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Call to Action for a Truly Sustainable Renewable Future
August 8, 2013 – 5:07 pm | No Comment

-Include high octane/high ethanol Regular Grade fuel in EPA Tier 3 regulations.
-Use a dedicated, self-reducing non-renewable carbon user fee to fund renewable energy R&D.
-Start an Apollo-type program to bring New Ideas to sustainable biofuel and …

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US Ethanol Dampens Global Crude Oil Prices
December 3, 2011 – 5:31 pm | No Comment

(Malaya Business Insight)  Increasing ethanol in the U.S. gasoline supply would lead to lower crude oil prices.
This is the conclusion of a study assessing the impact of US ethanol on fossil fuel markets by the …

Research Reduces Toxins, Improves Distillers Grains
November 29, 2011 – 1:04 pm | No Comment

by Matt Soberg (Ethanol Producer Magazine)  Virginia Tech and USDA researchers developed strategy that reduces barley toxins sometimes present in distillers grains used for animal feed. The strategy modifies the ethanol fermentation process and focuses …

Crop of the Week: Sugar Cane
November 28, 2011 – 10:22 am | No Comment

by Kurt Nolte(Yuma Sun/Yuma County Cooperative Extension)  • Sugar cane is an exploratory crop in Yuma County and, like sweet sorghum, is being researched for the production of biofuels in Arizona.
• Sugar cane is considered …

Lawmakers Nearing Deal on Farm Subsidies
November 21, 2011 – 4:01 pm | No Comment

by Philip Brasher (Des Moines Register)  A draft summary of the new farm bill that lawmakers have been finalizing says farmers will have a new subsidy system to supplement the coverage they now have through …

Supercommittee Should Preserve Farm Energy Programs in the Farm Bill for in the Best Interest of the Nation: William Richards and Dennis McGinn
November 21, 2011 – 3:08 pm | No Comment

by William Richards and Dennis McGinn (The Plain Dealer)  Guest Columnists:  The future of the government’s role in U.S. agriculture remains about as uncertain today as it was before the 1933 enactment of the Agricultural …

Corn Gene Boosts Biofuels from Switchgrass
November 21, 2011 – 12:02 pm | No Comment

(Science Daily)  …Unlike the starch sugars in grains, the complex polysaccharides in the cellulose of plant cell walls are locked within a tough woody material called lignin. For advanced biofuels to be economically competitive, scientists …

Out from Solyndra’s Shadow
November 17, 2011 – 8:54 am | No Comment

by Brent Erickson (Biofuels Digest/BIO)  Federal loan guarantees may be scuttled after the Solyndra affair – but should the baby really be thrown out with the bathwater?
…But the programs’ untimely end may coincide with the …

S-Day: US Must Keep Its Eyes on the Clean Energy Prize, Despite Setbacks
November 17, 2011 – 8:46 am | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  …Here the Digest’s take: for bioenergy, S-Day is about Solyndra and Secretary Chu, but it isn’t really much about bioenergy. Out of an $80 billion authorization for clean energy loan …

Validation: USDA Report Confirms Value of Distillers Grains
November 16, 2011 – 12:04 pm | No Comment

by Kris Bevill (Ethanol Producer Magazine)  A recent USDA report echoes what ethanol producers have said for years: distillers grains are a valuable addition to the nation’s feed supply and can be used to reduce …

Webinar: Accessing USDA Loans for Advanced Biofuels and Chemicals November 28, 2011 1:00 – 2:30 PM Eastern
November 15, 2011 – 5:30 pm | No Comment
Webinar: Accessing USDA Loans for Advanced Biofuels and Chemicals    November 28, 2011 1:00 – 2:30 PM Eastern

A brief overview of the numerous programs within USDA that support the President’s Clean Energy Blueprint and how you might be able to access these programs.
The rapidly-expanding bio-based sector is just as critical to the …

Switchgrass Ethanol Research Looks to Yield Big Benefits
November 15, 2011 – 4:47 pm | No Comment

by Larry Dreiling  (High Plains MidWest Ag Journal)  Construction has begun in Hugoton, Kan., on the nation’s first commercial scale biomass fuel refinery.
Abengoa Bioenergy’s new, 23 million-gallon annual throughput refinery will take biomass, mainly switchgrass, …

