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Call to Action for a Truly Sustainable Renewable Future
August 8, 2013 – 5:07 pm | No Comment

-Include high octane/high ethanol Regular Grade fuel in EPA Tier 3 regulations.
-Use a dedicated, self-reducing non-renewable carbon user fee to fund renewable energy R&D.
-Start an Apollo-type program to bring New Ideas to sustainable biofuel and …

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KLM Launches New Series of Biofuel Flights from Oslo to Amsterdam
March 31, 2016 – 7:08 pm | One Comment

(  KLM Royal Dutch Airlines today launched a series of around 80 biofuel flights from Oslo to Amsterdam operated with an EMBRAER 190. The flights are marking yet another step in the right direction towards …

WEBINAR: Explore the Expanding LCFS Marketplace — April 6, 2016
March 31, 2016 – 6:55 pm | No Comment
WEBINAR:  Explore the Expanding LCFS Marketplace  —  April 6, 2016

Join Genscape for an educational webinar that will provide insight into the supply of domestic and internationally-sourced biofuels into California and fuel-type specific infrastructure limitations that are impacting blending growth.
The webinar will discuss the impact …

BIRD Foundation Grant (up to $1 Million) Application Deadline for Proposals: June 29, 2016
March 31, 2016 – 6:06 pm | No Comment

The US-Israel Binational R&D Foundation (BIRD Foundation) is a joint program of the US Dept of Commerce and Israeli Ministry of Economy and Trade that provides grants up to $1 million for research collaboration between …

It Is OK to Fuel the Boat with Ethanol
March 31, 2016 – 6:00 pm | No Comment

by Gary Truitt (Hoosier Ag Today)  The gasoline used by more than 95 percent of Americans, E10,
contains 10 percent ethanol and is safe to use in marine engines. All current boat engines are warrantied for …

Central High School Visits Heartland Corn Products / Sibley East High School Visits Heartland Corn Products
March 31, 2016 – 5:53 pm | No Comment

(Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association)  Nineteen high school students from Norwood Young America visited Heartland Corn Products in Winthrop today (March 24, 2016) to get a closer look at how clean, homegrown renewable fuels are produced.
The students, …

St Paul Drivers Choose E15
March 31, 2016 – 5:44 pm | No Comment

(Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association)  The Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association (MBA) and KS95 FM today (March 30, 2016) rewarded drivers who chose to fuel up with E15 at St Paul Minnoc during an hour-long promotion. From 12:30 pm – …

Big Oil Could Lose $10 Billion if E15 is the New Regular
March 31, 2016 – 5:39 pm | No Comment

(Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association)  A new report by Reuters indicates that the oil industry could lose $10 billion annually if E15 replaces E10 and becomes the new regular in gas stations across the country.

The report, which …

Electric Car Bill Will Do Little to Reduce Emissions
March 31, 2016 – 5:30 pm | No Comment

(Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association)  Today’s Star Tribune reported of a proposal in the Minnesota legislature that calls for a financial incentive to boost electric or plug-in hybrid sales in the state to reduce emissions.

According to the …

Engage Key Social Concepts for Sustainability
March 31, 2016 – 5:18 pm | No Comment

by Christina C. Hicks, et al. (Science Magazine)  With humans altering climate processes, biogeochemical cycles, and ecosystem functions (1), governments and societies confront the challenge of shaping a sustainable future for people and nature. Policies and …

Investigation Broadens into whether Exxon Mobil Misled Public, Investors on Climate Change
March 31, 2016 – 4:56 pm | No Comment

by Brady Dennis (The Washington Post)  More than a dozen state attorneys general gathered in New York earlier this week, ostensibly to announce their support for President Obama’s efforts to combat global warming and to underscore …

DuPont Industrial Biosciences Honored with Biorenewable Deployment Consortium’s Outstanding Achievement Award
March 31, 2016 – 4:42 pm | No Comment

(Biorenewable Deployment Consortium)  The Biorenewable Deployment Consortium (BDC) honored DuPont Industrial Biosciences (DuPont) with the organization’s 2016 Outstanding Achievement Award for the company’s continuous contributions to the deployment of biochemical and advanced cellulosic biofuels.
“The Biorenewable …

Better Use of Entire Biomass of Willow
March 31, 2016 – 9:39 am | No Comment

(Phys.Org/VTT Technical Research Center of Finland)  VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Aalto University investigated how willow biomass can be utilised more efficiently. When processed correctly, willow is eminently suitable as a source of …

Biofuels Company Given Permission To Carry On
March 31, 2016 – 9:29 am | No Comment

by Tao Woolfe (The Sandwich Enterprise)  Cape Cod Biofuels, Inc. has been cleared by all local regulatory boards and agencies and given the Sandwich Board of Selectmen’s blessings—a happy ending to an administrative scramble the …

Drop in, Trip Out, Turn On: The Digest’s 2016 Multi-Slide Guide to Drop-In Fuels
March 31, 2016 – 9:23 am | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  Yesterday, we held a well-attended webinar on “Drop-In Fuels” Here below is the first slide deck presented on the day. We’ll have the remainder of slides tomorrow.
The recorded version can …

Rivertop Renewables, DTI Blast thru Nameplate at First Commercial
March 31, 2016 – 9:12 am | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  Benchmark tests prove higher volumes than initial forecast; plant receives “Recommended” rating after first customer audit
In Montana, Rivertop Renewables, a Montana-based novel chemicals company, announced it exceeded the nameplate capacity …

Sugarcane, Modified to Produce Oil, Promises Better Biodiesel
March 30, 2016 – 6:03 pm | No Comment

by  Stephen Edelstein (Green Car Reports)  … Altering sugarcane to produce oil could yield much greater amounts of biodiesel than the current most popular crop, soybeans, say researchers from the University of Illinois (via Wards Auto).

