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Call to Action for a Truly Sustainable Renewable Future
August 8, 2013 – 5:07 pm | No Comment

-Include high octane/high ethanol Regular Grade fuel in EPA Tier 3 regulations.
-Use a dedicated, self-reducing non-renewable carbon user fee to fund renewable energy R&D.
-Start an Apollo-type program to bring New Ideas to sustainable biofuel and …

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Ethanol Workshop In Mexico City Offers Information, Expertise To Local Industry
November 2, 2016 – 3:14 pm | No Comment

(U.S. Grains Council)  Mexican authorities considering how ethanol fits into their country’s energy mix heard from U.S. researchers about air quality, lung health and other quality of life benefits and from Colombian and Paraguayan regulators …

Why the Farm Bill Needs a Robust Energy Title
December 14, 2011 – 12:31 pm | No Comment

byJames C. Greenwood and Robert Johnson (The Hill Congress Blog/BIO/National Farmers’ Union)   Maintaining agricultural productivity in America is indispensable to our economic security, so a safety net for farmers is very important. But abundant affordable …

Why Biorefining Loan Guarantees Give Back: Think Money, Jobs and Military Might
December 10, 2011 – 2:33 pm | No Comment

by Luke Geiver (Biorefining Magazine)  …In the letter, the group pointed out the need for programs like the 9003 Biorefinery Loan Guarantee Program offered through USDA. “Loan guarantees are the most cost-effective way to develop …

Examining Biofuels Policy
August 22, 2011 – 12:20 pm | No Comment

by  Rajendrani Mukhopadhyay  (Chemical and Engineering News)  Government mandates have shaped the market but not always for the best
By 2050, the global population will hit between 7.5 billion and 10.5 billion. Energy demands will soar, …

USDA Official: Ag Economy Is Sound but Rural Communities Need Boost
August 22, 2011 – 12:17 pm | No Comment

by Ross Dolan (The Daily Republic)  The nation’s agricultural economy is sound but many rural communities are not reaping the benefits, said Dallas Tonsager, undersecretary for rural development with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The …

Ethanol Vital to US Production of Homegrown, Reliable Energy
August 22, 2011 – 11:36 am | No Comment

by Russ Newman (InForum)   Ethanol, made right here in our backyards, has provided an unparalleled, value-added opportunity for agriculture and America.
…It has generated good-paying jobs, spurred economic activity, and provided rural youth a reason …

FAO and GBEP: Biofuels an Opportunity—Not a Threat—for Developing Nations
May 26, 2011 – 10:54 am | No Comment

by Geoff Cooper (Renewable Fuels Association)  …Luddites and Malthusians have suggested that crop-based biofuels simply can’t provide significant volumes of energy for transportation without starving the world’s poor.
…Of course, these ridiculous charges have been disproven time …

Cheap Grain: Winners & Losers
March 28, 2011 – 10:31 am | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  …Here is dilemma of agricultural prices. Reducing demand, and commodity prices, benefits meat and dairy producers, and oil & gas companies. High prices benefit farmers, and technology companies creating new …

Advanced Biofuel Payment Program Stakeholder Announcement
August 16, 2010 – 9:08 am | No Comment

(US Department of Agriculture)  On March 12, 2010, the Rural Business-Cooperative Service (the Agency) published a notice in the Federal Register for the Advanced Biofuel Payment Program seeking requests from eligible advanced biofuel producers for …

ATA Announces Formation of ‘Farm to Fly’ Sustainable Aviation Biofuels Initiative
July 27, 2010 – 4:34 pm | No Comment

(Air Transport Association)  The Air Transport Association of America (ATA), the industry trade organization for the leading U.S. airlines, announced the official launch of the “Farm to Fly” partnership initiative with private industry, federal agencies and …

Vilsack: Unlikely Partnership for Our Clean Energy Future
July 15, 2010 – 2:14 pm | No Comment

Tom Vilsak (USDA/Richmond Times-Dispatch)  …America can no longer rely on energy sources that are growing increasingly difficult to find and utilize. We cannot accept an energy future that allows oil producers, whether they are controlled …

Africa Heralds Biofuel Pipeline
June 11, 2010 – 11:46 am | No Comment

by Michael Dynes  (The New Economy)   Of the billions of dollars that have been ploughed into the biofuel sector around the world over the past decade, only a tiny fraction has ever found its way …

Indiana Biodiesel Operation Could Lose USDA Incentives
May 7, 2010 – 4:05 pm | No Comment

by Andy Eubank  (Hoosier Ag Today)  USDA Rural Development has a proposed rule on the table that would exclude the Louis Dreyfus biodiesel plant from USDA Advanced Biofuel Payment Program eligibility because of its foreign …

Vilsack: Administration Wants to Expand Biofuels
February 24, 2010 – 3:22 pm | No Comment

(DTN Ethanol Center)  President Barack Obama will continue championing biofuels as a job creator, said Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack when he spoke to members of the Governors’ Biofuels Coalition on Monday. Vilsack is hopeful …

The 7% Solution: Sustainable US Biofuels without International Indirect Land Use Effects
October 23, 2009 – 2:26 pm | No Comment

by Robert E. Kozak  (Advanced Biofuels USA)  Looking at some real-world numbers, it becomes clear that the fear raised in Fixing a Critical Climate Accounting Error, Science, October 23, 2009, misses the point. Growing energy …

Defining Sustainability: Science, Standards, and Scorecards: Roundtable for Sustainable Biofuels
March 20, 2009 – 6:54 pm | No Comment

Barbara Bramble  (National Wildlife Federation), in her talk, emphasized the importance of sustainable biofuels and developing strategies to reduce GHG  emissions through the energy security, stabilization of commodity prices, and promotion of rural development.
But the problem …

Defining Sustainability: Science, Standards, and Scorecards: Challenges and Science Needed to Describe Sustainable Biofuel Production
March 20, 2009 – 6:37 pm | No Comment

by Jeffrey Steiner (Agricultural Research Services, USDA). In this talk he points out the importance of rural landscapes and ecosystem services.
·         The success of the supply chain depends on productive, profitable, and good resource …