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August 8, 2013 – 5:07 pm | No Comment

-Include high octane/high ethanol Regular Grade fuel in EPA Tier 3 regulations.
-Use a dedicated, self-reducing non-renewable carbon user fee to fund renewable energy R&D.
-Start an Apollo-type program to bring New Ideas to sustainable biofuel and …

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A Report from EnergyPath 2015: NetZero
August 4, 2015 – 4:55 pm | No Comment

by Joanne Ivancic* (Advanced Biofuels USA)  Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic area is fortunate to benefit from funds derived from a settlement approved by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission during the Commonwealth’s electric deregulation proceedings.  As part of its educational mission,  Sustainable Energy Fund has organized and hosted the EnergyPath Camp/Expo/Conference for nine years.

Energypath-2015-logo-432x432-Square-FINALcroppedEnergypath is the region’s largest sustainable energy event attracting industry professionals, policymakers and academia throughout the region, across the United States and from other countries. The goal of Energypath is to increase the knowledge of and passion for sustainable energy in the leaders of today and tomorrow.  Success in achieving these goals was evident in the animated and intense participation of EnergyCampers to lingering good-byes on the last day of the conference and expo from students, faculty, professionals, speakers and exhibitors.

EnergyPath2015 AdvancedBiofuelsUSA tableThree days of hands-on experience in solar, wind, biomass, sustainable energy, micro hydro and passive building design precede two days of conference and expo.

Advanced Biofuels USA’s information booth had nearly constant visitors, with many substantive conversations taking place about subjects from types of feedstocks and fuels to how climate change will affect agriculture.  Students and professionals shared fascinating thoughts about how traditional decisions based on past-focused common knowledge will be transitioning to forward-looking decision-making based on projections of climate and weather changes and the attendant agricultural evolution.

Claudia Silva Santisteban (left) shows off the GoPro camera she won for best video, starring Alicia Rubio (right).

Claudia Silva Santisteban (left) shows off the GoPro camera she won for best video, starring Alicia Rubio (right).

To get an idea of what EnergyPath meant to two participants, take a look at the winning video, “What Sustainable Energy Means to Me” made by Claudia Silva Santisteban as part of the hands-on Energy Camp activities. As she describes it:

Sustainable energy:
Conservation: The most sustainable kind of energy, is the type of energy we conserve!
Educational: One of the most important aspects of sustainable energy is education. If nobody knows about how to be sustainable, that is not sustainable energy!
Innovative technology: Sustainable energy is always seeking ways to become more efficient, more affordable, and more accessible.
Natural: Sustainable energy involves living in conscious and intentional manner, respecting nature, and our society.
-And best of all sustainable energy the future! The improvements we make today, will promote our survival, and prosperity for generations to come!

The second day featured a high school and middle school student science fair.  With prizes up to $1500, more students should have participated, as in previous years.  Those scholars who did show posters covered topics from the comparative combustion properties and efficiencies of banana peel briquettes to reducing the radar-disruption effects of windmill blades.

11-year old Prithvi Parthasarathy keeps his audience enthralled describing his banana peel briquette research.

11-year old Prithvi Parthasarathy keeps his audience enthralled describing his banana peel briquette research.

Due to its strong financial foundation, SEF offers many scholarships to participants and Advanced Biofuels USA has gratefully benefited from the opportunity to present sessions on advanced biofuels, and from donated exhibit booth space, as well.

Although many in older generations might feel jaded, cynical and just plain depressed about the pace of change, and resistance to transitioning to a truly renewable sustainable future; so many participants in EnergyPath 2015, particularly those of a younger generation, expressed hope, optimism and a view of the future that included the conscientious innovations, developments and breakthroughs that they touched, studied and saw in action at this event.  To those of us who have been struggling, such optimism was invigorating and inspiring.  It’s great to mix with a different crowd once in a while, to have a change from the corporate, political maelstrom of business conferences.

Next year Penn State will host EnergyPath 2016.  For more information, check the site and watch Advanced Biofuels USA’s conference calendars.  What you can do?  Attend! Join the Science Fair!

The PowerPoint used for the standing-room only advanced biofuels sessions can be downloaded here:

University of Scranton's Loyola Science Center, location of many conference presentations at EnergyPath 2015.

University of Scranton’s Loyola Science Center, location of many conference presentations at EnergyPath 2015.

Brendan Gibbons of the Scranton Times-Tribune covered both days of the event: READ MORE / MORE 

*Joanne Ivancic, serves as Executive Director of Advanced Biofuels USA. She also served as a lobbyist promoting advanced biofuels research and production on Capitol Hill and with executive agencies.  She has observed the development of advanced biofuels’ research and financing for more than fifteen years. From 2010 to 2015 she was voted one of the Top 100 People in Bioenergy by Biofuels Digest readers and editors.