But …

Food/Energy/Water (FEW) Nexus Conference: “Food Waste-to-Low Carbon Energy” — April 27-28 2016 — New Brunswick, NJ
March 30, 2016 – 5:48 pm | No Comment
Food/Energy/Water  (FEW) Nexus Conference:  “Food Waste-to-Low Carbon Energy”   —   April 27-28 2016  —  New Brunswick, NJ

Conference for Sustainable Communities and Resilience —  Rutgers – New Jersey Institute for Food, Nutrition and Health

First day of the event will focus on the latest research in food waste to energy and FEW nexus related topics, …

Finland Hopes for New Growth from Shrunken Forest Industry
March 30, 2016 – 5:22 pm | No Comment

by Jussi Rosendahl (Reuters Canada)  It has created a modest 200 jobs in a Finnish forestry industry that has lost around 20,000 in the past decade, but UPM-Kymmene’s new biofuels plant offers long-awaited growth and …

107th ACOCS Annual Meeting & Expo — May 1-4, 2016 — Salt Lake City, UT
March 30, 2016 – 5:07 pm | No Comment
107th ACOCS Annual Meeting & Expo  —  May 1-4, 2016  —  Salt Lake City, UT

The AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo is a premier international science and business forum on fats, oils, surfactants, lipids, and related materials. Known world-wide for its extensive technical program, the Annual Meeting features more than …

WEBINAR: Breeding High Yielding Bioenergy Sorghum for the New Bioenergy Belt — April 19, 2016
March 30, 2016 – 4:56 pm | No Comment
WEBINAR:  Breeding High Yielding Bioenergy Sorghum for the New Bioenergy Belt  —  April 19, 2016

Sorghum will dramatically increase the viability of bioenergy because it is a highly productive crop with a limited need for irrigation or fertilization. The region targeted for future production, however, has unique challenges that must …

Biobased Plastics and Resins, What’s New, and Who’s Top Cat?: The Digest’s 2016 Visual Guide
March 30, 2016 – 2:13 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  Yesterday, we held a well-attended webinar on “Biobased Plastics and resins?” Here below are the slides presented on the day.  The recorded version can be accessed here.  READ MORE

Queensland Greenlights Advanced Drop-In Biofuels Project for Military, Aviation, Marine
March 30, 2016 – 12:07 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest) In Queensland, the state premier Anna Palaszczuk, the Minister for State Development Anthony Lynham, and the Minister for Energy, Biofuels and Water Supply Mark Bailey jointly announced that a AUD $16 million …

Lab Creates New Biofuels to Expand Alternative Energy Sources
March 29, 2016 – 5:29 pm | No Comment

by Allison Ong (Daily Bruin)  … UCLA researchers have been using bacteria, microscopic organisms responsible for disease and digestion, to convert living matter into liquid fuel. (Paul) Lin, a chemical engineering graduate student, is one of …

OBIC Bioplastics and Biobased Composites Technology Forum — May 18, 2016 — Columbus, OH
March 29, 2016 – 4:47 pm | No Comment
OBIC Bioplastics and Biobased Composites Technology Forum  —  May 18, 2016  —  Columbus, OH

Bioplastics are in your future.  Discover what you need to know to grow your bio-business.
If you’re in the plastics industry, you’re aware of bioplastics. But do you know what bioplastics could mean to your business …

Global Warming’s Terrifying New Chemistry
March 28, 2016 – 7:03 pm | No Comment

by Bill McKibben (The Nation) Our leaders thought fracking would save our climate. They were wrong. Very wrong.   …   Meet methane, otherwise known as CH4.  In February, Harvard researchers published an explosive paper in Geophysical …

ARA Delivers Game-Changing 100% Renewable Fuels to the Navy
March 28, 2016 – 5:06 pm | No Comment

(Applied Research Associates/ARA)  No More Blending: 100 Percent Drop-In Renewable Fuel will Increase Energy Security for U.S. Military While Reducing CO2 Emissions  —  The Navy is performing certification testing on neat, unblended ReadiJet® and ReadiDiesel® …

Hear it Here – I Promise Facts About Ethanol Won’t Be Corny!
March 25, 2016 – 7:03 pm | No Comment

by  Joanna Wavrunek (WHTC)  Well, not exactly, it is time we have a conversation about ethanol. It was technically started in the  15th century in the form of Moonshine Whiskey in Scotland. It was used …

Column: Clean Energy Fuels Our Economy
March 25, 2016 – 4:43 pm | No Comment

by Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) (Daily Globe)  …  The United States can’t sit on the sidelines and depend on foreign oil to keep our economy running. America is a powerful nation. We can’t let oil …

In U.S., 73% Now Prioritize Alternative Energy Over Oil, Gas
March 25, 2016 – 4:36 pm | No Comment

by Zac Auter  (Gallup)  Seventy-three percent of Americans say they prefer emphasizing alternative energy, rather than gas and oil production, as the solution to the nation’s energy problems. This marks the highest percentage of Americans …

Dilma Sanctions Law Increasing Addition of Biodiesel in Diesel
March 25, 2016 – 2:54 pm | No Comment

by Leonardo Goy (Reuters; Google translation)  President Dilma Rousseff signed on Wednesday the law which provides for the gradual increase in biodiesel blend in diesel, from the current 7 percent to 8 percent in March …

Public Workshop – Biofuels Program of the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program — March 30, 2016 — Sacramento, CA
March 25, 2016 – 2:27 pm | No Comment
Public Workshop – Biofuels Program of the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program  —  March 30, 2016  —  Sacramento, CA

California Energy Commission staff will conduct a public workshop for the Biofuels Program of the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program (ARFVTP).
The purpose of this workshop is to strengthen stakeholder partnerships by establishing …

GS Caltex to Build Plant for Biobutanol in H1
March 25, 2016 – 2:23 pm | No Comment

by Lee Seo-young (Korea Herald)  GS Caltex will begin the construction of a plant for mass-production of biobutanol, a renewable biofuel for cars that can be used as a substitute for gasoline, during the first …

Doing More with Less: The Digest’s 2016 8-Slide Guide to Stora Enso
March 25, 2016 – 2:14 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest) We knew that Stora Enso has become awesomely serious about the advanced bioeconomy when news emerged in 2014 that the company had acquired Virdia for $33 million with additional potential payouts …

New South Wales Passes State Biofuels Reform Bill, Limits Exceptions to Boost Blend Rates
March 25, 2016 – 2:08 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest) In Australia, the NSW Parliament approved legislative changes to the operation of the NSW Biofuels Act. imposing the requirement that 6% of all motor spirits sold. The Bill also includes provision …

Australia to Invest a Billion Bucks into Clean Energy and Fuels
March 25, 2016 – 1:59 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  In Australia, the Federal Government announced that it is establishing a $1 billion Clean Energy Innovation Fund to support emerging technologies make the leap from demonstration to commercial deployment.  The …

Centre to Have a New Transport Department Soon: Nitin Gadkari
March 24, 2016 – 4:29 pm | No Comment

by Elizabeth Roche (Live Mint)  The government will set up a transport department, which will tie up with green funds and aid in converting buses into bio-diesel-, bio-ethanol-, electric- and CNG (compressed natural gas)-run vehicles, Union …