Kansas Group Works to Turn Crop Stubble into Energy
November 15, 2011 – 3:32 pm | No Comment

by Dan Voorhis (The Wichita Eagle)   …The Kansas Alliance for BioRefining and BioEnergy was created in 2009 and was originally funded by the Kansas BioScience Authority to help commercialize research and technology that turns …

Biofuel Flights Signal Demand From U.S. Airlines
November 14, 2011 – 7:14 pm | No Comment

by Graham Warwick (Aviation Week)  As airlines launch the first commercial biofuel flights in the U.S., the government is working with industry to scale up production of biomass-derived jet fuel to commercial quantities beginning in …

Nebraska Ethanol Board Part of New Flex Fuel Campaign
November 11, 2011 – 10:05 am | No Comment

(Nebraska Farmer)  USDA grant intended to make drivers more aware of flex fuel vehicles and ethanol’s benefits involves Nebraska and five other states.
A grant awarded by USDA will be used to promote flex fuel vehicles, …

USDA ERS Report Offers RIN Price Outlook for Coming Decade
November 10, 2011 – 10:26 am | No Comment

by Kris Bevill (Ethanol Producer Magazine)  The USDA Economic Research Service has released a 24-page report offering an overview of renewable identification numbers (RINs) and outlining how the RIN market works in relation to the …

The 10 Biofuels Priorities for 2012
November 10, 2011 – 8:19 am | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  In California, more than 350 delegates gathered at Advanced Biofuesl Markets to set industry priorities for the next six months,seal partnerships,  and exchange outlooks on 2012. It didn’t take long …

USDA Funds Project To Encourage Renewable Fuel Production, Job Creation In New Mexico
November 8, 2011 – 9:31 am | No Comment

(Sapphire Energy)  Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced today that USDA has issued a loan guarantee that will allow a biofuels firm to construct a facility in New Mexico to produce “green crude” oil from algae …

7 Decision Points in the Race for Scale in Advanced Biofuels
November 8, 2011 – 9:18 am | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  …In the Race for Scale, the industry has excelled in driving down operating costs. Capital costs have proven more perplexing, and sticker shock has been a hold-back. Feedstock availability at …

US Gives $3M to Energy Company to Use Less Corn
November 7, 2011 – 3:20 pm | No Comment

by Kevin Welch (Amarillo Globe-News)  The U.S. Department of Agriculture is giving White Energy, with ethanol plants in Hereford and Plainview, a $3-million grant to promote using materials other than corn to make biofuels.
Those materials …

Cropping Between the Lines
November 2, 2011 – 2:10 pm | No Comment

by Holly Jessen (Ethanol Producer Magazine) The bull’s-eye on corn ethanol could fade if the industry steps up and makes corn production and stover harvesting more environmentally friendly
…Today, no-till or strip-till farming is gaining ground, …

What’s the Buzz? The 10 hottest topics in biofuels right now.
November 2, 2011 – 9:44 am | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest) … But here are 10 themes that are shaping up to be the Buzz of the conference.
1. RFS. Hold or Fold?
2. Can Obama find the $510 million?
3. Elections.
4. Fuels, or …

Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces Funding to Expand the Production and Availability of Advanced Biofuels
November 1, 2011 – 10:50 am | No Comment

(US Department of Agriculture)  USDA Farm Bill Program Supports Job Creation
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced payments for 156 advanced biofuel producers across the country to support the production and expansion of advanced biofuels.
“This funding …

“Are You Any Less Worried about Energy Security Today than You Were 4 Years Ago?” Asks BP
November 1, 2011 – 10:18 am | No Comment

by Bill Lundberg (Biofuels Digest)  Should the Renewable Fuel Standard be scrapped, or revised? BP North America chief Susan Ellerbusch makes the case for “No”.
In Chicago, BP Biofuels North America president Susan Ellerbusch, in addressing …

A.I.M’s Interview: Sapphire Energy’s C.J. Warner and Tim Zenk
October 31, 2011 – 3:42 pm | No Comment

by David Schwartz (Algae Industry Magazine)  …C.J. (Warner, Sapphire Energy’s President and Chairman) keynoted at the recent Algal Biomass Summit, attending along with Tim Zenk, Sapphire’s Vice President of Corporate Affairs, who was formerly executive …