Photos by J.Ivancic


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Technology No Silver Bullet for Africa’s Farming Challenges, Says Entrepreneur
August 4, 2015 – 7:43 pm | No Comment

by Dinfin Mulupi (How We Made It in Africa)  Africa is seeing a surge in mobile phone-based solutions promising to revolutionise the agricultural industry. Technology entrepreneurs have developed mobile platforms offering a variety of solutions, including online livestock and produce exchanges, weather forecasts, market prices data, and access to insurance, financing and extension services.

It seems like the perfect intersection: millions of people in Africa have mobile phones, the majority of the population is involved in agriculture, and there are multiple problems in the industry to solve. But many of these solutions have struggled to meet expectations and remain unknown to the majority of rural farmers.

“Some people think technology is a silver bullet for the challenges in agriculture. But technology is not a stand-alone solution,” says Calvince Okello, founder of M-Shamba, a platform that provides farmers in Kenya information on crop production and farm management.

“Its success depends on other things, including the attitude and discipline of the farmer. There are people who farm because they don’t want to let their land lie idle, or because all their neighbours are farming, or because farming is what their family has done for generations. The way they go about farming is different from that of serious, passionate farmers who know what they are doing. So the farmer’s attitude and motivation does matter.”

“If you went to the internet now and searched ‘maize farming’ you will get thousands of pages on how to grow the crop. But how sure are you that the information is the best for you? Our information is customised to the farmer’s specific location and ecological zone. A farmer growing maize in Western Kenya has different needs from one growing the same crop in the Coast because they experience different rainfall patterns and temperatures, and varying infrastructure networks.”

He says it is essential for tech entrepreneurs building solutions for agriculture to really understand the farmer’s needs. Young techies, Okello adds, should also be true to themselves and evaluate whether they really want to be entrepreneurs.

“It needs courage, perseverance, resilience and sacrifice,” he says.   READ MORE

A Report from EnergyPath 2015: NetZero
August 4, 2015 – 4:55 pm | No Comment

by Joanne Ivancic* (Advanced Biofuels USA)  Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic area is fortunate to benefit from funds derived from a settlement approved by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission during the Commonwealth’s electric deregulation proceedings.  As part …

Energy Bill iIncludes Language Benefiting Bioenergy, Algae
August 4, 2015 – 7:25 pm | No Comment

by Erin Voegele (Biomass Magazine)  On July 22, the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources introduced a bipartisan energy bill, titled the “Energy Policy Modernization Act of 2015.”  …  A summary of the bill …

EPA Releases Clean Power Plan, Uncertainty for Biomass Remains
August 4, 2015 – 7:15 pm | No Comment

by Anna Simet (Biomass Magazine)  The U.S. EPA has released the final Clean Power Plan rules, which contain some key changes from the original rule, as well as vague language related to using certain kinds …

Xebec Begins Operations at Chinese Landfill Gas Upgrading Project
August 4, 2015 – 3:46 pm | No Comment

(Xebec/Biomass Magazine)  Xebec Adsorption Inc., a provider of gas purification and filtration solutions for the natural gas, field gas, biogas, helium, and hydrogen markets, recently announced that it has commenced operation of its first commercial …

Ethanol: Towards a Viable Alternative for Domestic Cooking in Ethiopia
August 4, 2015 – 3:30 pm | No Comment

(Stockholm Environment Institute)  This discussion brief is based on findings from a workshop carried out by SEI in Addis Ababa in conjunction with the presentation of the SCIP study results…. It also draws on insights given by …

Southeastern Biomass Interactive Mapping Service
August 4, 2015 – 2:33 pm | No Comment

(Southeastern Partnership for Integrated Biomass Supply Systems)  The Southeastern Biomass Interactive Mapping Service (IMS) is a tool for exploring the biomass resources and the competitors who use these resources in the southeast US. It allows users …

Clean & Green: A Comprehensive Review of “Syngas” Cleanup for Biomass Gasification
August 4, 2015 – 2:26 pm | No Comment

(Southeastern Partnership for Integrated Biomass Supply Systems)  Contrasting with ethanol production with microorganisms to ferment raw material into liquid fuel, biomass materials can be directly “gasified” through controlled burning (called pyrolysis, literally “fire splitting”). Gasification releases …

RFA Applauds EPA for Recalculating 2014 Ethanol Export Estimates
August 4, 2015 – 2:14 pm | No Comment

(Renewable Fuels Association)  Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) President and CEO Bob Dinneen applauded a recent decision by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to recalculate its ethanol export estimates for 2014. In a memorandum, which was …

Local Senate, House Campaigns’ Statements on Renewable Fuel Standard and Related Advanced Biofuels Issues
August 4, 2015 – 2:05 pm | No Comment

To make it easier to find opinions about the Renewable Fuel Standard articulated by candidates for the US House of Represenatives and Senate, Advanced Biofuels USA will be listing articles and links on this page, …

4 Minutes with… Jon Auerbach, VP Business Development, Bioenergy Development Group
August 4, 2015 – 1:02 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  … Bioenergy Development Group produces biodiesel from high FFA, low cost, waste oils.  READ MORE

