The trend for bio-based energy has also extended to heavy vehicles (23% of CO2 emissions) and, more experimentally, to boats and airplanes.


As for heavy vehicles like trucks, buses and construction vehicles, the equivalent of superethanol for the diesel sector is B100, a biodiesel that is made from 100% vegetable oils (canola, soybean, palm) and which is taking off. B100 is not yet as established as E85 (it is not available to individuals), but here and there, the number of initiatives is increasing. On June 21, FlixBus, the leader in long-distance bus transportation, inaugurated its first B100 line between Paris and Grand-Champ (northwest France). Earlier this year, Colas signed a partnership with Saipol, France’s leading B100 producer, for its fleet of trucks. SNCF is also starting to run some diesel locomotives on B100.   READ MORE