UPDATE 2-Booming Ethanol Biz Alters Corn Use Patterns-USDA
October 28, 2011 – 9:06 am | No Comment

by Julie Ingwersen (Reuters)  USDA says ethanol boom creating new patterns in corn use
* Gov’t unsure why feed use falls late in marketing years
* Reports blamed for wild swings in CBOT grain prices
* Industry barbs come …

USDA Finds Distillers Grains Offer Greater Feed Value than Corn
October 27, 2011 – 12:58 pm | No Comment

by Kris Bevill (Ethanol Producer Magazine)  A newly released report from the USDA appears to confirm what the ethanol industry has been claiming for years—distillers grains is a valuable feed source and can significantly reduce …

USDA Grant Focuses on Southeast Biomass Supply
October 26, 2011 – 12:21 pm | No Comment

by Kris Bevill (Ethanol Producer Magazine)  The USDA believes the Southeast region of the U.S. offers huge potential for a variety of dedicated energy crops and in September, the agency agreed to provide $15 million …

Dividing Corn Stover Makes Ethanol Conversion More Efficient
October 26, 2011 – 10:03 am | No Comment

(PhysOrg.com/Purdue University)  Not all parts of a corn stalk are equal, and they shouldn’t be treated that way when creating cellulosic ethanol, say Purdue University researchers.
When corn stover is processed to make cellulosic ethanol, everything is …

New Mexico Producer Awarded Rural Development Grant
October 12, 2011 – 8:50 am | No Comment

by Erin Voegele   (Biodiesel Magazine)  New Mexico-based Rio Valley Biofuels has been awarded a total of $40,962 in grant funding from USDA Rural Development to support upgrades at the facility and help support the hire of …

Proposed Farm Bill Includes Advanced Biofuels
October 11, 2011 – 4:32 pm | No Comment

by Cindy Zimmerman (DomesticFuel.com)  Senator Dick Lugar (R-IN) and Rep. Marlin Stutzman (R, IN-3rd) have introduced a farm bill that they say would save $40 billion and includes provisions that support the development of advanced biofuels.
“We …

Sorghum Could be Aviation Biofuel Feedstock
October 5, 2011 – 3:29 pm | No Comment

by Cindy Zimmerman (DomesticFuel.com)  Louisiana State University is getting $17 million from USDA to study how to turn sugar cane and sorghum into biofuels.
The project is one of the five announced yesterday by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, …

SarTec Corporation Awarded $500,000 Department of Energy Grant
October 5, 2011 – 3:13 pm | No Comment

(PR NewsWire/SarTec) SarTec Corporation announced today it has received a $500,000 Department of Energy grant (Award # DE-EE0003127) as part of a larger project to develop and enhance the use of inedible energy crops for the production of advanced …

The Good Side of Government
October 3, 2011 – 3:31 pm | No Comment

by Luke Geiver (Biorefining Magazine)  For all the gripes, some government-backed programs are working
… (Founder of Westar Trade Resources, Cindy) Thyfault speaks with Biorefining Magazine about the programs that have worked to fund the economic needs …

Biofuels Losing Government Loan Option
October 3, 2011 – 12:05 pm | No Comment

by Philip Brasher (Gannett/Des Moines Register)   Developers of biofuels already have been struggling to attract private investment. Now they’ll have even fewer financing options with the sunsetting of the loan guarantee program that financed …

Forest Resources Professor Part of Huge Biofuels Research Project
October 3, 2011 – 11:48 am | No Comment

by Jeff Mulhollem and Chuck Gill (Penn State/Gant Daily)  A forest products researcher in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences is playing a role in a national effort to gauge the viability of a novel …

UT Center for Renewable Carbon Named as Lead Institution for $15 Million USDA Grant
September 30, 2011 – 10:27 am | No Comment

(University of Tennessee)  Center to coordinate woody biomass production and utilization studies
The Center for Renewable Carbon, a program of the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture, has been named by the USDA as a recipient …

Gevo Awarded Contract to Supply Jet Fuel to U.S. Air Force
September 30, 2011 – 7:56 am | No Comment