Switchgrass to Hydrogen
August 4, 2015 – 1:01 pm | No Comment

(Oak Ridge National Laboratory/Newswise)  Biorefineries could benefit from a new process developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory that produces hydrogen from plant sources such as switchgrass. The method converts biomass waste streams into hydrogen through …

Cool Planet: The Digest’s 2015 8-Slide Guide
August 4, 2015 – 12:51 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  Curious about this advanced pyrolysis-based manufacturer of renewable fuels and soil amendment, but need something quick? Our 8-Slide Guide can help.
1. What is Cool Planet? The company self-describes as “poised …

The Pyromaniax, Class of 2015: The Top 10 Pyrolysis Projects in Renewable Fuels
August 4, 2015 – 12:29 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  It’s been around for a generation or so — fast pyrolysis, that is. Though in the original low-tech incarnation — known as “cooking fire” — pyrolysis has been around since …

Obama Climate Plan Revives Talk of a Carbon Tax
August 4, 2015 – 10:40 am | No Comment

by Ben Geman (National Journal)  Sweeping power-plant regulations would enable states to use pollution trading, fees to cut heat-trapping emissions. … In a change from the draft plan, the final EPA rule now explicitly says states …

Scientists Reveal Algal Oil Potential as Fuel for the Future
August 4, 2015 – 10:22 am | No Comment

by Euan Paterson (Phys.Org/Scottish Association for Marine Science)  Researchers at the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) have unlocked a treasure chest of ‘super-algae’ that could provide a previously untapped source of oil.
Using a newly …

Top 6 Myths Driving Oil Prices Down
August 4, 2015 – 10:03 am | No Comment

by By Leonard Brecken (  … Earlier in the year I documented half a dozen media reports which turned out to be 100 percent false. Now I expose another half dozen in just the past few weeks. …

Voters Want Pro Clean Energy Prez Candidates
August 4, 2015 – 9:52 am | No Comment

by Joanna Schroeder (  NextGen Climate has released the results of a survey that finds voters in key presidential swing states support transitioning to at least 50 percent clean energy by 2030. Hart Research conducted …

How to Detect Nonsense about Climate Change
August 4, 2015 – 9:38 am | No Comment

by Stephen Stromberg (The Washington Post)  The final version of the Clean Power Plan, President Obama’s signature climate change policy, came out on Monday. Here’s how to tell whether the politicians, special interests and commentators …

DoD Releases Report on Security Implications of Climate Change
August 4, 2015 – 9:27 am | No Comment

(U.S. Department of Defense)  Global climate change will aggravate problems such as poverty, social tensions, environmental degradation, ineffectual leadership and weak political institutions that threaten stability in a number of countries, according to a report …

Advancing Alongside Ag
August 3, 2015 – 6:46 pm | No Comment

by Anna Simet (Biomass Magazine)  An example of sheer innovation over time, farmers today grow five times as much corn as they did in the 1930s, on 20 percent less land. As science and farming …

Michigan’s First Alternative Energy Fueling Station Coming to Ottawa County
August 3, 2015 – 6:37 pm | No Comment

by Jim Harger (MLive)  Michigan’s first alternative energy fueling station is coming to a contaminated site that once held a traditional service station.
Borculo Fuel Services, LLC, an affiliate of Zeeland Farm Services, Inc., will build …

MassCEC Awards $1.1 Million to Biogas Projects
August 3, 2015 – 6:32 pm | No Comment

(Massachusetts Clean Energy Center/Biomass Magazine)  Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) CEO Alicia Barton recently announced $1.1 million in funding for three projects across Massachusetts that will convert organic materials into energy.

Each award will support the …

Wisconsin Program Offers Funding for Small-Scale Farm AD Systems
August 3, 2015 – 6:26 pm | No Comment

by Erin Voegele (Biomass Magazine)  Wisconsin-based Focus on Energy, a statewide program for energy efficiency and renewable energy, recently announced it is soliciting proposals for a program focused on small, farm-scale anaerobic digestion (AD) systems.
According …

EPA’s Endorsement of Carbon Utilization in Clean Power Plan A Huge Win for Algae Industry
August 3, 2015 – 6:19 pm | No Comment

(Algae Biomass Organization)  Opens the door for projects to convert waste CO2 into valuable products — The Algae Biomass Organization (ABO), the trade association for the algae industry, issued the following statement regarding the Environmental Protection …

Climate Deniers Uncovered
August 3, 2015 – 6:10 pm | No Comment

by Joanna Schroeder (  A paper published by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), “The Climate Deception Dossiers,” reveals decades of corporate misinformation campaigns by the fossil fuel industry. The paper focuses on seven deception …

Inslee: I’ll Use My Authority to Impose Cap on Emissions
August 3, 2015 – 5:29 pm | No Comment

by Jim Brunner and Hal Bernton (Seattle Times)  After being stymied on climate policy in the Legislature, Gov. Jay Inslee announced he’s pressing ahead with executive action to impose a cap on carbon emissions.
Frustrated by legislative …

