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Companies Involved with Advanced Biofuels and Biofuels

This list is constantly updated.  Check topics and categories (along the right margin of this page) for links to articles about these and other companies involved in research, development and distribution of advanced biofuels. For searchable details about many of these companies (location, type of business, technology, feedstock, etc.) click here. Use Control/F to search this spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is being constantly updated.   If you have trouble accessing the spreadsheet, contact Joanne at info @ AdvancedBiofuelsUSA.org If you know of a company that should be on this list, please send information to info @ advancedbiofuelsusa.org. See also the Biofuels Wiki Directory and the appendices in the E2 report, "Advanced Biofuels Market Report 2012" which includes more than 100 companies involved with advanced biofuels. Biofuels Digest also publishes "5-Minute Guides" for selected biofuels companies.  Each 5-Minute Guide provides a company description, top milestones and projected milestones, description of the business model; plus project info (location, feedstocks, product set, processing technology, capacity, development status) and product information (brand name, description, applications, unique features, and competitive edge).  Complete List of 5-Minute Guides Biofuels Digest also publishes a spreadsheet listing of approximately 1000 biorefineries around the world. SuperData contains all known biofuels refineries worldwide, including project locations, project owner, feedstock(s), existing production capacity, products, and project category (pilot, demonstration, or commercial). The SuperData Basic edition is available for free to registered Digest subscribers, and Digest subscriptions are also available for free.  The database is designed for use by government authorities tracking planned capacity, trade associations, industry consultants, equity analysts, and project owners doing competitive analysis and due diligence.   The database is available here. Biofuels Digest also created “Deep Connect” which gives you the opportunity to share, company by company, your personal perspective on what information is most important to you — who you would most like to meet. You can also, if you wish, elect to share your contact information — on a company by company basis — and we’ll put you together with the companies you have taken a strong interest in for knowledge-building or business development purposes. On an aggregate basis (only, unless you indicate otherwise), the total response of the Digest readership will be shared with each company — it will help you to build better presentations, optimize networking time at industry events, structure web communications, and figure out which key people should attend (or can safely skip) industry events.  READ MORE