(BusinessWire/Yahoo!Finance)  Air Force Purchase is for Jet Engine Testing and Feasibility Flight Demonstration
Gevo, Inc., a leading renewable chemicals and advanced biofuels company, received a $5 million grant from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) …

Grass to Fuel: Study Aims to Grow Energy Crops on Marginal Lands
September 29, 2011 – 1:51 pm | No Comment

by Phil Brasher (Des Moines Register)  Researchers at Iowa State University have won a $25 million federal grant to figure out ways to make it economical for farmers in the region to grow switchgrass and …

Comprehensive Miscanthus Commercialization Model Needed
September 29, 2011 – 9:27 am | No Comment

by David R. Robbins and Stephen S. Tam  (Ethanol Producer Magazine/Earth Sense Energy USA Inc.)    Miscanthus x Giganteus (MxG) has great potential to become the energy crop of choice in the United States. It …

Ethanol: One Market for a Growing Corn Supply
September 29, 2011 – 9:18 am | No Comment

by Holly Jessen (Ethanol Producer Magazine)  …According to the USDA, corn farmers produced an average yield of 152.8 bushels of corn per acre in 2010, up 30 percent from the average 20 years ago. Most …

Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces Major Investments to Spur Innovation and Job Creation in Research, Development and Production of Next Generation Biofuels
September 28, 2011 – 12:17 pm | One Comment

(US Department of Agriculture)  Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced five major agricultural research projects today aimed at developing regional, renewable energy markets, generating rural jobs, and decreasing America’s dependence on foreign oil. Altogether, the five-year …

ZeaChem and Partners Awarded $40 million USDA Grant
September 28, 2011 – 12:10 pm | No Comment

(ZeaChem)  ZeaChem Will Produce “Drop-In” Advanced Biofuels at Boardman, Oregon Biorefinery
ZeaChem Inc., a developer of biorefineries for the conversion of renewable feedstocks into sustainable fuels and chemicals, today (September 28, 2011) announced it has been …

Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces Payments to Producers in 41 States to Expand the Production and Availability of Advanced Biofuels
September 28, 2011 – 9:16 am | No Comment

(US Department of Agriculture)  Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today (September 27, 2011) announced that USDA will make payments to more than 160 energy producers in 41 states to support and ensure the production and expansion …

The Future of Biorefining Policy
September 27, 2011 – 5:41 pm | No Comment

by Erin Voegele (Biorefining Magazine)  …While some in the industry doubt that a Congress so focused on debt reduction will extend VEETC and the biodiesel tax credit, Greg Jenner, a partner in Stoel Rives LLP’s …

Still Needed: More Ethanol Fuel Pumps
September 27, 2011 – 8:37 am | No Comment

by Philip Brasher (Des Moines Register)  But it’s unclear where money will come from to install them around U.S.
…(Dave) Hicks, who’s getting a $28,000 federal grant and additional money from the state of Iowa to …

USDA Awards Flex Fuel Grant in Geneseo
September 27, 2011 – 8:25 am | No Comment

by Lisa Depies (Geneseo Republic)  Judith Canales, the United States Department of Agriculture’s Rural Business Service Administrator, visited Geneseo on Sept. 15 to highlight one of the agency’s first funded flexible fuel pump projects in …

EPA Mandate Waivers Create New Uncertainties in Biodiesel Markets
September 27, 2011 – 7:58 am | No Comment

by Seth Meyer and Wyatt Thompson  (FarmDocDaily/University of Illinois)   …Biofuel mandates are directly relevant for biofuel producers, and indirectly important to feedstock markets. Biofuel refiners sell outputs that serve fuel blenders in two ways. …

The Complexities of Biofuels Logistics
September 26, 2011 – 10:22 am | No Comment

by Luke Geiver (Biodiesel Magazine)  …Professor Jae-Dong Hong of South Carolina State University and his team are getting closer to having the information they need to create a tool that will help fleet managers calculate …

DOE Grants Final Approval on POET Cellulosic Ethanol Loan Guarantee
September 26, 2011 – 7:56 am | No Comment

(POET)  POET closes on loan to keep construction on pace for 2013 plant start-up
POET today (September 23, 2011)  received final approval for a $105 million loan guarantee issued through the U.S. Department of Energy’s Loan …