EESI Asks EPA to Focus on Steps to Increase Volumes of Advanced and Cellulosic Fuels
August 3, 2015 – 5:18 pm | No Comment

(Energy and Environmental Study Institute)  … In comments to EPA, EESI points out that when Congress was debating the Renewable Fuel Standard, the meaning of “adequate domestic supply” was defined as qualifying fuel – not infrastructure …

Sustainable Oil from Algae: The Technology Is Ready, but What about the Politics?
August 3, 2015 – 5:06 pm | No Comment

(The Conversation)  … Australia is an algae gardener’s paradise.
To scale up any new technology, we need to consider not just whether we can make it, but also whether it is worth doing. Unfortunately, this involves rather …

Reproducible Research for Biofuels and Biogas
August 3, 2015 – 4:42 pm | No Comment

(EurekAlert!/GigaScience)  Biofuels and biogas bioinformatics: Virtual containers unload a wealth of resources to tackle climate change  —  New research in the Open Access journal GigaScience presents a virtual package of data for biogas production, made …

“Nothing Will Happen without the Will” – Addressing Climate Change through Low-Carbon Fuels
August 3, 2015 – 4:27 pm | No Comment

by Jennifer Holmgren (LanzaTech/Biofuels Digest)  Condensed from remarks by Dr. Jennifer Holmgren, CEO of LanzaTech, on receiving the Rosalind Franklin Award for Leadership in Industrial Biotechnology,  from the Biotechnology Industry Organization. 
Listen to 8-minute speech.

Imagine how …

Seaweed Farm to Begin Production off Argyll Coast
August 3, 2015 – 3:27 pm | No Comment

by Ilona Amos (The Scotsman)  PLANS have been unveiled that will see mainland Britain’s first commercial-scale seaweed farm set up in Scottish waters later this summer.  The new facility will be run as a demonstration …

Grassley Defends Extending Tax Credits for Renewable Energy
August 3, 2015 – 3:19 pm | No Comment

by James Q. Lynch (Iowa Farmer Today)  It’s been a big week for renewable fuels, according to Sen. Chuck Grassley after the Senate Finance Committee voted 23-3 to approve extending tax credits for wind energy, …

USGC: Ethanol Can Improve China’s Air, Water Quality
August 3, 2015 – 3:13 pm | No Comment

(U.S. Grains Council/Ethanol Producer Magazine)  A U.S. Grains Council mission including U.S. environmental and public health specialists recently traveled to China to discuss how air and water quality in that country could be improved through the …

USDA Scientist Helps Texas Sorghum Growers Reduce Water Use
August 3, 2015 – 3:07 pm | No Comment

(USDA Agricultural Research Service/Ethanol Producer Magazine)  USDA scientist is providing much needed guidance to sorghum farmers in the Texas High Plains who are trying to save water by using less-than-optimal amounts of it.
Farmers in the area …

USGC: Unlocking Opportunities for DDGS in Canada
August 3, 2015 – 3:01 pm | No Comment

(U.S. Grains Council/Ethanol Producer Magazine)  A team of Canadian buyers and end-users of U.S. distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) as well as a Canadian agriculture journalist recently visited the United States on a learning journey …

UAI: Removing Ethanol from Gasoline Increases Toxic Emissions
August 3, 2015 – 2:59 pm | No Comment

(Urban Air Initiative/Ethanol Producer Magazine)  Many gas stations are promoting E0, or gasoline with zero percent ethanol. It not only costs more than regular gasoline that contains 10 percent ethanol, new data shows it also …

DOE Solicits Applications for Loan Guarantee Program
August 3, 2015 – 2:44 pm | No Comment

by Erin Voegele (Ethanol Producer Magazine)  In early July, the U.S. Department of Energy announced it is soliciting applications for up to $4 billion in loan guarantees to support renewable energy and energy efficiency projects …

Israeli Scientists Explore Algae as Biofuel Producer
August 3, 2015 – 2:36 pm | No Comment

by Itai van Rijn (Y Net News)  New research shows that growing and producing bioethanol from algae of the species sea lettuce has potential but is not currently viable economically.

New research at Tel Aviv University, …

Viet Nam Aspires to Learn from Thai Experience in Developing Biofuel Industry
August 3, 2015 – 2:23 pm | No Comment

(United Nations Industrial Development Organization/  Thailand’s experience in developing its biofuel industry was the focus of a meeting held today in the Ministry of Industry and Trade in Hanoi.
Puttavitte, an expert in the field, shared …

Mechanism of an Enzyme for Biofuel Production
August 3, 2015 – 2:18 pm | No Comment

(U-Tokyo Research) Missing link in microbial cellulose decomposition — A University of Tokyo research group has revealed for the first time the three-dimensional structure and mechanism of action of a key enzyme of bio-fuel production, cellobionic acid …

4 Minutes with…Daniel Hayes, CEO, Celignis Analytical
August 3, 2015 – 12:10 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  … Celignis undertakes laboratory analysis of biomass samples to determine properties relevant for the production of biofuels and bioenergy. We are the only company to offer near infrared (NIR) analysis for …