SDSU Works toward Ground-Breaking Way to Fuel Planes
March 24, 2016 – 4:25 pm | No Comment

by Kelli Gerry (The Collegian)  South Dakota State researchers are working to perfect a process that could allow them to turn mustard seeds into jet fuel for Navy fighter planes.
If people like Bill Gibbons are successful, …

Setting the Record Straight on Heartland Institute’s False RFS Claims
March 24, 2016 – 4:12 pm | No Comment

by Tom Buis (Growth Energy)  Last week, the Heartland Institute published a blog post claiming  the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) has a detrimental impact on American farmers and rural corn producing areas. Growth Energy responded to …

Canada’s Budget Pitches for Clean Tech and Emissions Reductions in Transport and Energy
March 24, 2016 – 3:55 pm | No Comment

by Meghan Sapp (Biofuels Digest)  In Canada, the proposed national budget provides C$50 million over four years to Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) to support the development of clean technologies; C$82.5 million over two years …

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: Symposium on Thermal and Catalytic Sciences for Biofuels and Biobased Products — November 1-4, 2016 — Chapel Hill, NC DEADLINE: May 27, 2016
March 24, 2016 – 3:49 pm | No Comment
CALL FOR ABSTRACTS:  Symposium on Thermal and Catalytic Sciences for Biofuels and Biobased Products — November 1-4, 2016 — Chapel Hill, NC     DEADLINE:  May 27, 2016

Abstract submissions will be accepted until May 27, 2016.
Submitters will be notified about acceptance of abstracts on July 1, 2016  READ MORE

What’s up with Cellulosic Fuels: The Digest’s 2016 March Madness Guide
March 24, 2016 – 3:23 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  This week, we conducted a webinar on the state of cellulosic fuels as part of our 2016 March Madness series. You can experience the recorded version of the webinar here.
Meanwhile, …

Aemetis Licenses Edeniq’s Cellulosic Ethanol Technology
March 24, 2016 – 3:03 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest) In California, Edeniq and Aemetis have entered into a License Agreement under which Aemetis will deploy Edeniq’s Pathway technology at its 60 million gallon per year ethanol production facility located in Keyes, California.
Edeniq’s Pathway Technology …

Greenbelt Resources CEO Visits Cuba — Company Seeks Partners to Deploy Sustainable Energy Technology
March 24, 2016 – 1:53 pm | No Comment

(Greenbelt Resources/PR Newswire)  As a result of recent changes to Commerce Department regulations by the Obama administration regarding trade with Cuba, the advanced modular technology available from Greenbelt Resources Corporation (OTC: GRCO), an innovator of …

Developing Algae to Target Wastewater Contaminants
March 24, 2016 – 1:25 pm | No Comment

(Algae Industry Magazine)  Sean Myers reports that University of Calgary researchers have found a way to program algae with bacterial genes to target unwanted chemicals and pharmaceuticals that end up in wastewater. Lee Jackson, scientific …

Aemetis Nabs Exclusive California Rights to LanzaTech’s Advanced Ethanol Tech
March 24, 2016 – 11:38 am | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  In California, news arrived that Aemetis has acquired 12 years of exclusive rights in California (based upon achieving certain milestones) to LanzaTech’s technology for the conversion of agricultural waste, forest …

AST Increases Scale of Wisconsin Research Facility
March 23, 2016 – 7:41 pm | No Comment

by Ann Bailey (Ethanol Producer Magazine) American Science and Technology has completed the scale-up of its biorefinery in Wausau, Wisconsin.
The scale-up increase’s the processing capacity of AST, an emerging technology company in the biochemicals and renewable …

Lincoln Park Professor Nets $450K Grant for Biofuel Research
March 23, 2016 – 7:35 pm | No Comment

by William Westhoven (Parsippany, NJ Daily Record) A Lincoln Park educator has been awarded a $450,000 grant to help fund continued research into the development of biofuel alternatives in certain regions of the United States.
Montclair State …

B&C Professionals Help Tell the Story of EPA’s “Half Century of Progress”
March 23, 2016 – 7:18 pm | No Comment

(Bergeson & Campbell, P.C.)  Many Americans today, including many legislators at the federal and state levels, were not yet born when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was created by President Nixon in 1970, or …

Grassley, Klobuchar, 17 Other Senators Urge EPA to Set a High Blending Target Under the Renewable Fuel Standard
March 23, 2016 – 7:02 pm | No Comment

(Office of Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA))  Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and 17 other senators today urged the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to set high blending targets under the Renewable …

First Midwest Cellulosic Ethanol Plant Is Producing Tank-Car Loads of Fuel
March 23, 2016 – 6:53 pm | No Comment

by David Shaffer (Star Tribune)  Poet Inc. is shipping fuel from Iowa facility, which could hit full output by year’s end.  —  Poet Inc., the nation’s first commercial-scale producer of cellulosic ethanol, is shipping the …

Lawmakers Calling for Reduction on Ethanol Tariffs
March 23, 2016 – 4:24 pm | No Comment

(Hoosier Ag Today/WKKG) On Monday, nine U.S. House members sent a letter to U.S. Trade Ambassador Michael Froman, urging him to examine opportunities to reduce any tariffs on U.S. produced energy, including ethanol, during the Transatlantic …

Big Corn Finds Unlikely Allies in U.S. Biofuel Push: Carmakers and Drivers
March 23, 2016 – 1:52 pm | No Comment

by Chris Prentice (Reuters)  … Reuters’ analysis of vehicle sales and government data shows that almost a fifth of the vehicles on U.S. roads can safely handle E-15 fuel, a gasoline with 15 percent ethanol content, …

Ethanol Bust Adds to U.S. Fuel Glut and Losses Across Corn Belt
March 23, 2016 – 1:36 pm | No Comment

by Mario Parker (Bloomberg Business) … Back in 2007, when crude oil was headed toward a record $147.27 a barrel, ethanol was being touted as a cheap alternative from abundant domestic resources. The U.S. is the …

Science Teacher Plans First Coast-to-Coast Biofuel Flight
March 23, 2016 – 12:58 pm | No Comment

by Megan Elliott (Flying Magazine)  First transcontinental flight using aviation biofuel in a certified light aircraft. — High-school science teacher Ross McCurdy is planning the first transcontinental flight using aviation biofuel in a certified light aircraft. …

Explosive Growth: The Digest’s 2016 8-Slide Guide to Nanocellulose and Its Applications
March 23, 2016 – 12:41 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  Last year, we reported that  Research & Markets projected the “Nanocellulose Market by Type (Cellulose nanocrystals, Cellulose nanofibrils, cellulose nanocomposites, and others) to reach $250 Million by 2019, signifying annualized CAGR of 19% between …