Military Spearheads Clean-Energy Drive
September 26, 2011 – 6:24 am | No Comment

by Juliet Eilperin   (The Washington Post)   …As the nation’s single biggest energy consumer, the Pentagon has many reasons to want to diversify its fuel sources.  (Navy Secretary Ray) Mabus and others say the move toward alternative …

SAFER Makes Information about Farm Bill Energy Program Proposed Cuts
September 22, 2011 – 12:19 pm | No Comment

(Southeast Agriculture and Forestry Energy Resources Alliance)  As you know, Congress is in the midst of negotiations regarding FY2012 appropriations for the Farm Bill. Of particular interest to SAFER is the proposed cuts to the …

Biorefinery Yeast Research Shows Promise
September 22, 2011 – 8:16 am | No Comment

by (Western Farm Press/US Department of Agriculture)  Cornstalks, wheat straw, and other rough, fibrous, harvest-time leftovers may soon be less expensive to convert into cellulosic ethanol, thanks to USDA scientists’ studies of a promising new biorefinery …

Pew Charitable Trusts Releases Report on Department of Defense Renewable and Alternative Energy Programs
September 21, 2011 – 1:26 pm | No Comment

by Joanne Ivancic (Advanced Biofuels USA)  Today Phyllis Cuttino, director of Pew’s Clean Energy Program, joined by  John Warner, former five-term U.S. Senator from Virginia and senior policy adviser to the Pew Project on National Security, …

N.J. Company Eyes Plainfield Township as Potential Site for Biofuel Plant
September 19, 2011 – 11:01 am | No Comment

by Tom Shortell (LehighValleyLive.com)  A New Jersey company is considering building a biorefinery in Plainfield Township that would convert tall grass and wood pellets into fuel, but no official plans have been submitted to the township.
Primus …

USDA Gives $2 Million for Blender Pumps in 22 States
September 19, 2011 – 10:25 am | No Comment

by Kris Bevill (Ethanol Producer Magazine)  Thirty-three projects in 22 states have been approved for blender pump grants in the latest round of funding to be dispersed through the USDA’s Rural Energy for America Program. …

The A.I.M. Interview: Sandia and DOE’s Ron Pate
September 19, 2011 – 8:26 am | No Comment

(Algae Industry Magazine)  A Principal Member of the Technical Staff of Albuquerque, New Mexico-based Sandia National Laboratories, serving in the Earth Systems Analysis – Energy, Resources, and Systems Analysis division, Ron Pate has been on M&O …

The U.S. Billion-Ton Update: Biomass Supply for a Bioenergy and Bioproducts Industry September 22, 2011 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM EDT Webinar
September 16, 2011 – 2:19 pm | No Comment
The U.S. Billion-Ton Update: Biomass Supply for a Bioenergy and Bioproducts Industry    September 22, 2011 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM EDT  Webinar

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Biomass Program invites you to attend a webinar about the 2011 “U.S. Billion Ton Update: Biomass Supply for a Bioenergy and Bioproducts Industry”, a report detailing biomass feedstock potential nationwide. …

USDA Scientists Use Commercial Enzyme to Improve Grain Ethanol Production
September 13, 2011 – 12:31 pm | No Comment

by Ann Perry (US Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service)  A commercial enzyme could reduce overall costs linked with producing ethanol from grain, and also reduce associated emissions of greenhouse gases, according to a study …

The Green Strike Group: The Fuels, The Force, The Skinny
September 13, 2011 – 11:08 am | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)   …Tactically, a Green Strike Group, powered by renewable diesel-electric engines, nuclear power and aviation biofuels, is able to operate independent of fossil fuel supply line threat or disruption. In …

Crop Performance Matters When Evaluating Greenhouse Gas Emissions
September 12, 2011 – 9:55 am | No Comment

(Science Daily)  Measuring the emission of greenhouse gases from croplands should take into account the crops themselves.
That’s the conclusion of a study in the Sept.-Oct. issue of the Journal of Environmental Quality, which examined the …

How 9/11 Changed the World, and Biofuels
September 10, 2011 – 9:27 am | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  9/11 put energy security front and center of the political agenda.
It also inspired the development of exotic biofuels feedstocks and technologies, and expanded the field of end-use customers, investors and …