Research Explores Future Energy Security of China
August 3, 2015 – 12:01 pm | No Comment

(University of East Anglia)  China needs to reduce its dependence on coal and improve the range of fuels it uses if it is to have long term energy security, according to new research from the …

The Roar for Diesel, Diesel, Diesel: UPS Jumps Its Renewable Diesel Use by 15X
August 3, 2015 – 11:48 am | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  UPS brings overall use of drop-in fuels over 10% of fleet use in REG, Neste , Solazyme buy.
In Georgia, UPS announced agreements for the purchase up to 46 million gallons …

As Biobased Diesel Surges, REG Buys Imperium Renewables for $32M and a Back-End Deal
August 3, 2015 – 11:39 am | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  Biggest US biodiesel, renewable diesel producer buys the biggest US facility in asset deal.
In Iowa, REG will acquire substantially all the assets of Imperium Renewables, including a 100-million gallon nameplate capacity …

The 4th China (Guangzhou) International Biomass Energy Exhibition — August 18-20, 2015 — Guangzhou, China
August 3, 2015 – 11:26 am | No Comment
The 4th China (Guangzhou) International Biomass Energy Exhibition — August 18-20, 2015 — Guangzhou, China

The 4th China (Guangzhou) International Biomass Energy Exhibition 2015 (CNIBEE 2015), covers an area of 8000 square meters, is organized by Guangzhou Grandeur Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. and will be staged at China Import and Export Fair …

Ag Progress Days — August 18-20, 2015 — Rock Springs, PA
August 3, 2015 – 11:20 am | No Comment
Ag Progress Days — August 18-20, 2015 — Rock Springs, PA

Pennsylvania’s largest outdoor agricultural exposition, is held annually during three days in August.
Ag Progress Days features the latest technology and research exhibits, educational programs, and guided tours. Sponsored by Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences, …

Empire Farm Days — August 11-12, 2015 — Seneca Falls, NY
August 3, 2015 – 11:09 am | No Comment
Empire Farm Days — August 11-12, 2015 — Seneca Falls, NY

Empire Farm Days is YOUR place for seeing the latest innovations, newest technologies and cutting-edge techniques for your farming operations. Whether you are interested in expanding your business, improving your efficiency or increasing your profitability …

New Holland Agriculture Expands Offerings for Biomass Harvest and Handling
August 3, 2015 – 11:02 am | No Comment

(  Renewable energy production options are growing thanks to expanded farm equipment capabilities for harvesting biofuel feedstocks like shrub willow. — Harvesting is the single most expensive operation in the production of shrub willow biomass, accounting …

Moringa Biofuels Debunks Fuel vs. Food Debate
August 3, 2015 – 10:10 am | No Comment

(  The oil from the Moringa tree is considered to be a more sustainable biodiesel feedstock as it can yield both food and fuel.  —  Among those searching for solutions to feed the hungry, Moringa …

India Closer to Nod for 100% Biofuel
August 3, 2015 – 10:02 am | No Comment

by Dipak K Dash  (Times of India)  Setting the stage for manufacturing of vehicle engines that can ply on 100% bio-diesel soon, the road transport ministry on Friday came out with draft notification for mass …

Orange is the New Red
August 3, 2015 – 9:55 am | No Comment

by Lynn Yarris  (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)  Berkeley Lab Study Shows Orange Carotenoid Protein Shifts More Than Just Color for Cyanobacterial Photoprotection

“Prior to our work, the assumption was that carotenoids are static, held in place …

Biodiesel Can Increase Livestock Production’s Profitability
July 31, 2015 – 6:54 pm | No Comment

(Biofuels International)  Biodiesel is known for powering vehicles across the country—but it also works for poultry and livestock farmers by powering their profitability.  That was the message at Western Dubuque Biodiesel’s plant, where soyabean groups …

OK Begins Distribution of New Emmelev Rapeseed Biodiesel
July 31, 2015 – 6:45 pm | No Comment

(Biofuels International)  The Danish fuel, oil, and energy company OK has introduced a new sustainable biodiesel into its petrol stations.  The new biodiesel is produced from the residue left over in the production of first …

Cassava Ethanol Plant on Cards
July 31, 2015 – 5:47 pm | No Comment

by Victoria Mtomba  (News Day)  Zimbabwe is set to have a cassava ethanol producing plant to boost ethanol output as the country moves to accelerate mandatory fuel blending.
In an interview on Tuesday on the sidelines of …

Highlights from the Casselton Agronomy Farm Field Day
July 31, 2015 – 5:41 pm | No Comment

by Dale Hildebrant  (Farm & Ranch Guide)  … Using dried distillers grain as a fertilizer source
The first stop on the tour was a plot where research is being done to use dried distillers grain (DDG) from …