Is It the perfect Energy Solution? Where Solar, Carbon Capture and Bio Collide
March 23, 2016 – 12:32 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  One of these days your personal transportation system might look like this. A solar or wind energy facility generates renewable electricity, which is converted into a solar fuel using electrofuel …

Biodiesel Ranks First Among Fleets for Alt Fuel Use
March 23, 2016 – 12:08 pm | No Comment

(National Biodiesel Board/PR Newswire)  North America’s top fleets have spoken, and their #1 choice for greening their fleet operations is biodiesel.  According to a new 2016 Fleet Purchasing Outlook study conducted by the NTEA – …

The United States’ Shifting Approach to Ethanol and other Biofuels Is a Case Study in Short-Sighted Decision Making.
March 23, 2016 – 10:36 am | No Comment

by Alexis Bateman and Yossi Sheffi (MIT Sloan Management Review)  How a Lack of Systemic Thinking Threatens a Sustainable U.S. Energy Policy — … In 2011, a combination of market conditions and government policies in the U.S. …

Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture Annual Forum — June 14-17, 2016 — Rome, Italy
March 22, 2016 – 7:27 pm | No Comment
Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture Annual Forum  —   June 14-17, 2016  —  Rome, Italy

On behalf of the Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture (GACSA) it is our pleasure to announce the GACSA Annual Forum, “Climate-Smart Agriculture in Action.” The Annual Forum will take place at FAO Headquarters in …

Corn Growers Ratify a Strategy for Increasing Demand
March 22, 2016 – 6:49 pm | No Comment

(Southeast Farm Press)  Corn growers push to increase ethanol demand, explore new uses, increase livestock exports and improve transportation infrastructure. — National Corn Growers Association finalized a new strategic plan March 5 to focus on four …

Meet The New ‘Tool’ In Big Oil’s Efforts To Scuttle Ethanol +VIDEO: An Open Letter to George “David” Banks
March 22, 2016 – 6:37 pm | No Comment

by Marc J. Rauch (The Auto Channel)  I just finished reading your article “Renewable Fuel Standard Continues To Devastate,” published in February on the High Plains Leader & Times website. …  In fact, your article looks …

Ethanol Fuels a Primary Challenge in Iowa to Cruz-backer Steve King
March 22, 2016 – 6:02 pm | No Comment

by Timothy P. Carney (Washington Examiner)  Rick Bertrand, a state senator from Sioux City, Iowa, has announced a primary challenge against GOP Rep. Steve King. What did King do to earn the challenge? In the …

Cellulosic Ethanol Will Get Back Up
March 22, 2016 – 5:51 pm | No Comment

(RPA News)  Our top story this month is a blunt reminder of how deeply U.S. policy uncertainty cut down and yanked back the progress of commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol over the past few years. The U.S. EPA’s …

A 21st-Century Investment in Productive, Sustainable Agriculture
March 22, 2016 – 5:40 pm | No Comment

by Margaret M. Zeigler (The Hill/Global Harvest Initiative)  … Held each year since 1973, National AG Day helps consumers, the administration and Congress understand how farmers grow safe and affordable food, and underscores the essential role of …

First-of-Its-Kind Renewable Biomethane Fuelling Station Opens in UK
March 22, 2016 – 5:06 pm | No Comment

(Bioenergy Insight)  CNG Fuels, in partnership with the national grid, has unveiled a new filling station in the UK allowing vehicles to fill up on renewable compressed natural gas (CNG) directly from the high-pressure local …

Wärtsilä to Deliver Nordic Countries’ Largest Biogas Plant to Produce Fuel for Buses
March 22, 2016 – 5:02 pm | No Comment

(Bioenergy Insight)  Finnish energy solutions provider Wärtsilä has been awarded an order to supply the largest biogas liquefaction plant in the Nordic Countries to produce fuel for public transport vehicles.
The supply contract was signed in …

Dr Peter Phelps Quits as NSW Government Whip over Ethanol Laws
March 22, 2016 – 4:40 pm | No Comment

by Alicia Wood (The Daily Telegraph)  NSW upper house government whip Peter Phelps resigned yesterday — forgoing $20,000 a year in salary — as part of a NSW parliament revolt over controversial new laws forcing …

Biodiesel Company Plans Expansion to Fort Pierce
March 22, 2016 – 4:34 pm | No Comment

by Keona Gardner  (TCPalm)   … Indian River Bio Diesel is seeking city approval to operate a plant that would process 250,000 gallons of its product a month in the now-vacant Egan packinghouse, 1103 N. Second …

France Adopts Watered-Down Palm Oil Tax
March 22, 2016 – 4:24 pm | No Comment

by Cécile Barbière (EurActiv)  French MPs have approved an additional tax on palm oil. But sustainably-produced oil and imports for biofuels will be exempt from the tax.  —  France has increased the tax on palm oil …

A Chemical Intermediate with Big Mo’: The Digest’s 2016 8-Slide Guide to FDCA
March 22, 2016 – 4:07 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  To accompany our coverage this week of advanced chemicals with 5-HMF and its derivative, FDCA, we turn to a first-class study done by Weastra on the potential of selected bio-based …

AVA-CO2’s Move to Replace Formaldehyde Shows the Endurin’ Allure in Furans
March 22, 2016 – 3:58 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  … In June 2014 the 6th adaptation to technical and scientific progress of the CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) directive was published in the Official Journal of the European Union. This …

RSB Lead Auditor Blended Course — May 4-6, 206 — High Wycombe, UK
March 21, 2016 – 6:36 pm | No Comment
RSB Lead Auditor Blended Course  —  May 4-6, 206  —  High Wycombe, UK

We look forward to welcoming auditors, consultants or industry representatives at this RSB course. Take this opportunity to learn about recent RSB standards updates and their practical implementation, and meet with other professionals engaged with …

RSB Certification of Jatropha Oil from Manabi/Ecuador as Sustainable Fuel for Combustion Engines on Galapagos Islands
March 21, 2016 – 6:28 pm | No Comment

(Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials) In the small country of Ecuador, all environmental risks of the production and consumption of fossil fuels can be observed by damages through oil exploration in the amazon rainforest and tank …

PHYCO2 and MSU Make Breakthrough in Clean Air Technology, Growing Pure Algae 24/7 and Without Sunlight
March 21, 2016 – 6:11 pm | No Comment

(PHYCO2) PHYCO2 -an emerging algae growth and carbon dioxide sequestration company- has made a technology breakthrough in Phase I of the multi-year trial with Michigan State University (MSU).  The technology partnership set out to capture …

