-to-Energy (Recycle Now (India)March 2010)  by Ritambhara Singh and Joanne Ivancic


Advanced Biofuels USA In The News

Guest Opinion: Clean Energy Bonds Aren’t the Answer  August 23, 2012

Group Says No to Clean Energy Victory Bonds August 20, 2012

Industry welcomes federal support for biojet, marine fuel sector Biorefining Magazine   August 16, 2011

Obama $510M ‘Blueprint’ advanced biofuels program: industry reaction Biofuels Digest   August 16, 2011

Seeking the Blending Sweet Spot Ethanol Producer Magazine   August 15, 2011

Advanced Biofuel Action Plan Released  July 28, 2011

Advanced Biofuels USA Releases Pathway to Sustainable “Total Biomass” Advanced Ethanol Industry Biofuels Journal   July 28, 2011

Advanced Biofuel Action Plan Released  July 27, 2011

Advanced Biofuel Action Plan Released Biofuel Blog War   July 27, 2011

Pathway to Advanced Ethanol: build, sustain, E30-optimized network of pumps, engines Biofuels Digest  July 26, 2011

Syngas fermentation: “Third path for cellulosic ethanol” detailed in new white paper Biofuels Digest  June 10, 2011

Advanced Biofuels USA Releases White Paper on Syngas Fermentation,a “Third Pathway” for Cellulosic Ethanol Production   June 10, 2011

Advanced Biofuels USA Releases White Paper on Syngas Fermentation Renewable Energy Database   June 9, 2011

BIOFUELS: Group warns of trouble in widely hailed fuels bill Greenwire  June 8, 2011

Open Fuel Standard bill progresses, but slowly Ethanol Producer Magazine June 8, 2011

Group Calls Open Fuel Standard Bad for Biofuels  June 2, 2011

Animal feed production more profitable than corn ethanol: report Biofuels Digest  April 19, 2011

Advancing Advanced Biofuels Featured on   March 29, 2011

Biofuels Board Member Works toward Renewable Energy Frederick News Post   March 26, 2011

American Biofuels Now organization forms to foster media, policymaker, consumer education Biofuels Digest  January 3, 2011

Advanced Biofuels USA launches end-of-year funds appeal Biofuels Digest   December 16, 2010

Advanced Biofuels USA Urges Industry to Use American Le Mans Series Green Racing Focus to Promote Adoption of Advanced Biofuels Biofuels Journal  December 9, 2010

Advanced Biofuels USA Urges Industry To Use ALMS Green Racing Focus Paddock Talk   December 8, 2010

Advanced Biofuels USA Urges Advanced Biofuels Industry to Follow NASCAR/Growth Energy Lead by Way of American Le Mans Series   December 7, 2010

Going for the Green Frederick News Post editorial    June 13, 2010

Go Green Conference brings to light the many ways to improve energy efficiency, reduce waste Frederick News Post   June 8, 2010

DomesticFuel‘s February 26, 2010, report on Advanced Biofuels USA’s proposal for dedicating a portion of an increase in the highway user fees (gas tax) to biofuels development linked to our post and board resolution.  See New Ideas for Funding Sustainable Biofuels

Today in Biofuels Opinion: “financiers explaining why they aren’t touching this stuff with a 10 foot pole. Biofuels Digest , November 18, 2009

Advanced Biofuels Non-Profit Receives Tax Exempt Status Frederick News Post  August 18, 2009

Advanced Biofuels Non-Profit Receives Tax Exempt Status Oil Price Information Service   August 18, 2009

Radio Interview:  Venus Transit Authority, Los Alamos, NM May 26, 2009

Organization Promotes Advanced Biofuels May 25, 2009

Power Struggle: Division Within Biofuels Community Complicates the Energy Equation Capitol Eye Blog  July 24, 2008

Getting Real About Oil May 7, 2008

Advanced biofuels organization formed Biomass Magazine, April 23, 2008

Juice: Alternate Fuels World Announcing the Advanced Biofuels Association April 27, 2008

Advanced Biofuels USA Forms in Maryland April 22, 2008

Advanced Biofuels Organization Formed April 21, 20008

Advanced Biofuels USA

Biofuel Promotion Group Organized April 17, 2008