Motorcycle Group, Association Spar on Ethanol
July 31, 2015 – 5:32 pm | No Comment

by Jay Huber (Kentucky Motorcycle Association/Courier-Journal) and Robert White (Renewable Fuels Association/Courier-Journal)  Huber:  In his June 28 op-ed, Charles Drevna correctly labeled the federal ethanol mandate, “all pain and no gain.”
This mandate not only causes environmental damage …

Improving Air Quality in Delhi: Lessons Learned in the United States
July 31, 2015 – 5:22 pm | No Comment

(Diesel Technology Forum)  This month’s 10-year anniversary of the United States-India Partnership highlights shared strategies for advancing economic opportunity and collaborating on climate change and clean air. Transportation fuels and vehicle technology – particularly diesel …

Bioenergy 2016 — July 12-13, 2016 — Washington, DC
July 31, 2015 – 4:46 pm | No Comment
Bioenergy 2016 — July 12-13, 2016 — Washington, DC

Hold the Date  READ MORE

Bioenergy 2015 Posts Presentations
July 31, 2015 – 4:39 pm | No Comment

(Department of Energy)  … We know many of you are interested in some of the presentations from our great lineup of speakers. We have posted select presentations from the conference to our Bioenergy 2015 presentations website.
They …

4 Minutes with… Mark Warner, Founder, Warner Advisors
July 31, 2015 – 4:25 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest) … Warner Advisors LLC is a consulting firm focused on delivering commercialization assistance for emerging technology clients in biofuels, biochemicals and food. Our focus is on early stage technology start-ups in …

Algae.Tec Ships Innovative Algae.Tec Fuels Technology Arrives for Install at Monster Reliance Refinery in India
July 31, 2015 – 4:02 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  In Australia,  Algae.Tec has shipped 7 containers of equipment, including photobioreactor modules and solar light units, on schedule and received in Jamnagar, India for installation within the world’s largest oil …

Gevo Announces First Pump Sales of Isobutanol-Blended Gasoline at Express Lube Service Station in Texas
July 31, 2015 – 3:52 pm | No Comment

(GEVO)  Sales Focused at Owners of Boats, Outdoor Equipment and Off-Road Vehicles — Gevo, Inc. (NASDAQ:GEVO), has announced that Express Lube of Fredericksburg, Texas, is the first U.S. service station to sell gasoline blended with Gevo’s …

Abengoa: The Digest’s 2015 8-Slide Guide
July 31, 2015 – 3:47 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  … Abengoa is active in three areas in biofuels: a. Traditional fermentation of cereal grains and sugar cane for the commercial production of bioethanol; b. Traditional transesterification for the production of …

The Three Microb-eteers: Methanogens, Methanotrophs, Acetogens and Knallgas Bacteria
July 31, 2015 – 3:44 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  Which microbes achieve a better, faster, cheaper transformation of the world around us?  …  Down there in the mud, too small to be seen with the naked eye, are some …

4 Minutes with… Andrew Lucero, Manager, Process Research Southern Research
July 31, 2015 – 3:06 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  … Southern Research is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) scientific and engineering research organization in AL, MD, GA, and NC in the areas of drug discovery and development, advanced engineering, and environmental protection. …

Rice Is Nice, but Can It Be Less of a Methane-Belching Device? PNNL Says “Yes, If You Take Our Advice”
July 31, 2015 – 2:58 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  In Washington state, researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have found that with the addition of a single gene, rice can be cultivated to emit virtually no methane from …

Iowa Wholesale E85 Available for More Than $1.00 Less Than Regular Unleaded Gasoline
July 31, 2015 – 2:50 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  In Iowa, the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association highlighted, via its E85 Wholesale Price Listing Program, that wholesale E85 ethanol is available for up to a $1.18 per gallon, or up …

Shampoo, New and Improved! BASF and Solazyme Launch the First Commercial Microalgae-Derived Betaine Surfactant
July 31, 2015 – 2:46 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  In California, BASF and Solazyme have launched of the first commercial surfactant derived from microalgae oil, a high performance algal betaine for use in home and personal care applications.
Generally speaking, …

Renmatix: The Digest’s 2015 8-Slide Guide
July 31, 2015 – 2:40 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  Renmatix is a technology licensor that enables the production of petrochemicals from plants. The company’s water-based Plantrose process is the lowest cost method for converting a wide range of non-food …

Industry’s Withering Critique of EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standard Proposals for 2014, 2015, 2016: The Digested Version
July 31, 2015 – 2:25 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  Heard dire comments like “POET expects to stop all future U.S. cellulosic investments if EPA’s proposed base renewable fuel requirements are not strengthened.”  Want to understand the substantive concerns on …

Bank of America Pledges $125 Billion for Biofuels and Environmental Business
July 31, 2015 – 2:08 pm | No Comment

(Biofuels International)  … BoA has provided more than $39 billion in financing for low-carbon activities since 2007, including $12 billion in 2014 alone, of which 40% was given to renewable energies – advanced biofuels, solar, wind, …