IRFA: Interest in Offering Renewable Fuels Higher than Ever
March 21, 2016 – 5:54 pm | No Comment

(Iowa Renewable Fuels Association)  The Iowa Renewable Fuels Association recently reported interest amongst Iowa retailers in offering renewable fuels is at an all-time high, following the recent Iowa Renewable Fuels Infrastructure Board meeting which set …

Report Quantifies Employment, Turnover Impacts of EU Bioeconomy
March 21, 2016 – 5:45 pm | No Comment

by Erin Voegele (Ethanol Producer Magazine)  A recent study commissioned by the Belgium-based Biobased Industries Consortium has determined the European bioeconomy employs 18.3 million people and results in €2.1 trillion ($23.14 trillion) in turnover.
Of the …

In Fish Fry Season, Oil Finds another Use as Homemade Fuel
March 21, 2016 – 3:18 pm | No Comment

by Grant Gerlock (Harvest Public Media)  … Fridays between Ash Wednesday and Easter you’ll find hundreds of hungry parishioners lining up at church fish frys around the Midwest.  All of that frying uses up vegetable oil that …

Study Says Ethanol Harms Corn Counties
March 21, 2016 – 3:09 pm | No Comment

by Ann Purvis (Heartland Institute)  … (A) new study from researchers at Strata Policy (SP) and the Institute of Political Economy (IPE) at Utah State University suggests RFS also harms the very farmers the ethanol mandate …

Are Low Diesel Prices Hurting Biofuels Companies?
March 21, 2016 – 2:54 pm | No Comment

by John O’Dell (Forbes/  With diesel fuel prices hovering at lows not seen in a decade, the smart money might bet against businesses developing products to replace the diesel engines and technology that keep the nation’s …

RFA Thanks Lowe’s Quick Action Following Inaccurate Ethanol Signs
March 21, 2016 – 1:49 pm | No Comment

(Renewable Fuels Association)  The Renewable Fuels Association today expressed deep appreciation to Lowe’s for responding so quickly to the industry’s request for the store to remove signs that inaccurately warned consumers to not use ethanol …

‘Ethanol Blending in Petrol Can Cut down Crude Import’
March 21, 2016 – 1:32 pm | No Comment

(Daily Hunt)  Concerned over slow progress of ethanol blending in petrol and diesel, a parliamentary committee has expressed that the government should implement the Ethanol Blending Programme in order to cut down on crude oil …

Murex LLC and White Energy Announce Ethanol Marketing Agreement
March 21, 2016 – 1:27 pm | No Comment

by Francesca Brindle (Energy Global)  Murex LLC, a leading domestic US ethanol marketer and distributer, has announced further market growth with the execution of a multi-year ethanol marketing agreement with White Energy. The agreement calls …

US Agency Sets Sights on Grass in Bid to Make a Better Biofuel
March 21, 2016 – 1:20 pm | No Comment

by Suzanne Goldenberg (The Guardian)  Arpa-E project deploys drones and robots to breed fast-growing, drought-resistant and greener biofuel from sorghum which could replace corn ethanol — A US government agency is trying to build a better …

Major Impacts on U.S. Carbon Emissions Since the Great Recession
March 21, 2016 – 1:05 pm | No Comment

by John Miller (The Energy Collective)  U.S. total carbon emissions increased to a historic high in 2007.  During the 2007-09 Great Recession U.S. total carbon emissions declined rapidly due to a combination effective Government energy and …

Thorntons to Begin Selling E15 at Chicago Locations
March 21, 2016 – 12:47 pm | No Comment

(Renewable Fuels Association)  Fueling retailer Thorntons announced today that it will offer its branded E15 option, Unleaded15, at all 43 Chicago-area locations beginning this month. In response, Renewable Fuels Association President and CEO Bob Dinneen …

MSU, PHYCO2 Collaborate on Algae Growth Demonstration Project
March 21, 2016 – 12:40 pm | No Comment

(PHYCO2)  PHYCO2, an emerging algae growth and carbon dioxide sequestration company, and Michigan State University (MSU) have announced a partnership designed to generate sustainable, clean energy sources through a new method to produce algae.
The partnership will demonstrate the …

50 Hot Companies, 50 Quick Takes: The Digest’s Snapshot Guide
March 21, 2016 – 12:30 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  This past week, we conducted a popular webinar on the Hot 50 as part of the March Madness 2016 series.  Many participants asked for the underlying slides, for download and …

Efforts to Link Climate Change to Severe Weather Gain Ground
March 21, 2016 – 12:03 pm | No Comment

by Warren Cornwall (Science Magazine)  Scientists are tying climate change to individual cases of extreme weather with increasing confidence and speed. Although people have long said it’s impossible to blame climate change for any single weather …

A Look at Six State Proposals to Tax Carbon
March 21, 2016 – 11:58 am | No Comment

by Peter Vail and Dallas Burtraw (Resources for the Future)  As the political likelihood of passing comprehensive national climate policy has remained low, many states have taken up the mantle. This devolution of climate policy has been …

As U.S. Coastal Cities Swell, Rising Seas Threaten Millions
March 21, 2016 – 11:31 am | No Comment

by John Upton (Climate Central)  A growing number of Americans are moving into homes nestled between the idyllic beaches of the Florida Keys — part of a national trend that’s seeing coastal populations swell even …

Native American Tribe to Relocate from Louisiana Coast as Sea Levels Rise
March 21, 2016 – 11:10 am | No Comment

by Sebastien Malo (PlanetArk/Reuters)  A small Native American community in coastal Louisiana is to be resettled after losing nearly all its land partly due to rising seas, a first in the United States.
The band of Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw, …

CPUC Staff to Bloom Energy: Your Fuel Cells Shouldn’t Get State Incentives
March 21, 2016 – 11:03 am | No Comment

by Jeff St. John (GreenTechMedia)  Will the fuel-cell maker lose its eligibility for California’s SGIP program? The debate rages on as regulators mull a decision. — Bloom Energy, the deep-pocketed startup that’s garnered more than $400 …

2016 National Renewable Energy Policy Forum: What’s Next? Driving Growth in a New Policy Landscape Explores a World of Clean Power Plans and Favorable Tax Incentives; Exposes Potential Cracks
March 19, 2016 – 6:26 pm | No Comment

by Joanne Ivancic* (Advanced Biofuels USA)  For a meeting about renewable energy held on St. Patrick’s Day, EPA Acting Assistant Administrator for the Office of Air and Radiation, Janet McCabe, began her address with appropriate …

