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Call to Action for a Truly Sustainable Renewable Future
August 8, 2013 – 5:07 pm | No Comment

-Include high octane/high ethanol Regular Grade fuel in EPA Tier 3 regulations.
-Use a dedicated, self-reducing non-renewable carbon user fee to fund renewable energy R&D.
-Start an Apollo-type program to bring New Ideas to sustainable biofuel and …

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Conversion Pathways for Bioenergy – Thinking Beyond Gasoline and Gasoline Additives: Catchlight Energy’s Biomass Liquefaction Process
October 10, 2011 – 3:09 pm | No Comment

by Paul Spindler (Catchlight Energy, LLC). The company CLE (Catchlight Energy) is a 50/50 partnership between the sustainable, forest-based feedstock company, Weyerhaeuser, and the commercial fuel company, Chevron. The purpose of this partnership is to …

Industry Perspectives on Bioenergy: Future of Bioenergy: POET’s Perspective
October 7, 2011 – 1:31 pm | No Comment

by Jim Sturdevant (POET)  POET indicates that bioenergy provides a boost to rural economies and creates/saves jobs today. It mitigates costs of imported oil; consequently, the majority of jobs would not be outsourced. Bioenergy reduces …

Algae Processing Technologies: Fueling Industry Growth
October 7, 2011 – 1:30 pm | No Comment

by Hoyt Thomas (OpenAlgae)  Hoyt Thomas, President and CEO of  OpenAlgae, points out that the algae industry is suffering from a case of separation anxiety. To find out the solutions, OpenAlgae developed unique separation technologies …

Conversion Pathways for Bioenergy: Cellulosic Bioproducts–Virent is Replacing the Crude Oil
September 20, 2011 – 5:48 pm | No Comment

Andrew Held (Virent)  Andrew Held, Director of Virent Feedstock Development, explained that Virent creates gasoline, jet fuel, diesel and chemicals from biomass feedstocks. Virent, founded in 2002 and based in Madison, WI , has a …

Moving Algae Biofuels from “Potential” to “Practice”: Commercial Application of Microalgae
September 20, 2011 – 4:17 pm | No Comment

by Greg Schwartz  (Kent BioEnergy Corporation) Greg Schwartz, Ph.D., Director of Systems Engineering, explained that Kent BioEnergy (KBE) is active in Aquatic research and development in several fields, such as aquaculture system design, water treatment …

Conversion Pathways for Bioenergy: Upgrading of Intermediates: Hybrid Routes to Fuels and Chemicals
September 20, 2011 – 3:46 pm | No Comment

Laurel Harmon (LanzaTech Inc.) LanzaTech, Inc., was founded in January 2005 by CSO Dr. Sean Simpson in New Zealand. Funds were mainly from New Zealand government US$ 10M, Khosla Ventures US$ 12M in …

Moving Algae Biofuels from “Potential” to “Practice”: Next Generation Algae Extraction and Fractionation Technology
September 9, 2011 – 7:32 am | No Comment

By Brian L. Goodall, Puneet Chandra and Tom Czartoski (SRS Energy)  Brian Goodall introduced SRS energy which specializes in oil and water purification, separation and related services. For four years, SRS Dexter focused their R&D …

Opening Plenary – “Industry Perspectives on Bioenergy”: The Future Biobased Economy
September 9, 2011 – 7:14 am | No Comment

by Matt Carr (Biotechnology Industry Organization). Matt Carr, Managing Director or BIO notes that in 2011, biofuels comprise about 10% of the US transportation fuel market; in 2025, biofuels will consist of around 25% of …

Moving Algae Biofuels from “Potential” to “Practice”: General Atomics Alternative Fuels
September 9, 2011 – 7:05 am | No Comment

by David Hazleback (General Atomics) Hazleback, General Atomics Biofuels Program Manager, notes that algal-derived biofuel is one of the most competitive resources to be used in the fuel market. Approximately 40 million acres of algae could …

Biomass 2011: Replace the Whole Barrel, Supply the Whole Market Presentations Posted
August 15, 2011 – 9:11 am | No Comment

(US Department of Energy)  …More than 600 speakers, moderators, sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees were able to listen to discussions about the ongoing challenges and achievements in the bioenergy industry. Biomass 2011 addressed key issues in important …

Answers to Your Biofuels, Biopower and Biomaterials Questions
August 10, 2011 – 7:53 am | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  At the Biomass 2011 conference in Washington, a lively debate session provided a bumper crop of questions from the audience – too many to answer at the time. At the …

Argonne National Laboratory and Circle Track Racing Propose Green Racing Muscle Car Challenge
August 1, 2011 – 12:24 pm | No Comment

by Joanne Ivancic (Advanced Biofuels USA)  Researchers from Argonne National Laboratory, the American Speed Association and Hot Rods Performance Group began seeking sponsors for a stock car racing series focused on renewable fuels.
“Our goal is …

Chu, Vilsack, Pfannenstiel Headline, Light up BIOMASS 2011 Congress
July 29, 2011 – 10:30 am | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  In Washington, US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, US Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, and US Assistant Secretary of the Navy Jackalyne Pfannenstiel provided a rousing opening to the DOE’s …