$1 Million Fund to Develop Algae Biofuels
July 31, 2015 – 2:04 pm | No Comment

(Biofuels International)  A research team from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, a multi-program US security laboratory, has received an additional $1 million (appr. €907,000) to protect algal crops by developing ‘probiotic’ bacteria to combat pond infestation …

Promising Projects: A Report from BIO’s World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology 2015
July 31, 2015 – 10:42 am | No Comment

by Stefaniya Becking* (Advanced Biofuels USA)  If one is looking for an international gathering of leaders in industrial biotechnology to expand their professional network and form new partnerships, the World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology is …

How One Farm Is Growing Food and Biofuels While Helping to Save the Environment
July 29, 2015 – 7:03 pm | No Comment

by Padma Nagappan (TakePart)  … Now researchers at the United States Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory think they have a solution that allows farmers to profit from growing both food and advanced biofuels while benefitting …

The Future of Low-Carbon Road Transport: What Role for Second-Generation Biofuels?
July 29, 2015 – 6:48 pm | No Comment

by  Joern Huenteler and Henry Lee (Belfer Center Programs or Projects)  The promise, prospects, and public policy trade-offs related to second-generation biofuels in road transport were addressed in an executive session convened at The Henry …

Despite Drawbacks, Watsonville Sold on Biodiesel
July 29, 2015 – 5:04 pm | No Comment

by Ryan Masters (Santa Cruz Sentinel)  A Watsonville street sweeper has been running on a potent biodiesel mix produced from beef tallow for the past year.
“Our fleet has used a 5 percent mix for years, …

Biodiesel Used as Home Heating Fuel
July 29, 2015 – 4:55 pm | No Comment

by Mark Dorenkamp (Brownfield Ag News)  The Minnesota Soybean Growers Association is developing a marketplace for biodiesel as a home heating fuel. CEO Tom Slunecka says while many homes in the U.S. are heated by natural …

Sensenbrenner Bill Would Limit Biofuel Blends
July 29, 2015 – 4:49 pm | No Comment

(Wisconsin Ag Connection)  Wisconsin Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner introduced legislation this week that requires the Environmental Protection Agency to limit the volume of cellulosic biofuel to be blended into the nation’s fuel supply to what is …

The Race to Meet Carbon-Neutral Biofuel Targets Could Put Human Health and Food Crop Production at rRisk unless It Is Carefully Planned, According to New Research.
July 29, 2015 – 4:47 pm | No Comment

(Science Daily)  A new study, led by Professor Nick Hewitt of Lancaster University, examined changes in ground level ozone in response to projected land use change associated with future biofuel cultivation.
Publishing in the journal Environmental …

Algae Biomass Organization Applauds U.S. Reps. Peters and Salmon for Bi-Partisan House Bill to Increase R&D Funding for Carbon Capture & Utilization
July 29, 2015 – 4:26 pm | No Comment

(Algae Biomass Organization)  The Algae Biomass Organization, the trade association for the algae industry, applauded U.S. Reps. Scott Peters (D-CA) and Matt Salmon (R-AZ) for introducing a bill designed to amend the Energy Policy Act …

CONSTRUCTION CORNER: Is Cleaner Cement Production Possible?
July 29, 2015 – 4:00 pm | No Comment

by Korky Koroluk (Daily Commercial News)  … The cement industry alone accounts for about five per cent of global CO2 emissions, a fact that the cement/concrete industry has long known. The construction industry it serves knows …

Renewable Energy in Rockland: Hearing on Stony Point Biofuel Plant
July 29, 2015 – 3:53 pm | No Comment

by Akiko Matsuda (  …  New Planet Energy, which specializes in renewable-energy production using waste materials, along with local developer MBC Contractors, wants to build a waste-to-energy facility in an industrial zone off Holt Drive.
The proposal …

Chemical Firms Seek Better Grasp of Biomanufacturing
July 29, 2015 – 3:46 pm | No Comment

by Andy Extance (Chemistry World)  Hope and expectation surround the chemical industry’s increasing adoption of biotechnological manufacturing – but today, their lengthy development times and complex processes mean frustration is a major by-product. ‘The process of …

Utah-Based Biodiesel Firm Launches Crowdfunding Campaign
July 29, 2015 – 1:41 pm | No Comment

by Ron Kotrba (Biodiesel Magazine)  Logan, Utah-based Argo Fuels announced it is launching an Idiegogo crowdfunding campaign July 21 to raise money for the purchase of feedstock and preparation for large-scale biodiesel production using its …

Winners Announced in Minnesota Biodiesel Essay Contest
July 29, 2015 – 1:33 pm | No Comment

by Ron Kotrba (Biodiesel Magazine) First- and second-place winners have been announced for the 2015 Clean Air Choice Biodiesel Essay Scholarship. Brianna Bredeson, a recent graduate of Willmar Senior High School, won first place for her …

San Francisco Mayor Says City Fleet to Use Renewable Diesel
July 29, 2015 – 1:29 pm | No Comment