ABO Responds to USDA/DOE/Navy Biofuels Investment Promise
September 9, 2011 – 4:47 pm | No Comment

(Algae Industry Magazine)  The Algal Biomass Organization has voiced its opinion of the US government’s recently announced $510 million biofuels investment commitment over the next three years. Following is their statement: Late last month, three …

Vilsack Discusses Biorefining Industry on Platts
September 1, 2011 – 1:14 pm | No Comment

Erin Voegele (Biorefining Magazine)  …Vilsack estimates that we will see commercial-scale biorefineries that were supported by the USDA begin to come online in the 2012-‘13 time frame. “When you see that, you’ll begin to create …

Canola Trials Show Great Promise in San Joaquin Valley
August 31, 2011 – 6:41 am | No Comment

by Steve Olson (California Agricultural Technology Institute/Western Farm Press/Fresno State University)

A study indicates possibilities for new farming methods on the West Side of the San Joaquin Valley, which is challenged by selenium-laden irrigation effluent.
One method …

USDA, Departments of Energy and Navy Seek Input from Industry to Advance Biofuels for Military and Commercial Transportation
August 30, 2011 – 4:07 pm | No Comment

(US Department of Agriculture)  Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, and Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus today announced the next step in the creation of a public-private partnership to develop …

Missouri Leads in Ethanol Blender Pump Plans
August 29, 2011 – 10:55 am | No Comment

by Cindy Zimmerman  (DomesticFuel.com)  Missouri has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as the leader in ethanol blender pumps.
During the Missouri State Fair, an official from USDA’s Rural Development agency paid a visit …

Investor Interest in U.S. Biofuel Production Set to Soar
August 27, 2011 – 12:59 pm | No Comment

by John Daly (OilPrice.com)  …While it remains to be seen how the joint investments between the U.S. government and private sector will work in practice, the announcement nevertheless represents an unprecedented commitment by several federal …

Co-op Caters to Fuel Flex Cars
August 26, 2011 – 8:07 am | No Comment

by Kevin M. Smith (the Kearney Courier)  Area drivers with fuel flex cars now have more options at the pump.
Platte-Clay Electric Cooperative announced recently that its new blender pumps at Platte-Clay Fuels in Kearney and …

A Decade of Ethanol
August 24, 2011 – 4:06 pm | No Comment

by John Maday (Drovers CattleNetwork)  This probably doesn’t surprise you, but growth in ethanol production since the year 2000 contributed to dramatic shifts in U.S. agricultural production, according to a new report from USDA’s Economic Research …

Farmers Sought for Biofuel Project
August 23, 2011 – 6:34 am | No Comment

(The Record)  Farm officials, hoping to get California farmers to plant as much as 25,000 acres of camelina, an oilseed, for a biomass start-up project are offering incentives to growers in San Joaquin County and …

USDA Official: Ag Economy Is Sound but Rural Communities Need Boost
August 22, 2011 – 12:17 pm | No Comment

by Ross Dolan (The Daily Republic)  The nation’s agricultural economy is sound but many rural communities are not reaping the benefits, said Dallas Tonsager, undersecretary for rural development with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The …

A Quick Way to Grade Grasses for Ethanol Yields
August 22, 2011 – 12:05 pm | No Comment

by Don Comis (US Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service)  U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) researchers have developed an inexpensive way to grade the ethanol potential of perennial grasses at the biorefinery’s loading dock.
That future …

Vilsack: USDA Will Continue to Push for Blender Pump Expansion
August 22, 2011 – 11:30 am | No Comment

by Kris Bevill (Ethanol Producer Magazine)  The USDA’s Aug. 17 announcement of 900 Rural Energy for America Program grants included just 21 awards for blender pumps. USDA officials promise, however, that more funding is on …

POTUS Puts Focus on Agriculture and Biofuels
August 22, 2011 – 9:55 am | No Comment

by Cindy (Corn Commentary)  President Obama’s Midwest bus tour this week really put a spotlight on agriculture and biofuels. The POTUS visited three of the nation’s top four ethanol producing states,accounting for more than 42 …