Companies Involved with Advanced Biofuels

A2BE Carbon Capture, LLC ADM AE Biofuels (now Aemetis) AHL-TECH AM Oil AP Moller-Maersk AG-Oil Abengoa Bioenergy Abengoa Energy MORE Abundant Biofuels Corporation Accelergy Aceitra ACENT Laboratories Advance Fuels and Renewable Energy AdvanceBio LLC Advanced Technology Ventures Advantage Capital Aemetis   MORE Agco Corp. Agricultural Waste Solutions, Inc. AgriFuels Australia AgriFuels, LLC USA Agrisoma Biosciences, Inc. Agri-Therm Mobile Pyrolysis Agrivida Albemarle Corporation Algae Aviation Fuel Algae International Sdn Algae Systems, LLC Algae.Tec Algaeventure Systems Algasol Renewables Algenol Biofuels MORE AlgePower Alkol Allard Research & Development Allylix Alpine Energy AltAir American Process  MORE American Standard Renewable Fuels Corp (ASRF) Amyris Biotechnologies  and MORE (Biofuels Digest) Anellotech  MORE Antenna Group Public Relations Applied Research Associates  MORE Aquaflow Bionomic Corporation Aquafuel Aquatic Energy ArborGen, Inc. ARCH Venture Partners Archer Daniels Midland Ardent Energy Group Arkansas Energy Group Arndt GmbH Arrow Energy Asiatic Centre for Genome Technology Athenix Athens Biodiesel Atlantic Biomass Conversions, Inc. Atlas Ventures Aurora Algae Avantium  MORE Avello Bioenergy, Inc.   MORE Axi Badger State Ethanol Bae Systems Balboa Pacific Battery Ventures Bay State Biofuels Beacon Energy BEI International Benefuel    MORE Bently Motors Beta Renewables Bharat Petroleum Corporation Big River United Energy Bioalgene BioAmber Bio Architecture Lab (BAL) Biocardel Vermont BioCat Fuels Biocom Biocombustibles del Chubut BioCube Biodiesel Industries Biodiesel Production Ireland, Ltd. BioDimensions BIOeCON     MORE Bioenergia BioEnergy International Bioenergy Systems Bioexchange Biofuel Advance Research and Development, LLC (BARD) Biofuel Africa BiofuelBox Biofuel Partnership Ltd. BioGasol BioJet Biolight Harvesting BioMara BioMarine Fuels Biomass4Energy Biomass Secure Power BioMCN Biometrics, LLC Bionavitas BioPetrol Bioprocess Algae BioPur BioShape Tanzania Biotechonomy Biotericity BioTFuel Bizminded Concepts, Inc. Blackstone Group BlueFire Renewables, Inc. Blue Marble Energy BlueMountain Blue Sun Biodiesel Bodega Algae LLC Boeing Borregaard Industries Braemar Energy Ventures British Airways British Petroleum (BP Biofuels) MORE Bronze Oak BrownWinick BS Bioj BTG Biofuels (Biomass Technology Group) Buckeye Technologies/University of Florida Buffalo Biodiesel Burrill & Co. Butalco Butamax Advanced Biofuels, LLC  MORE Bye Energy Byogy   MORE CAB International CalPERS Calysta    MORE Camros Capital Canadian Bioenergy Carbon2Algae Solutions, Inc. Carbon Capture Corporation Carbon Green Carbon Green BioEnergy Carbon Sciences Cardio Agrifuel Cargill    MORE Cascade Analytical Reagents and Biochemicals Cascade Investments Catchlight Energy Catilin, Inc. Cavitation Technologies Cellana   MORE Cellulose Sciences International Central Farmers Cooperative Cereal Process Technologies Ceres, Inc. Chemetha Chempolis Chemrec Chesapeake Green Fuels Chevron Chilean Economic Development Agency China Sun Biochem Choren Chromatin Circle Biodiesel Clariant   MORE Clean Earth Solutions Clean Emission Fluids CleanTech Biofuels Clear Fuels Coastal Biodiesel Cobalt Technologies  MORE MORE Codexis COFCO Group Comet Biorefining Comphania di Buzi ConocoPhillips Continental Foods Continental Technologies CoolPlanet Energy Systems  MORE CORE BioFuel Coshocton Ethanol Coskata Cosmo Biofuels Group Cosmo Oil Covanta CPC Taiwan CTI Biofuels Cyclone Power Technologies D1 Oils, PLC DAG Ventures Dalby Ethanol Danisco DaoChi Energy of Arizona DDCE Dechert DEINOVE Desert Sweet Biofuels Dexter Biodiesel Solutions, LLC Diligent Tanzania Direvo Industrial Biotechnology    MORE Diversified Energy Dolcera Dollars and Sense DMC Green, Inc. Donald Danforth Plant Science Center DONG Energy Draper Fisher Juvetson Drystills DSM Bio-based Products and Services   MORE DSM Space NA DSM White Biotechnologies DuPont Danisco DuPont Industrial Biosciences    MORE Dyadic International  MORE Dynamic Fuels. LLC Dynamotive Energy Systems Earth Energy Alliance Eastern Sugar Easy Energy Systems e-biofuels EcoEnergy China EcoEngineers Eco-Fuel Global EcoMotors International Eco Positive, Limited EcReCon Inc. EdeniQ   MORE eFarms, LLC E-Fuel Microfueler ElectroSep Elevance Renewable Sciences Emerson Process Management Endicott Biofuels Energae Energy Allied International Energy Innovation Corp. Enerkem  MORE Enhanced Biofuels and Technologies ENN Ensus Ensyn Technologies, Inc.   READ MORE Enterprise Rental Car Institute for Renewable Energy Envergent Environmental Development Group (EDG) EPEC Biofuels Holdings, Inc. EPIC Modular Process Systems Ethanol Boosting Systems, LLC Ethanol Producing Energy Companies  (EPEC) ETC Green ETH Bioenergia Ever Cat Fuels, LLC Evodos B.V. Evolution Resources Evolutionary Genomics Evozym Biologics, Inc. Extreme Biodiesel ExxonMobil FDC Enterprises FELISA FPInnovations Fiberight, LLC   MORE FiltaBio Firelake Capital FirmGreen First In Spec (FIS) Biofuels Flagship Ventures Foster Wheeler Frontier Renewable Resources Frontline BioEnergy Fuel Streamers Group Fulcrum Bioenergy G2 Diesel/11 Good Energy GEM Biofuels Genencor Genera Energy  MORE General Catalyst Partners General Motors GeneSyst International, Inc. Genifuel Corporation Genomatica   MORE Genuine-Biofuel, Inc. GeoSynFuels Gevo, Inc.   