Biodiesel from Sugarcane More Economical than Soybean
March 19, 2016 – 2:58 pm | No Comment

by Lauren Quinn (University of Illinois)  Today most U.S. biodiesel is produced from soybean. But despite its value as a protein source, soybean only provides the equivalent of about one barrel of oil per acre. …

Jerke: Despite Big Oil’s Efforts, Biofuels Are Moving U.S. Forward
March 18, 2016 – 7:53 pm | No Comment

by  Mike Jerke (Dickinson Press/Guardian Energy LLC) American-made ethanol is a clean-burning, environmentally friendly biofuel that represents an exciting step forward from dirty, foreign-sourced oil, yet an op-ed (“Renewable Fuel Standard continues to devastate”, March …

Bringing up the Throttle on Cellulosic Ethanol
March 18, 2016 – 7:34 pm | No Comment

by Holly Jessen and Susanne Retka Schill (Ethanol Producer Magazine)  Although there are challenges facing the second generation ethanol industry, progress is being made — U.S. EPA data shows 2.18 million cellulosic ethanol D3 RINs (renewable identification …

Energy Security Drives U.S. Military to Renewables
March 18, 2016 – 7:12 pm | No Comment

by  Camille von Kaenel (ClimateWire/Scientific American) Reducing emissions is not a priority for the military — … Concerns over energy security are spurring branches of the military to get more electricity from renewable sources, inching the Pentagon …

The Truth Behind Marine Engines & Ethanol
March 18, 2016 – 7:06 pm | No Comment

by Joanna Schroeder (  In response to a recent misleading piece in BoatUS, which warned of marine engine damage due to ethanol, Keith Holmes, President and Owner of CK Motorsports, a certified Mercury Marine Engine …

House Hearing Attacks #RFS
March 18, 2016 – 7:01 pm | No Comment

by Cindy Zimmerman (  The House Oversight Subcommittees on Interior and Healthcare, Benefits and Administrative Rules held a joint hearing Wednesday to ostensibly examine the Renewable Fuel Standard but was basically an attack on the law.

Future for Diesel Passenger Vehicles in U.S. Remains Positive Despite Recent Set Backs
March 18, 2016 – 6:34 pm | No Comment

(Diesel Technology Forum)  While diesel passenger vehicles sales have decreased in recent months, there are some positive signs that indicate diesel sales will recover and expand in the coming years, according to Allen Schaeffer, the …

Reduction in Renewable Fuel Standard Has Hurt Iowa
March 18, 2016 – 5:55 pm | No Comment

(Iowa Renewable Fuels Association) New study finds renewable fuels continue to power Iowa’s economy, but they could do a lot more. — Joined by Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad and Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds at the Iowa State …

US EPA ‘Analyzing’ Potential Shift in RFS Obligation from Refiners to Blenders
March 18, 2016 – 5:09 pm | No Comment

by Herman Wang (Platts)  The US Environmental Protection Agency is considering a request by several independent refiners to shift the responsibility for complying with the federal biofuels mandate to blenders, a top agency official said Wednesday.
But …

Using Microbial Consortia May Boost Success of Biotechnologies
March 18, 2016 – 5:01 pm | No Comment

(Phys.Org)  Around the world, researchers are studying microbes to see if these tiny organisms can be used to solve a host of problems, from cleaning up toxic waste to providing renewable energy. Unfortunately, attempts to …

Automakers Should Expect Biodiesel Blends — Global Biofuels Outlook Forecasts through 2035
March 18, 2016 – 4:56 pm | No Comment

(Stratas Advisors/PR Newswire)  Like government leaders around the world, candidates in the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign have pandered to opposing constituencies surrounding the future of biofuels, agricultural versus petroleum, environmentalists versus industrialists. However, refiners, automakers, …

Low Oil Prices Drying up Ethanol Producers’ Profits
March 18, 2016 – 4:34 pm | No Comment

by Donnelle Eller and Christopher Doering (Iowa City Press-Citizen)  Ethanol producers across the Corn Belt are being battered by tumbling gasoline prices and a glut of the corn-based fuel, pushing some companies to consider scaling back production …

NREL Updates Survey of Advanced Biofuel Producers in the United States
March 18, 2016 – 4:13 pm | No Comment

(U.S. Department of Energy)  The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) updated its annual survey of U.S. non-starch ethanol and renewable hydrocarbon biofuels producers. The survey report, titled 2015 Survey of Non-Starch Ethanol and Renewable Hydrocarbon …

Based on the Mother of All Plants: The Digest’s 2016 8-Slide Guide to TerraVia
March 18, 2016 – 4:00 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  The goal: Transforming Solazyme into a food, nutrition, and specialty ingredient innovation platform harnessing the power of algae: The mother of all plants and earth’s original superfood. The new company …

No Pain, No Gain: A Tale of Three Companies, Pacific Ethanol, BioAmber and TerraVia at a crossroads
March 18, 2016 – 3:54 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  … a fascinating look at the evolution in the fuels, renewable chemicals, specialty products and nutrition that make up the advanced bioeconomy.  …  The most spectacular news of the week belonged …

EPA Teams with CFTC on Monitoring RIN Trade
March 18, 2016 – 3:14 pm | No Comment

by Meghan Sapp (Biofuels Digest) In Washington, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission enter into this Memorandum of Understanding to address the sharing of information, including proprietary business information “PBI,” in …

BioCycle West Coast 16 — April 2-7, 2016 — San Diego, CA
March 18, 2016 – 2:37 pm | No Comment
BioCycle West Coast 16   —   April 2-7, 2016  —   San Diego, CA

BIOCYCLE WEST COAST16, organized by the editors of BioCycle magazine, covers all the bases for successful organics recycling:
Source Reduction
Source Separation
Anaerobic Digestion
BMPs For Facility Sucess
High Value End Markets
BIOCYCLE WEST COAST16 Connects The Dots between Progressive Organics …

Commentary: Implementing The Electric RFS
March 18, 2016 – 10:50 am | No Comment

by Jim Lemon and Michael Lemon (BioCycle/Biogas Researchers, Inc.)  Michael Lemon describes steps to move EPA forward on the RFS renewable electricity pathway on Tuesday, April 5 at BioCycle WEST COAST16.
…   Steps to expand deployment of …

Oil Investors See $7.4 Billion Vanish as Dividends Targeted
March 17, 2016 – 6:43 pm | No Comment

by Alex Nussbaum and Michael Roschnotti (Bloomberg Business)  Bludgeoned by falling energy prices, at least a dozen oil and natural gas companies have opted to cut dividends this year to preserve cash, cannibalizing payouts considered sacrosanct by …