Peterson Questions Federal Biofuels Plan
August 18, 2011 – 4:12 pm | No Comment

by Don Davis (Duluth News Tribune)  Minnesota’s senior congressman said that the plan administration officials announced this week probably will not work and threatens Minnesota’s 21 ethanol plants.
“I think that is a big a problem,” …

CTSI Announces Top 10 Defense Energy Technology Solutions
August 18, 2011 – 2:58 pm | No Comment

(Clean Technology and Sustainable Industries Organization/PR Newswire)    The Clean Technology and Sustainable Industries Organization (CTSI) recognizes the 2011 Top 10 Defense Energy Technology Solutions. From over 220 global applicants spanning the energy spectrum, the organizations with the …

President Obama Announces Major Initiative to Spur Biofuels Industry and Enhance America’s Energy Security
August 16, 2011 – 10:51 am | No Comment

(The White House)  USDA, Department of Energy and Navy Partner to Advance Biofuels to Fuel Military and Commercial Transportation, Displace Need for Foreign Oil, and Strengthen Rural America
President Obama today (August 16, 2011) announced that …

BCAP Helps Abengoa Solve Chicken-and-Egg Feedstock Issue
August 15, 2011 – 12:13 pm | No Comment

by Kris Bevill (Ethanol Producer Magazine)  With help from the USDA Biomass Crop Assistance Program, Abengoa is on its way to establishing a significantly sized switchgrass plantation in parts of Kansas and Oklahoma surrounding the …

Biomass 2011: Replace the Whole Barrel, Supply the Whole Market Presentations Posted
August 15, 2011 – 9:11 am | No Comment

(US Department of Energy)  …More than 600 speakers, moderators, sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees were able to listen to discussions about the ongoing challenges and achievements in the bioenergy industry. Biomass 2011 addressed key issues in important …

Ethanol Groups Plan E15, Blender Pump Label Campaigns
August 12, 2011 – 12:34 pm | No Comment

by Kris Bevill (Ethanol Producer Magazine)  The Renewable Fuels Association announced Aug. 1 that it will provide free EPA-approved E15 labels to gasoline marketers as part of its campaign to assist in making higher blends …

USDA, DOE Award 10 R&D Grants for Advanced Bioenergy Feedstocks
August 12, 2011 – 8:43 am | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced that the USDA and DOE have awarded 10 grants totaling $12.2 million to spur research into improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of growing biofuel and bioenergy …

Cellulosic Biofuel Could Revive Farmlands Conservation Program
August 11, 2011 – 7:19 am | No Comment

by Tiffany Stecker (ClimateWire/Scientific American)  A study looks into giving farmers permission to harvest cellulosic feedstocks on land set aside for wetlands and wildlife conservation
Growing cellulosic feedstocks on federally subsidized conservation land could balance the biofuels emissions …

Cantwell Applauds Launch of Jet Biofuels Program that Will Support Green Jobs Statewide
August 10, 2011 – 8:26 am | No Comment

(AirportBusiness.com) Today (August 9, 2011)  U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) toured the cutting-edge laboratories at Targeted Growth in Seattle and announced the launch of Washington state’s first large-scale program for the growth of camelina sativa, …

Aviation Calls For Government Backing To Boost Biofuels
August 9, 2011 – 10:52 am | No Comment

by Graham Warwick (Aviation Week)  The U.S. aviation industry is pressing Congress to extend funding for goverment programs providing support to start up commercial-scale production of renewable biofuels.
…Work on the 2012 Farm Bill is getting …

Energy Programs Prepare for Debt Deal Pain
August 1, 2011 – 5:41 pm | No Comment

by Darren Goode & Darren Samuelsohn   (Politico)  Popular energy and environmental programs should prepare for a decade of spending cuts under the debt deal reached late Sunday between the White House and congressional leaders.
Less clear, …

Hankinson Ethanol Plant Installing Demo-Scale Anaerobic Digester
August 1, 2011 – 8:10 am | No Comment

by Holly Jessen (Ethanol Producer Magazine)  Hankinson Renewable Energy LLC, a 120 MMgy ethanol plant in Hankinson, N.D., is in the process of starting up an anaerobic digester to produce 54 MMBtu of biogas a …

