Instead of looking overseas for energy, the President should focus on growing biofuels production right here in the Heartland. Ethanol saves drivers money at the pump and cleans up the environment without sacrificing performance. Nebraska has been on the forefront of demonstrating the efficiency of high-blend ethanol fuels. In March 2021, the State announced results of a research program to study the use of E30 in conventional vehicles. The results of the study clearly showed that E30 is safe and reliable to use in them. Given its proven effectiveness, there’s every incentive to increase the volume of E30 in our nation’s fuel supply.

Ethanol has long helped reduce emissions, and carbon sequestration technology can help the fuel deliver a lower carbon footprint. By capturing carbon dioxide at ethanol plants that produce cleaner-burning fuels such as E15 and E30, regular vehicles can achieve well-to-wheel emissions that are competitive—if not cleaner—than those involved to manufacture and charge electric vehicles. This session, I signed LB 650 into law to establish the legal and regulatory framework for the geologic storage of carbon dioxide in Nebraska. Following passage of the law, Battelle and Catahoula Resources announced a partnership to sequester carbon dioxide in Nebraska. By reducing the carbon footprint of our facilities, we will create more opportunities for our ethanol industry.

Energy independence and reliability must remain top priorities for our nation, and in some cases President Biden will have to stand up to climate activists to achieve them.  READ MORE