Making #Ethanol the Consumers’ Choice
March 16, 2016 – 5:56 pm | No Comment

by Cindy Zimmerman (  An expert on consumer marketing offered some recommendations on how to make ethanol the natural choice for consumers during the National Ethanol Conference (NEC) in New Orleans this week.
Matthew Willcox, executive …

Many Agree: Hyacinth’s a Gas
March 16, 2016 – 5:46 pm | No Comment

by Reed Fujii  (  Water weed holds promise as biofuel  —  Water hyacinth, the invasive water weed that carpets San Joaquin Delta channels in the warm season, choking out native species, degrading water quality, blocking …

Aerospace and Defense Supplier Summit — April 14-15, 2016 — Seattle, WA
March 16, 2016 – 5:26 pm | No Comment
Aerospace and Defense Supplier Summit  —   April 14-15, 2016   —   Seattle, WA

Aerospace & Defense Supplier Summit Seattle is a supply chain event that brings together aerospace and defense primes, tier suppliers and contract-manufacturers. Engineering, procurement, supply chain, fabrication, commodity teams, suppliers and service providers will meet …

Study Raps Industry and Media for Hyping up New Technologies that Over-Promise on Sustainable Aviation
March 16, 2016 – 4:40 pm | No Comment

(GreenAir ONline)  Industry and the media have hyped up new technological solutions that promise emissions reductions and so lead to an era of sustainable air travel but have yet to turn out to be feasible, …

Life As We Might Have Known It: What If Ethanol Was Our Primary Engine Fuel
March 16, 2016 – 4:23 pm | No Comment

by  Marc J. Rauch  (The Auto Channel)  … Our exchange began with his comments that government should not decide which fuel is the winner; that fossil fuels dominance over alternative fuels was due to consumer choice; …

Clean Fuels Shaping up as Fight of the Year in Sacramento
March 16, 2016 – 4:02 pm | No Comment

by Laurel Rosenhall (CALmatters/San Francisco Chronicle) A Harvard economist known globally for his work on climate change policy sat in the Sacramento office of the oil industry’s lobbying firm recently, making the case that California is fighting …

An Open Letter to the New US House of Representatives Free Market Green Coalition – Without a Price on Pollution, There are No Market-Based Solutions to Clean Up the Environment
March 16, 2016 – 3:22 pm | No Comment

by Robert Kozak* (Advanced Biofuels USA)  We welcome US Representatives Adam Kinzinger, Barbara Comstock, Joe Heck, Chris Gibson, Ryan Costello, Kevin Yoder, Richard Hanna, Dave Reichert, Elise Stefanik, Carlos Curbelo, Tom Reed and Bob Dold …

Smith Featured at Briefing Focused on E15
March 16, 2016 – 2:36 pm | No Comment

(Rep. Adrian Smith’s office/Ethanol Producer Magazine)  Rep. Adrian Smith, R-Neb., presented at a briefing March 1 to educate congressional staff on the impacts of a U.S. EPA regulation that currently prevents the sale of E15 …

Gasoline Retailers Converting More Pumps for Higher Ethanol Blends
March 16, 2016 – 1:59 pm | No Comment

by Dave Franzman (KCRG-TV9)  Gasoline retailers in Iowa plan to add a large number of renewable fuel pumps this year to sell gasoline with a higher percentage of ethanol.
The Iowa Renewable Fuel Infrastructure Board recently …

No, America’s Not ‘Off Foreign Oil’
March 16, 2016 – 1:50 pm | No Comment

by Robert White (Renewable Fuels Association/The Daily Caller)  The recent article, “America is off Foreign Oil, No Thanks to Ethanol” has it all wrong.  First of all, America is not completely “off” foreign oil, as …

Ross McKitrick: How Politicians Wrecked the Case for Carbon Taxes
March 16, 2016 – 1:39 pm | No Comment

by Ross McKitrick (Financial Post)  The existing policy framework has destroyed the possibility for carbon taxes to achieve efficiency  —  In his March 2 article, “The cheapest way to cut carbon,” economist Trevor Tombe presents …

Ethanol Industry Takes Part in USDA Trade Mission to Peru, Chile
March 16, 2016 – 1:32 pm | No Comment

by Erin Voegele (Ethanol Producer Magazine)  Several representatives of the biofuel industry are participating in a USDA trade mission to Peru and Chile March 14-18. The mission, led by Agricultural Secretary Tom Vilsack, aims to …

Where The Remaining Presidential Candidates Stand On Energy
March 16, 2016 – 1:25 pm | No Comment

by Brigham A. McCown (Forbes)  … Based upon a review of her (Hillary Clinton’s) campaign website, The following are expressions of her current position on energy.

Plans to create a $60 billion Clean Energy Challenge, partnering with States, …

Using Algae-Based Agricultural Feed Could Reduce Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations to Pre-Industrial Levels, According to Peer-Reviewed Study
March 16, 2016 – 1:15 pm | No Comment

(Algae Biomass Organization/MarketWired)  Use of Algae as Animal Feedstock Has All of the Benefits of Biomass Without Land Use Concerns  —  A new peer-reviewed study has shown that widespread use of algae in animal feed …

ROGER WICKER: Repeal the Renewable Fuel Standard
March 16, 2016 – 12:40 pm | No Comment

by Roger Wicker (Daily Journal)  America’s energy landscape has changed dramatically since the creation of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) a decade ago. What began as a federal program to incorporate more biofuels – such …

National Advanced Biofuels Conference & Expo — June 20–23, 2016 — Milwaukee, WI
March 16, 2016 – 12:34 pm | No Comment
National Advanced Biofuels Conference & Expo  —   June 20–23, 2016  —  Milwaukee, WI

This year the National Advanced Biofuels Conference & Expo is co-located with the world’s largest ethanol conference, the 32nd annual International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo (FEW). The event will feature the world of advanced …

DE-FOA-0001481: Request for Information (RFI): Understanding Scale-Up and Operation Challenges for Integrated Biorefinery Optimization
March 16, 2016 – 12:22 pm | No Comment

(U.S. Department of Energy)  The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) seeks feedback from industry, academia, research laboratories, government agencies, and other stakeholders on …

Soil Health Partnership Participation Explodes
March 16, 2016 – 11:40 am | No Comment

by Lizzy Schultz (AgWired)  Twenty-five more farms have joined in on the groundbreaking research effort from Soil Health Partnership (SHP) that could change the way farmers take care of their land.
SHP works to test and …