MORE Ginko BioWorks Global Bioenergies   MORE Global Seawater, Inc. Globespan Capital Partners GlycosBio GeoSynFuels    MORE GranBio Great Plains Oil and Exploration GreatPoint Ventures Green Biologics   MORE Greener Dawn Group Greenfield Ethanol The Green Fuel Association (TGFA) Green Gold Ray Energies, Inc. GreenHunter Energy, Inc. GreeNow Green Plains Renewable Energy, Inc.  MORE GreenShift Corporation Green Star Products, Inc. Greenvest Technologies, Inc. Greenworld Fuels Gulf Alternative Energy Haldor Topsoe Hamilton Clark & Co. Harris & Harris Harris Group  MORE HCL CleanTech (now Virdia) HDS International Corp. Heartland Angels Heliae HeroBX Honda Honeywell MORE HR Biopetroleum HY-TEK Bio IBS Energies Idaho Sustainable Energy Idemitsu Kosan Ignite Energy Resources Imperium Renewables Inbicon   MORE Incbio Independence Bio Products INEOS INEOS New Planet BioEnergy  MORE IneosBio  MORE Infospi, Inc. Inland Empire Oil Seeds Intelifuel Cia Ltda International Procurement Tools Inventure Chemicals Iogen Corporation   MORE Ion Research, Inc. Jatropha Business John Deere JOil Pte. Ltd. Joule Biotechnologies Kaiima Kegotank Biofuels Kent BioEnergy Corporation Khosla Ventures Kilimanjaro Biofuels Corporation Kingston Energy Development, LLC KiOR Kiverdi   MORE KL Energy Kleiner Perkins Korean Institute for Industrial Technology KuehnleAgro Kumho Petrochemical LanzaTech  MORE Leaf Clean Energy Pacific Lightspeed Venture Partners Lignol Energy Corporation Limerick Energy Linde North America LiveFuels, Inc. Living Fuels Logos Technologies Long River Ventures Lootah Biofuels Lotus/Jaguar Louisiana Green Fuels, LLC Louisville Clean Energy LS9, Inc. LSP Maine Bioproducts Malaysian Life Sciences Capital Fund Malaysian Oil Palm Board Malaysian Rubber Mantra Energy Ventures Marathon Oil Martek Biosciences Corporation Mascoma Corporation  MORE Masdar Institute of Science and Technology Maverick BioFuels MBD Energy Mcgyan Biodiesel, LLC MDV-Mohy Davidow Ventures Mendel Biotechnology Mercurius Biofuels Meteor Group METGEN Methes Energies, Inc. Michigan Biotechnology Institute    MORE Microbiogen Midori Renewables    MORE Midwest Research Institute Center for Integrated Algal Research Mighty Algae Biofuels Mint Biofuels Mintz Levin Mission NewEnergy, Ltd. Mitchell Technology Mohr Davidow Ventures Morgan Stanley Motor Transport Institute Muradel  MORE Murphy Oil Myriant Technologies, LLC National Research Council Naturally Scientific Neste Oil    MORE New Agriculture New Energy Farms   MORE New Generation Biofuels New Nile Company Newlight Technologies    MORE NexSteppe   MORE Novozymes  MORE NOWA Technology Oberon Fuels   MORE The Online Distillery Network for Distilleries and Ethanol Plants Worldwide OPX Biotechnologies  MORE OriginOil  MORE Osage BioEnergy Oxford Catalysts Group PLC Pacific Bio-Fields Holdings Plc Palo Alto Research Center PanAridus    MORE Passport Capital Performance Plants PetroAlgae (now Parabel) Petrobras Petrobras Biocombustival PetroCanada PetroSun PetroVietnam Photon8 Phycal, LLC Phyco Biosciences Piedmont Biofuels Coop Pinnacle Engines Pinnacle Ventures Plankton Power Plasma2Energy Plenus POET-DSM Project Liberty  MORE Pond Biofuels Portelet Asia Pte, Ltd. Powers Energy of America PrairieGold Venture Partners Praj Industries   MORE Primafuel, Inc. Primus Green Energy Propel Fuels  MORE Proterro PureVision Technology, Inc. Pursuit Dynamics Queensland Algae Project Qteros The RAPTOR Technology Group Raven Biofuels Red Birch Energy Red Lion BioEnergy REII Remediation Earth Remfuel more info Renewable Biofuels, Inc. Renewable Energy Group  MORE Renewed World Energies Renmatix  MORE Rennovia    MORE Rentech, Inc. Replenish Energy VIDEO REV Biodiesel Roda Group Royal DSM RTI S4 Energy Solutions Sapphire Energy  MORE SBI Bioenergy Schroeder Biofuels Scipio Biofuels, Inc. Scottish Bioenergy Seambiotic, Ltd. Seaweed Energy Solutions Segetis   MORE SEKAB SEKAB Bioenergy Tanzania SG Biofuels Shell Oil SilicoLife Siluria Technologies    MORE Simply Green Singapore Emulsion Fuel Solena Group Solazyme MORE Solix Soros Fund Management Southeast Renewable Fuels Southwest Bio Fuels Sriya Innovations, Inc. SRS Engineering St1 Biofuels Oy Standard Alcohol Company of America (SACA) Stark Venture Investors Stay Green Oil Stoel Rives LLP Storm Fisher Biogas Strata Technology, Ltd. Sud-Chemie Sumitomo Sun Biofuels Sundrop Fuels, Inc. SunEco Energy Sunho Biodiesel Corporation SunOpta BioProcess Sunset Ridge Algae, Inc. Sustainable Green Technologies, Inc. Sustainable Oils Sustainable Power Corporation Sweetwater Energy, Inc.    MORE Swift Enterprises, Ltd. Syngenta SynGest SynTerra Fuels Synthetic Genomics, Inc. Targeted Growth Taurus Energy Tectane Technologies Teotl Energy Partners Terra Sol Biofuels Terrabon Tetra Tech EC ThermoChem Recovery International (TRI) Three Seconds to Oil (TSTO) TMO Renewables Tolero Energy, LLC Total TPG Ventures TransAlgae Ltd. Transmediair--see Primus Green Energy Trenton Fuel Works Trillium FiberFuels, Inc. TriplePoint Capital TSTO (Three Seconds to Oil) Uhde UK Carbon Trust Algae Consortium UK Carbon Trust Pyrolysis Consortium UNICA United States EnviroFuels, LLC Universal Bioenergy UOP, A Honeywell Company (Universal Oil Products) UPM    MORE UPM-Kymmene/Metso US Biofuels, Inc. US Biofuels Exchange U.S. Freedom Bio Fuels, LLC US Renewables Group Valero VantagePoint Velocys Verdezyne MORE Verenium Verno Systems VG Energy, Inc. VIASPACE Green Energy, Inc. Virent Energy Systems, Inc. Virgin Green Fund Vital Renewable Energy Vivergo Fuels W2 Energy Corporation Waterland International Group Wellcome Trust Westar Trade Resources Western BioFuels, Ltd. Weyland / Statoil Hydro Woodland Biofuels xF Technologies Inc. MORE YSI Life Sciences ZeaChem, Inc. Zenergy International, Inc.