( The Office of Mayor Edwin M. Lee/Biodiesel Magazine)  San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee announced July 21 that his city will leapfrog its efforts to protect the climate from harmful effects of diesel emissions …

E85 Promotion Offered at Poynette Cenex Station on Friday
July 29, 2015 – 1:14 pm | No Comment

(Wisconsin Ag Connection)  Flex fuel vehicle owners have another opportunity to fill up with E85 for just 85-cents per gallon at a participating Cenex stations this summer. This Friday, flex fuel vehicle drivers will be …

4 Minutes with… Gert-Jan (G-J) Gruter, CTO, Avantium
July 29, 2015 – 1:05 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  … Avantium developed a novel process for the production of PEF (brandname YXY), a 100% biobased polyester with enhanced barrier, thermal and mechanical properties. Together with Coca-Cola, Danone and ALPLA we …

Aston University Bioenergy Technology Embarks on European Tour
July 29, 2015 – 12:57 pm | No Comment

(Aston University)  Pre-testing of waste materials using prototype Pyrofab technology was underway today ahead of a summer tour to evaluate sustainable sources of bioenergy from waste across north-west Europe. The Pyrofab is based on PyroformerTM …

China Voters Mull Support for Fiberight Waste-to-Energy Project (China, Maine, that Is)
July 29, 2015 – 12:33 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  In Maine, the Board of Selectmen for the township of China are looking at supporting the Fiberight waste-to-energy project planned for Hampden, Maine, when their trash contract with Penobscot Energy …

Ecobank Disburses CBN’s N50 Million Facility to Boost SMEFunds’ Clean Energy Innovations
July 29, 2015 – 12:26 pm | No Comment

(SMEFunds/  Today, SMEFunds, Africa’s foremost Social Enterprise based in Nigeria is first to receive N50 million (approx. $300,000) from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) through Ecobank Ltd. into its Cellulosic Bio Ethanol Gel for …

Refiners, Former White House Official Ask EPA to Tweak Biofuels Program
July 29, 2015 – 12:19 pm | No Comment

by Chris Prentice (Reuters)  Independent oil refiners and a former White House official have urged U.S. regulators to tweak the U.S. biofuels program to shift responsibility for complying from refiners to fuel blenders, according to …

UPS Makes Substantial Move To Renewable Fuels
July 29, 2015 – 11:55 am | No Comment

(UPS/Globe Newswire)  UPS® (NYSE:UPS) today announced agreements for up to 46 million gallons of renewable fuels over the next three years, constituting a 15-fold increase over prior contracts and making UPS one of the largest …

Seeking Success in Succinic, Succinctly, Sustainably
July 29, 2015 – 11:42 am | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  … The real deal is succinic acid and polybutylene succinate. The latter found in everything from boxes, bags, tableware, even mulching films. If we haven’t seen SucciniMania quite yet, well, it’s …

Prioritizing the Bioeconomy: Observations on USDA’s 9003 Loan Guarantee Program
July 29, 2015 – 10:24 am | No Comment

by Osaretin Omorodion* (Advanced Biofuels USA)  Biobased products are a new innovation that are gradually contributing more to the U.S. economy in the forms of alternative fuels, packaging,  plastic substitutes and more. An Economic Impact …

Critics Pound RFS in House Hearing– Growth Energy Slams Decision to Exclude Ethanol Industry Groups From Hearing
July 28, 2015 – 6:41 pm | No Comment

by Tom Neeley (DTN/The Progressive Farmer)  Though odds are slim Congress will take up legislation to reform the Renewable Fuel Standard anytime soon, a combined hearing of the House subcommittees on energy and oversight Thursday …

International 100% Renewable Energy Conference — May 26-28, 2016 — Istanbul, Turkey
July 28, 2015 – 6:25 pm | No Comment
International 100% Renewable Energy Conference  —  May 26-28, 2016 — Istanbul, Turkey

“Transition to Ecological and Democratic Societies Using 100% Renewable Community Power.”
Transition of communities, islands, countries and regions to 100% Renewable Energy (RE) can be realized only by the local, national and regional governments which are …

NM Lawmakers Call on Administration to Curb Natural Gas Waste Causing Methane Hot Spot Over San Juan Basin
July 28, 2015 – 6:00 pm | No Comment

(Office of Senator Tom Udall (D-NM))  In a letter this week to Office of Management and Budget (OPM) Director Shaun Donovan, U.S. Sens. Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich and U.S. Reps. Ben Ray Luján and …

Vt. Farmer Helps Others Produce Biofuels
July 28, 2015 – 5:38 pm | No Comment

by Rachel Carter  (Daily Yonder)  After learning to make biofuel to use on his own farm, John Williamson has expanded his business to help others create their own energy. For Williamson, there’s a diversified income …

Poultry Industry Critical of O’Malley’s Stance on Biofuel
July 28, 2015 – 4:55 pm | No Comment

by John Fritze (Baltimore Sun)  … Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, who is running for the Democratic presidential nomination, is winning praise from corn farmers in Iowa for his support of a federal mandate to blend …