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Press Releases

Advanced Biofuels USA Proposes Quicker, Cheaper Way to Achieve CO2 GHG Reduction Goals– Builds on New US DOE Studies February 15, 2018  HERE

Advanced Biofuels USA Welcomes Todd Campbell to Its Expanded Board of Directors  September 8, 2017  HERE

Dr. Lais Forti Thomaz Joins Advanced Biofuels USA Board of Directors Bringing International Perspective to the Organization’s Leadership    August 14, 2017 HERE

Advanced Biofuels USA Has Faith that US Leadership in Advanced Biofuels Development Will Continue Regardless of Trump Administration Policy toward Paris Agreement   June 2, 2017   HERE

Advanced Biofuels USA’s Joanne Ivancic Again Recognized as One of Top 100 People in the Advanced Bioeconomy by Biofuels Digest   January 31, 2017   HERE

Advanced Biofuels USA Welcomes Shannon Hollis to Its Board of Directors  January 24, 2017 HERE

Global Business America Highlights Advanced Biofuels USA in Planet Green Section  December 22, 2016  HERE

Advanced Biofuels USA Receives USDA Rural Business Development Grant for Feasibility Study of Eastern Shore Energy Beet-to-Jetfuel Project  September 7, 2016 HERE

Maryland Clean Energy Center Appoints Advanced Biofuels USA’s Joanne Ivancic to 2016-7 Advirsory Council  April 19, 2016  HERE

Bailout the US Shale Oil/Gas Industry or Fund Clean Sustainable Renewable Transportation?  A new way of looking at the options.   February 12, 2016  HERE

Advanced Biofuels USA’s Joanne Ivancic Recognized as One of Top 100 People in the Advanced Bioeconomy by Biofuels Digest    February 11, 2016   HERE

It’s Time for a Non-Renewable Carbon User Fee for Fuels — Press Release  July 14, 2015  HERE

Maryland Clean Energy Center Appoints Advanced Biofuels USA’s Joanne Ivancic to 2015 Advisory Council  March 3, 2015 HERE

 Joanne Ivancic Recognized as One of Top 125 People in the Advanced Bioeconomy by Biofuels Digest   January 30, 2015   HERE

 “Should Corn Land Be Used for Bioenergy/Biomaterial Crops?”   October 6, 2014

Advanced Biofuels USA Celebrates Earth Week with 10 Excellent Reasons to Transition to Sustainable Renewable Fuels  Here

Advanced Biofuels USA Sees Conditional Victory for Ethanol in Tier 3 Final Ruling   Here

OBIC’s Dr. Barbara Vieira Joins Advanced Biofuels USA’s Board of Directors  Here

Advanced Biofuels USA Submits Comments to EPA’s Proposed RFS Renewable Volume Obligation  January 20, 2014  Here

Advanced Biofuels USA’s Joanne Ivancic Recognized as One of Top 100 People in the BioEconomy by Biofuels Digest  December 31, 2013   Here

In EPA Tier 3 Comments Advanced Biofuels USA Introduces “E30 Capable” Idea to Bring Higher Octane, Higher Ethanol Gasoline to the Marketplace July 1, 2013  Here

Advanced Biofuels USA’s Joanne Ivancic to Moderate Liquid Biofuels Panel at ACT Expo in Washington, DC  June 23, 2013  Here

Advanced Biofuels USA Announces Plans to Exhibit and Speak at Congressional Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency EXPO + Forum   June 11, 2013  Here

Advanced Biofuels USA Supports Proposed Tier 3 Higher Octane Vehicle Fuel and Emissions Regulations, with Recommendations for Implementation  May 3, 2013   Here

Energy Security Trust Counterproductive Says Advanced Biofuels USA Preferring a True Carbon Tax and Apollo Program Scale Efforts   March 19, 2013  Here

Clean Energy Victory Bonds Are Not the Way to Go Says Advanced Biofuels USA  August 18, 2012  Here

Honda Indy 200 at Mid-Ohio Demonstrates Power of E85  August 7, 2012  Here

Advanced Biofuels USA Publishes Distributed/Centralized BioProduction Approach   March 27, 2012   Here

Advanced Biofuels USA Makes 2012 Farm Bill Biomass/Biofuel Recommendations  January 24, 2011  Here

FuelChoiceNow’s FFV Statement and Focus on Methanol for Cars Needs Correction Says Advanced Biofuels USA September 22, 2011

Advanced Biofuels USA Is Disappointed in White House Plan for National Security Drop-In Biofuels Investment August 16, 2011

Pathway to a Sustainable “Total Biomass” Advanced Ethanol Industry July 25, 2011

Syngas Fermentation 3rd Pathway to Ethanol June 9, 2011

Open Fuel Standard Bad for Environment, Biofuels June 2, 2011

Preserving Protein for Feed April 17, 2011

SAFESTA Serves as Trojan Horse Thwarting Renewable Intent March 23, 2011

National Security Interests Require Tax Incentives for Biofuels and Advanced Biofuels March 14, 2011

Advanced Biofuels USA Publishes Paper and Slide Presentation on Truly Optimized Flex Fuel Vehicles March 7, 2011

Donald C. Erbach, Ph.D., Joins Advanced Biofuels USA Board of Directors January 19, 2011

Advanced Biofuels USA Seeks End-Of-Year Donations to Enable the Nonprofit Organization to Continue to Provide Free Services and Materials     December 23, 2010

Advanced Biofuels USA Urges Advanced Biofuels Industry to Follow NASCAR December 5, 2010

Advanced Biofuels USA’s Executive Director Voted One of Top 100 People in BioEnergy October 11, 2010

Response to Congressional Budget Office Report: Phase Out Biofuels Subsidies Only to the Extent that Oil/Gas Subsidies Are Also Phased Out July 20, 2010

Advanced Biofuels USA Visits Scenes of Hope and Despair in Louisiana May 24, 2010

Advanced Biofuels USA Suggests Sustainable Funding Source: USDOT February 25, 2010

No New Regulations Announced, Reasonable Causes For Challenges Abound: EPA’s Endangerment and Cause or Contribute Findings for Greenhouse Gases Under Section 202(a) of the Clean Air Act December 8, 2009

Advanced Biofuels USA Responds to Science Article on International Indirect Land Use Change October 23, 2009

Green Racing Web Page Launched by Advanced Biofuels USA October 15, 2009

Advanced Biofuels Receives 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Status August 13, 20009

Advanced Biofuels USA Urges California Air Resources Board to Reject Use of Indirect Land Use Change in Low Carbon Fuel Standard Analysis March 14, 2009

Advanced Biofuels USA Explains that Advanced Biofuels Could Help Calfornia Meet GHG and Pollution Standards March 6, 2009

What Are Advanced Biofuels? Online Primer Announcement November 24, 2008

New Agricultural Organization Formed to Promote Advanced Biofuels April 15, 2008