First Generation Biofuels Companies

Arkansas Soy Energy Group Athens Biodiesel Badger State Ethanol National Biofuels Distribution

Companies Involved with Infrastructure Enabling or Using Advanced Biofuels

Alternative Fuel Technologies Altex Technologies Corporation Boeing GE Global Research Eco-Energy Fueling Solutions Ethanol Boosting Systems, LLC Kirbeed Hydraucar Systems Oxy-Gen Combustion Ricardo XRDi Advanced Biofuels USA does not vouch for the quality or efficacy of the products or technologies provided by any of these companies.   The Biofuels Digest 5-Minute Summaries List for 2014: Abengoa Bioenergy Algenol Altranex  American Process Amyris Applied Biorefinery Sciences Applied Research Associates (ARA) Avantium  Avello Bioenergy BASF Beta Renewables BioAmber BP Biofuels Butamax  Calysta Energy Cellana  Ceres Clariant Cobalt Technologies  Cool Planet Coskata  Direvo Industrial Biotechnology DSM Bio-based Products & Services  DuPont Industrial Biosciences Dyadic Edeniq Elevance Enerkem Ensyn Fiberight Fulcrum BioEnergy Genera Energy Genomatica GeoSynFuels Gevo Global Bioenergies GranBio  Green Biologics  Green Plains Renewable Energy Haldor Topsoe Harris Group Heliae  Honeywell’s UOP  Inbicon INEOS Bio Iogen  Joule Unlimited KiOR LanzaTech Liquid Light Mascoma Mercurius Biorefining Midori Renewables  Muradel  Myriant NAES  NatureWorks  Neste Oil  New Energy Farms  NexSteppe Novozymes  OPXBIO  OriginOil  PanAridus Petrobras POET Praj Industries Primus Green Energy Propel Fuels Raízen  MORE Renewable Energy Group  Renmatix  Rennovia  Reverdia  Rivertop Renewables Sapphire Energy Segetis  SGB Solazyme Sweetwater Energy Syngenta ThermoChem Recovery International UPM  Valero Velocys Verdezyne Virent    MORE Waste Management Yulex ZeaChem   MORE   Biochemical Companies: Reverdia  MORE