Illegal UCO Cartels Hinder Biofuel Program: Observers
March 16, 2016 – 10:47 am | No Comment

by Anton Hermansyah (The Jakarta Post)  The illegal activity of passing off used cooking oil (UCO) as non-brand cooking oil (NBCO), which is allegedly becoming widespread on a massive scale in the country, may be disrupting …

Ethanol Industry Contributed $2.1 Billion to Minnesota’s Economy in 2015
March 16, 2016 – 10:41 am | No Comment

(Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association)  Minnesota’s ethanol industry contributed $2.13 billion to the state’s gross domestic product in 2015, according to a new study by ABF Economics.
The study, commissioned by the Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association, said the industry …

This New Plane Will Make the First Ever Carbon-Free Flight across the Atlantic Running on Sunshine and Algae.
March 16, 2016 – 10:36 am | No Comment

by David Nield (Science Alert)  A new plane powered solely by biofuels and solar energy is about to make the first zero-carbon-emission flight across the Atlantic Ocean. Seven years in the making, the ‘Eraole’ has been …

Going to Scale: The Digest’s 2016 8-Slide Guide to Avantium
March 16, 2016 – 10:22 am | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  BASF and Avantium have now signed a letter of intent and entered into exclusive negotiations to establish a joint venture for the production and marketing of furandicarboxylic acid (FDCA), as …

Endless Assault on the RFS
March 15, 2016 – 7:45 pm | No Comment

by Doug Durante (The Hill/ Clean Fuels Development Coalition)  With regard to the recent opinion expressed by Rob Green of the National Council of Chain Restaurants, all I can say is gosh, what a better …

EU’s 2030 Climate and Energy Objectives Will Be Missed without Biofuels
March 15, 2016 – 5:28 pm | No Comment

by Peder Holk Nielsen (Novozymes/EurActiv)  If Europe is serious about its climate commitments, and if Europe wants to reduce its dependence on imported oil, then we need to increase the amount of low-carbon biofuels in …

Climate Change Deal Could Boost Ethanol Push
March 15, 2016 – 5:14 pm | No Comment

(WNAX) At a recent meeting between President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, an agreement was announced to address climate change and transition away from fossil fuels. Nebraska Ethanol Board Administrator Todd Sneller says …

Fly Green Fund Wins Biofuel Partnership of the Year Award
March 15, 2016 – 4:54 pm | No Comment

(SkyNRG) During the award ceremonies at the World Biofuel Markets conference, the Fly Green Fund was announced as the winner of the Biofuel Partnership of the Year Award.
The Fly Green Fund was launched in June …

Cassava May Help Support Ethanol Needs
March 15, 2016 – 4:37 pm | No Comment

by Apornrath Phoonphongphiphat (Bangkok Post) Rising ethanol demand this year, coupled with expected sugar-cane production cuts due to the severe drought, are likely to force ethanol producers to switch to cassava as their feedstock instead of …

Tyton BioEnergy Systems Announces Technology Breakthrough, New Method for Turning Plant Oils into Jet Fuel
March 15, 2016 – 4:19 pm | No Comment

(Tyton/Digital Journal)  Tyton BioEnergy Systems announced today a major technological advancement in the production of sustainable jet fuel. Tyton filed a patent application for a new method and system of converting oil extracted from plant …

Malawi: Must Hands Over Ethanol Stoves to Farmers in KK
March 15, 2016 – 4:13 pm | No Comment

by Anastazio Mpumulo  (AllAfrica)  Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) has handed over ethanol stoves to 36 households in Nkhotakota to mark the beginning of an assessment where ethanol is tested at household level …

Report Quantifies Land Use Change Impact of Biofuels Consumed in the EU
March 15, 2016 – 4:02 pm | No Comment

(Ecofys) Land Use Change effects differ significantly for various types of biofuels consumed in the EU. Today, the European Commission has published a report by Ecofys, IIASA and E4tech that quantifies the ILUC emissions from …

Building a Bioethanol Coalition in the Fight Against Climate Change
March 15, 2016 – 3:49 pm | No Comment

by Jan Koninckx (DuPont/Biofuels Digest) … (O)ur call is clear: we must act with the utmost urgency as we work toward solutions to help slow man-made climate change. Transportation contributes a quarter of all man-made …

R20 and WRI, a Roadmap to Zero Waste and Sustainable Investing
March 15, 2016 – 3:23 pm | No Comment

by James L. Stewart (California’s BioEnergy Producers Association/Technikon/Biofuels Digest) A major worldwide effort is underway through the non-profit organization R20 Regions of Climate Action to assist sub-national states and jurisdictions in developing projects that promote clean energy and …

How Miami Beach Is Keeping the Florida Dream Alive—And Dry
March 15, 2016 – 1:15 pm | No Comment

by Sara Solovitch (Politico Magazine)  … This is the road that floods when the tides are high and the waters of the adjoining canal wash over the sea walls, carrying fish, lapping at the gates of travertine …

Blog: Who Killed the Only EPA Certified E85 Conversion Kit?
March 15, 2016 – 11:36 am | No Comment

by Holly Jessen (Ethanol Producer Magazine) …  To write this, I talked to Chris Disher and Max Kinast.  As Disher said, it’s a story full of controversy, intrigue and lies. And, even though that conversion kit was …

Study Undermines EPA, Blames Rising Methane Levels on Farming, Not Fracking
March 15, 2016 – 10:20 am | No Comment

by Valerie Richardson (The Washington Times)  A newly released international study finds that farming, not fracking, is the likely culprit behind rising global methane levels, undermining the Obama administration’s crackdown on methane from oil-and-gas production …

What Are the CAFE Standards, and Why Do They Matter?
March 14, 2016 – 7:52 pm | No Comment

by Robin Vercruse (Fuel Freedom)  … Initially focused on reducing our nation’s petroleum use in the wake of the oil crisis of the 1970s, coupled with tailpipe emissions standards, the CAFE Standards have since become the …

BIODEX-SA First in Tunisia to Earn RSB Certification
March 14, 2016 – 6:44 pm | No Comment

(PRLog/Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials)  BIODEX-SA, a company based in Tunisia, earned the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) certification for the production of biodiesel. BIODEX-SA is the first company to collect waste oils and transform them …

Optimizing Biofuel Production from Algae Using CO2 Emissions
March 14, 2016 – 6:31 pm | No Comment

(American Chemical Society)  … Now, a team reports in ACS’ journal Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research an optimized way of producing biofuel from algae that also removes CO2 emissions from the environment.

Eusiel Rubio-Castro and colleagues developed a mathematical …