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How to Use This Site

This site was developed to expand the knowledge and understanding of advanced biofuels for both beginners and more experienced visitors.

If you don’t know anything about advanced biofuels; or if you want a broader perspective of this nascent industry, a good place to start is the Biofuels Basics section.

To get  a more extensive  overview , take a look at our 3-part Primer and the accompanying fun questions and projects.  This is a great resource for study groups, stewardship organizations, and classroom discussions.

If you are looking for something specific, you can easily browse through recent postings, search by categories listed along the right side of each page or search by word or phrase.

To search on a particular page, for PC users, Control/F will get you to a search box that applies just to that page; Mac users, command/F (old Apple/F) does the same.

When you click on the category, all the postings in that category will become available for browsing.

If you know a specific topic, such as a type of feedstock, you can search the site by the word or phrase describing that topic.  The search box for the entire site is on the top right of each page.

This site is designed as a one-stop-shop or clearinghouse for information regarding all aspects of advanced biofuels.  We do have some original material which can be found by clicking on the “Opinion Advanced Biofuels USA” button in the middle, about 1/3 of the way down each page.

We direct visitors to the original sources of information as much as possible.  (We do write some original Opinions on issues of import to the understanding, development and use of advanced biofuels.) We hope to help you bypass many layers of investigation required to find the materials you need.

We also have Resource pages.  The main Resource pages include lots of lists:  news resources; government, business and nonprofit resources; companies involved with advanced biofuels; other supportive organizations, grants, funding opportunities, etc.

Our Educational pages provide information about formal educational programs and examples of projects completed by student groups.

They also include links to resources for students, teachers and parents that expand an understanding of basic scientific concepts that serve as a foundation to understanding the technological, economic, agronomic, social and policy aspects of moving from fossil-fuel based energy sources to renewable sources.

Our University/College Programs page includes programs around the world, with an emphasis on programs in the US, listed by state.  Community college and technical schools are part of this compiliation.

Whether you are a professional in this industry, government decision-makers, media leaders, students, teachers, parents, scouts, 4H’ers, FFA members or just curious folks, we hope this is a useful tool to enhance your understanding of these important efforts to develop a truly sustainable renewable future.

If you have or find information that you think should be included on this site, please let us know.