Trash-to-Fuel Company Enerkem Raises Another $30M
August 1, 2011 – 8:03 am | No Comment

by Matthew Lynley (Green Beat)  Enerkem, a company that specializes in converting unusable waste into ethanol and other chemicals, announced today that it has raised $30 million in an extension of its most recent funding round.
Enerkem …

USDA Awards $45 Million to Four New BCAP Projects
July 29, 2011 – 12:04 pm | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced today the creation of four additional Biomass Crop Assistance Program (BCAP) project areas in six states to expand the availability of non-food crops to be …

Chu, Vilsack, Pfannenstiel Headline, Light up BIOMASS 2011 Congress
July 29, 2011 – 10:30 am | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  In Washington, US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, US Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, and US Assistant Secretary of the Navy Jackalyne Pfannenstiel provided a rousing opening to the DOE’s …

Energy Independence: On-Farm Biodiesel Production
July 28, 2011 – 5:46 pm | No Comment

Roger Rainville is ahead of the curve when it comes to reducing costs on his farm near Alburgh, Vermont.
…Rainville first got interested in oilseed production when University of Vermont Extension approached him about growing  canola …

Energy and Forestry Programs Examined During Farm Bill’s Title IX (Energy) Hearing
July 25, 2011 – 10:57 am | No Comment

by Robert E. Kozak (Advanced Biofuels USA)   Many programs authorized by the 2008 Farm Bill will expire in 2012 unless they are included in a new Farm Bill. Among those programs that would expire …

Farm Bill Energy Title: Rural Energy for America Program
July 22, 2011 – 3:33 pm | No Comment

(Environmental and Energy Study Institute)  On July 19, 2011, the Environmental Law and Policy Center (ELPC) and Environmental and Energy Study Institute(EESI) held a briefing on the energy title of the Farm Bill, with a special focus …

Biodiesel Achieves 5-to-1 Return on Fossil Energy
July 22, 2011 – 10:25 am | No Comment

(American Soybean Association/Southeast Farm Press)   Newly published research from the University of Idaho and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) shows that for every unit of fossil energy needed to produce biodiesel, the return is …

Hoover Algae-to-Oil Fuel Plant Fails to Get Grant
July 19, 2011 – 3:10 pm | No Comment

by Steve Irvine (The Birmingham News)  The Ohio-based company seeking to put a pilot plant in Hoover that would harvest oil from algae to form an alternative fuel didn’t receive the $45 million grant it …

Analysis: Ethanol to Edge Pigs for Corn Use, but Not Quite Yet
July 19, 2011 – 2:33 pm | No Comment

by Charles Abbott and Karl Plume  (Reuters)  Ethanol appears almost certain to win the food-versus-fuel contest in the United States. But not just yet.
The Agriculture Department forecast that a tad more corn will be used to make …

CTSI Defense Energy Technology Challenge: Deadline August 5
July 19, 2011 – 5:28 am | No Comment

Energy security and independence are two goals at the heart of the U.S. Military’s investment in clean energy technologies.  From it’s own research labs to partnerships with start-ups and major contractors, the U.S. Department of …

CTSI Defense Energy Technology Challenge: Deadline August 5
July 18, 2011 – 12:17 pm | No Comment

Energy security and independence are two goals at the heart of the U.S. Military’s investment in clean energy technologies.  From it’s own research labs to partnerships with start-ups and major contractors, the U.S. Department of …

Debate over Corn Use Estimates Shows Need for Solid Ethanol Data
July 15, 2011 – 11:30 am | No Comment

by Kris Bevill (Ethanol Producer Magazine)  The latest USDA World Agriculture Supply and Demand Estimates marked a milestone of sorts for the ethanol industry. For the first time, the USDA predicts that more corn will …

China’s Hunger for Corn Turns Market on Ear
July 12, 2011 – 11:22 am | No Comment

by Tom Polansek, Ian Berry and Scott Kilman   (Wall Street Journal)  Demand From Beijing Augurs Higher Food, Futures Prices
A Chinese buying spree for U.S. corn is putting on display the ability of Beijing to …

New Analysis Continues to Disprove Food v. Fuel Canard
July 12, 2011 – 7:58 am | No Comment

(Renewable Fuels Association)  There is no statistical evidence to support the argument that growth in ethanol production is driving consumer food prices higher, according to a comprehensive study released today by Informa Economics. Rather, the report …